How to Prevent Soil Erosion in Your Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/18/19 8:00 AM

Understanding Soil Erosion

There are many great reasons to start planning out designs and picking out trees and plants to add to your yard, like adding curb appeal, creating a kid-friendly yard, or turning a piece of your yard into a relaxing garden. Unfortunately, due to our severe weather like storms, small earthquakes, and wild fires over the last few years, Southern Californians are forced to plan for soil erosion.  

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November Landscape & Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/9/18 8:00 AM

Get your Yard Ready for the Winter Holiday Season

This is the time of year when the weather is finally beginning to change in Southern California. Some trees are starting to change colors as they adjust to the cooler winter temperatures and others are pushing out new growth all over the place! One of the most overlooked practices this time of year by homeowners is watering and fertilizing. Maybe because of the cool weather and lower temperatures, you think less effort is needed but these are the perfect conditions to care for your yard. The November weather creates an environment that allows for the most efficient root growth (and foliage growth, depending on what type of plant you have in your yard). The weather changing also means that you must update your watering schedule to match those changes.

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Our VIP Tree of Fall – The Majestic Ash

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/2/18 8:00 AM

The Perfect Tree for the Perfect Yard

This Majestic Ash tree is an evergreen seedless variety that stays greener than other ash varieties. They feature large, glossy green leaves and its narrow, upright shape makes it an ideal shade tree for any potential planting locations. Because these trees are low-maintenance and virtually pest-free, it makes them ideal for a yard or street plantings.


This is the ultimate shade tree and Southern California can never get enough shade any time of the year! If you're expecting and hoping for a large canopy of shade to provide a play area for your children or for a way to escape the afternoon sun you will not be disappointed in the Majestic Ash

You can plant the Majestic Ash as a focal point in your yard or in a row for a wall of shade. A row of these trees will also give your yard additional privacy as well. The classic, larger-leaved green foliage compliments the canopy as well with its dense and unique growth. Minimal light will pass through this tree, which allows many of our homeowners to plant colorful partial-sun shrubs underneath the tree that will be protected from the sun. 

Our Tree Care team is always ready to help you out with any questions or concerns regarding tree removal, trimming, fertilizing, and more!

The Moon Valley Experience

John and Susan recently bought a new home but quickly realized how hard it was to keep the air cool in their home and how unbearable it was to spend time outside in their yard. With windows on all sides of their house, it was impossible to escape the intense sun every day. They tried to fix the issue with easy and quick ideas hoping that it would help cool the home down but to no avail. 

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Best Fruit Trees to Plant Now (And Care Tips)

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/19/18 8:00 AM

Get Planting Now for tasty Fruit in Your Yard

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The Trees of Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/12/18 8:14 AM

the planting season is here! 

The fall season is the best time to plant trees in the Southern California area. Planting trees at the right time means that they are more likely to not only survive but thrive. Thriving, beautiful big trees is what we all want so that you get the most value from your landscaping choices. After all, planting trees will add value to your home. Planting in autumn lets your trees focus on getting their root system established, which decreases the chance of transplant shock and allows them to be strong for the next growing season. This way, the root systems can grow before the hot weather returns.

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Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/5/18 8:00 AM

tips for Lawn Care and Plant Care  

The weather is just starting to cool down, that means it is now time to start taking care of your yard. The hot summer may have beaten your yard up a bit, so it needs to be brought back to good health and ready for the autumn weather! October, and the fall season, is one of the best times of the year to rebuild a landscape or start a new project. Fall is also the best time of year to plant any trees, shrubs, and other plants you’ve had your eye on to improve your yard.

Southern California is finally getting cooler days and even cooler evenings. This is a welcome relief from the blistering summertime heat, and relief for any home owner who has been avoiding the sun for months! While we can start to enjoy being outside more and working on our yard, the soil is still warm and will hold onto the heat for a while. This makes for a perfect environment to transplant any plants or trees and get maximum root growth potential and prepping it for long term success.

Watering Tips

Any time the weather starts to change, your watering schedule needs to change too! Now is the time to adjust your watering schedule for the fall season, so be sure to change the timer for your landscape or manual watering schedule accordingly. Since we have cooler nights and days, the soil can hold on to moisture longer. This means that you can use less and less water through the fall and winter. While this gives you the chance to save some money on your utility bill, you still want to water the same amount for each watering session. You just don’t need to water as often.  

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3 Reasons to Plant Trees in the Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/28/18 8:00 AM

The fall season is when the festivities begin! It is also the best time to start planning and adding new additions you have been wanting to include into your landscape. The weather is finally perfect for your plants (and you!) and gives you enough time for any transplants to be ready for next year.

Cooler Temperatures

With the temperatures dropping and the weather starting to cool down in the Southern California area, plants and trees will have the best chance to transplant safely into their new location. With less sun and heat shining down on them, plants and trees will not require as much water as they would need during the summer to establish their roots.

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Fall Landscape Prep Guides

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/13/18 9:36 AM

Plant and Tree Care

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Top 5 Palms for Landscapes

Posted by Arica Harrison on 8/31/18 6:36 AM

Want to add a stunning focal point to your landscape? Or, perhaps, you want to bring a little bit of that tropical vacation feeling to your home. Palm trees are a staple in southern California and the perfect choice for adding value to your home as well as creating a beautiful view. Palm trees are iconic with their spectacular silhouettes and they radiate star power. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow our palms to thrive in our local California area – meaning they are the best you can find. Below are our top five palms that are perfect for any SoCal landscape.

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How to Keep Trees and Plants Looking Amazing in the Summer

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/26/18 11:31 AM

It’s summertime in SoCal, time to enjoy the great outdoors! Of course, it is also a time when record-breaking temperatures may occur, and this can be a stressful time for trees and plants. Now that we are in the midst of the summer season, we are experiencing longer days and stronger sunlight. In the Inland Valleys, it is not unusual to have temperatures in the 90 to 100 degrees range. Even the coastal cities are feeling the heat. It’s true that this time of the year can be tough on the material in our landscape. Stress from heat can be tough on the health of humans, as well as trees and plants in our landscape.

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