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Winter Planting, Spring

Top Cold-Hardy Trees and Plants for Your Yard

While most places in the world cannot even think about planting anything until mid-late spring, Southern California is different. Our awesome weather ...

Winter Planting

Top 5 Trees and Palms of Winter

Get a New Yard with New Trees for the New Year We love planting trees all year long, no matter what time of the year it might be! It doesn’t hurt that...

Winter Landscape Tips, Winter Planting, Design

3 Things to Do for Your Yard in 2019

A new year brings so many new ideas, new plans, new goals, new everything! With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m sure most of us are st...

Winter Planting, hedges

Moon Valley’s Top 5 Absolute Evergreen Hedges

Hedges are such an amazing plant that can be added in any landscape and make it look 10 times better, no matter how great it was before the hedges cam...

Winter Planting, hedges

The Perfect Yard Starts with the Perfect Hedge

FALL HEDGE OVER HEELS WITH YOUR NEW YARD Hedges are great additions to your yard and useful for a number of reasons! They help reduce noise from roads...