Best Fruit Trees to Plant Now (And Care Tips)

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/19/18, 8:00 AM

plant Now for tasty Fruit Right in Your Yard

If you couldn’t tell, we love the fall season! Not only is it finally cool enough to enjoy the weather in Texas, but it’s the best time of year to plant new trees and shrubs in your yard. Some of the best trees we love planting right now are fruit trees. These trees can grow beautiful fragrant flowers, create great summer shade, and bring you tasty fruit right in your yard!


You know its summer when the fruit starts showing up on the branches of your fruit trees. At least you will, if you plant one. An Apricot tree is one of our favorite trees for Texas because of how easy it is to grow and how much sun it needs (full or partial sun, please!). These trees can grow beautiful fragrant flowers, create great summer shade, and bring you tasty fruit right in your yard!


Fruit trees are a great choice for the Houston, TX region and Plum trees are a popular addition for local yards. Like other fruit trees, this one is easy to grow in our area too! It should be planted somewhere that gets full or partial sun and benefits from fertilizer right before the new growth starts in Spring. Another cool feature of this tree that appears in the spring time is the abundance of white flowers that show up. On top of growing your own food, Plum trees can be used as an attractive focal point in a garden.


Just the idea of having a Peach tree in your yard should cause you to start craving one. If you don’t, then maybe you don’t like peaches at all (and that’s okay- kind of weird, but totally okay, no judgement). This is an easy growing, deciduous tree that grows small with a wide-spread canopy of dense foliage. It also produces colorful showy flowers throughout the spring season creating an attractive landscape. The beauty of this tree makes it perfect for any sized yard!


Five Fall Tips for Tree Care

Now that we have an idea of what we are going to plant, it is time to prepare ourselves for what we should be doing to make sure we have the best tree. Tree care is especially important when it comes to fruit trees because you will literally be able to taste the work and effort you put in to it.  Follow these steps and you will be rewarded with some mouth-watering fruit soon enough!

Plant New Trees

Even though the spring season is a good time to plant in Texas, the fall season is the ideal time to plant new trees and shrubs. In the colder months, trees and shrubs convert their energy to root growth. Planting in the fall allows up to five months of root development. Once spring arrives, the tree that was planted in the fall will already have a very established root system. With the root system established, the tree will focus its energy on top growth. Trees planted now in Texas will have plenty of time to grow a thick shade canopy before the summer heat arrives next year. 

Add Fall Annual Colors

While the rest of the country is dreading the dark winter days, residents in Texas are spending more time outside adding instant color to their landscape. Fall annuals are a fantastic and easy way to add striking color to accent areas, garden beds, and hanging gardens.

For more abundant bloom cycles this fall, pick up a bag of our Moon Dust Organic Blend which creates fantastic results because it was developed especially for our tough, compact, and alkaline soils. 

Check Watering Systems

Whenever the seasons change, you need to check your watering system and most likely, readjust some or all the settings. At this time of the year, the biggest change will probably need to be how often you water certain areas of your yard. Make sure that you check each sprinkler head and any emitters you have installed are still working properly and replace any that are not. Now that the temperatures are cooler, less water is needed but make sure you adjust properly for each individual plant. Your Peach tree and shrubs probably won’t survive on the same schedule!

Trim Your Trees

Now that the monsoon season is over (we hope!), it’s time to check on the status of the trees in your landscape. Staking your trees after the strong winds and heavy rain during the monsoon season is extremely important as the adverse weather conditions may have damaged the foundation of your tree. After planting, the single stake will suffice for 3 to 6 months of growth. At which time we recommend switching to double stake harness for the next year. If your tree was planted in the spring, we highly recommend double staking this fall. You can safely prune a tree in the fall, and you’re going to want to do it before, the winter cold sets in. If the temperature shows early indications of cold weather be careful when pruning your tree. You do not want to hack your tree as this will affect the health of your tree, and it will leave it exposed and susceptible to any potential frost damage. 

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

The best and most ideal time to fertilize your landscape is in the fall because trees and shrubs are still growing underneath the soil. Colder temperatures are a signal to trees that they should stop top growth and focus on root development. Fertilizing with Moon Valley Nurseries’ Super Charged Moon Juice and Moon Dust Organic Blend allows organic enzymes and amino acids to stimulate new root hair growth and stronger cell development while helping the tree grow faster and recover quicker from stressful events. These essential nutrients will be absorbed by the root system of your tree. Your tree will then use these nutrients to grow its root system and ward off any disease in the fall. Excess nutrients are then stored in the roots and will be available for vigorous top growth once spring arrives.

For questions about watering, trimming, and fertilizing, feel free to ask any of Nursery Professionals! Call your nearest Nursery today!

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