Top 5 Trees and Palms of Winter

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/11/19 8:00 AM

Get a New Yard with New Trees for the New Year

We love planting trees all year long, no matter what time of the year it might be! It doesn’t hurt that we live in an amazing part of the country that lets us plant and care for our landscapes, even in the winter months! Along with the great weather, we also grow our own trees and palm trees, so we get to pamper them from the moment we plant the seedling on our farm to the day we plant the tree in your yard. Our trees and palms are always at optimal health and ready to be planted even during the colder months (“colder” for Cali). Below is a list of what we consider the best cold-hardy trees to plant during the winter season. Check it out….

Mediterranean Fan Palm MED FAN-1

The Mediterranean Fan Palm features blue-gray, fan-shaped fronds with a unique multi-trunk vertical growth – making it one of the best landscape palms for landscape lighting! This palm is considered the hardiest of all palms. It is a low maintenance palm that requires very little cleanup through the year. We like to use Mediterranean Fan Palms underneath larger palms to add more texture and foliage, around swimming pools, or as a tropical barrier hedge on landscape borders. These palms also do amazingly well in containers, which would add flare into a small yard or patio garden. A Mediterranean Fan Palm is a must-have for anyone with a tropical or Mediterranean style yard!

Piru Queen Palmqueen palms-2

Our Piru Queen Palms are one of our most popular California trees. They are grown from superior seedlings with the best genetic qualities, so that you get the hardiest palm you cannot find anywhere else! These palms can easily tolerate heat, feature dark green palm fronds and produce fuller crowns that gives you nice shade throughout the day. These palms are low-maintenance trees that can fit into any landscape style and fit right in with the rest of the yard. Add curb appeal by planting them as a focal point in the front yard or lining a driveway, creating a majestic entrance. Our Queen Palm is the perfect choice to create a tropical paradise around pools and backyards.

California Pepper TreeCali pepper

The California Pepper Tree is an extremely fast-growing and sun-loving tree that thrives in warm climates like our southwestern region. This evergreen is a recommended tree for issues such as soil erosion. It is a popular shade tree that grows large and looks great in any landscape, adding texture around existing plants in your yard or can look just as amazing on its own as a focal point in your yard. As it grows, the canopy will spread wide and offer more and more shade each year. This tree grows in a multi-trunk form, which can be fun for climbing and will create an interesting look when night landscape lighting is placed around it. The California Pepper tree is one that can go anywhere and completely add more beauty into your landscape.

Ficus Indian Laurel Treeficus-13

The Ficus Tree is our most popular and best-selling tree in our nursery!  These trees are a medium to large shade tree, depending on how you choose to trim them (or not trim them). They can be kept fairly small and compact or allowed to grow and cast great shade and privacy for your home and yard. These trees do great in our warmer climate since they can handle high temperatures and thrive in desert environments. Planting these trees in your yard and in the proper location will not only add a classic look and beauty to your overall landscape but it can also decrease energy cost as well as increase home resale values!


Carrotwood Treecarrotwood tree, moon valley nurseries

The Carrotwood Tree is one of our favorite unique trees we carry in the Southern California area. It is a medium-sized evergreen tree that grows in a unique shape with an eccentric branch pattern that looks great with landscape lighting around it! We even have varieties that grow as single and multi-trunked. We love to see customers plant these as ornamental trees or planted to create an amazing amount of shade and privacy around their homes. The Carrotwood trees are extremely hardy trees that do great in our region and are considered “well-behaved” due to how clean and low-maintenance they are all year.


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