The Standard Vs. Extended Warranty

The Standard Vs. Extended Warranty

By Jordan Marks on October, 23 2019

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Jordan Marks

Protect Your Investment the Right WAY

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Have you ever bought something such as a TV, couch or even a car and they offered you an extended warranty? Did you get the warranty? Or did you decline like most people tend to do with those types of products? I am not a big warranty person. I didn't get it on my truck, my tv, or my couch. I figured I could do a decent job maintaining them while I owned them. I have them in a controlled environment, and if something is really wrong with them, there could be a recall, or I can always take it in for repairs. 

Now that is a good thought process for those types of products, but when it comes to living things like our Moon Valley trees, it's a whole different world with almost an infinite amount of variables to consider. In this short article, I am going to lay out our two warranty options for your investment and which ones I always recommend to customers. 

The Standard Warranty (90-day Transplant Shock Coverage)

We are going to start with our Standard 90-day Transplant Shock Warranty. This warranty comes standard with everything we plant for you from shrubs to trees. Our professional planting crew hand digs the holes and then helps amend the soil by using our Soil and Water Conditioner, created specifically for our tough soil. After that, they make an exaggerated tree well around the tree and apply our mulch. Lastly, we use our Supercharged Moon Juice, which acts like a multivitamin and root stimulator. We do our best to make sure whatever we plant has the greatest opportunity to succeed in its new home. 

If, for some reason, the plant dies within 90 days of planting, despite all our best efforts, then we will deliver and plant a one-time replacement tree. This warranty only covers transplant shock, as I described above. This does not include acts of nature, insects, or pest issues. 

The Extended Weather Protection (12-month Coverage)

Now for my highly recommended option, our 12-month Extended Weather Protection. All my customers get this for many reasons. I will keep this short and straightforward, the difference between the two will blow you away. Let me show you.

Standard 90-day Warranty

Extended 12-month Warranty
Comes with all installed plant material
1 free replacement
Covers transplant shock
Trip charge for replacement will be applied




Free double staking
Free tree wrapping
2 free replacements
Trip charge for replacement plants will be waived
Covers transplant shock, disease, insects, pests, watering issues, frost, extreme heat, lightning, wind breakage


Click here to learn more about our extended warranty!

Protect Your Trees

There is so much that could happen, and you want to protect your investment. That's what these plants are, investments you have put in your landscape to improve the appearance, value, or just fulfilling an HOA requirement. Let's make sure they are adequately protected and get them through their first year with our Extended Warranty. 

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