Moon Valley’s Absolute Evergreen Collection

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/23/18 8:00 AM

Natures Privacy Screen - All Year. All Green.

If you are looking for a tree to add to your landscape that will stay green all year round, you want a Moon Valley Absolute Evergreen tree! Evergreen trees keep their green leaves throughout the year, providing much needed color to our landscapes. Whether your goals for your evergreens are for cooling your home in the summer, privacy from neighbors, or blocking unwanted views, Moon Valley Nurseries has you covered! Evergreen trees are a highlight to any yard with their year-round green foliage and low maintenance needs. These trees can stand up to heat waves and handle any water restrictions. Plus, these evergreens are sure to be a beautiful addition to your yard.

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The Many Possibilities of Landscape Styles

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/16/18 8:00 AM

Which Landscape is Best for You?

Starting a landscape design is both very exciting and very scary at the same time. With a potential 28% increase in property value, it is one of the best home projects to jump on! Getting started might be the hardest part with so many things to decide such as which plants you might want, if you want a lawn, if you want to entertain, what style you want, and soooo many more!

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November Landscape & Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/9/18 8:00 AM

Get your Yard Ready for the Winter Holiday Season

This is the time of year when the weather is finally beginning to change in Texas and shifting into winter. Some trees are starting to change colors as they adjust to the cooler winter temperatures and others are pushing out new growth all over the place! One of the most overlooked practices this time of year by homeowners is watering and fertilizing. Maybe because of the cool weather and lower temperatures, you think less effort is needed but these are the perfect conditions to care for your yard. The November weather creates an environment that allows for the most efficient root growth (and foliage growth, depending on what type of plant you have in your yard). The weather changing also means that you must update your watering schedule to match those changes.

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Top 4 Premium Oaks in Texas

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/2/18 8:00 AM

The Mighty Oak Trees Straight Out of Texas

In Texas, we love our oak trees! Whether we are climbing them or finding some desperately-needed relief, under their large canopy, from the intense summer sun. At Glen Flora Farms, we have been custom-growing our very own premium oak trees, such as Mexican Oak, Bur Oak, Live Oak, and Shumard Oak for over three decades. Obviously, oak trees are a favorite for anybody from Texas and we make sure to provide the best quality oak trees for them!

Moon Valley Premium Oak Trees – The Perfected Oaks

Why settle for just any oak tree when you can have the best one being grown just for you. At Glen Flora Farms, we offer container-grown trees, which eliminates root damage when transplanting to their new home. On top of that, our oak trees are pruned perfectly by our container-growing nursery specialists. This makes sure that you get the healthiest oak tree possible.

Oak trees love to grow in our Texas climate – they like warm, humid weather. They prefer to grow in a location with full sun exposure, which is at least six hours of direct sunlight. Give an oak tree enough room to breathe and grow, and they will easily change your entire landscape. If you decide on planting other plants around an oak tree, we offer a variety of plants and shrubs that can complement and highlight any of our oak trees. We recommend laying two to three inches of mulch around the base of the oak tree to keep it from drying out and planting some colorful small shrubs or ground cover near the base and under the canopy.

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Best Fruit Trees to Plant Now (And Care Tips)

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/19/18 8:00 AM

plant Now for tasty Fruit Right in Your Yard

If you couldn’t tell, we love the fall season! Not only is it finally cool enough to enjoy the weather in Texas, but it’s the best time of year to plant new trees and shrubs in your yard. Some of the best trees we love planting right now are fruit trees. These trees can grow beautiful fragrant flowers, create great summer shade, and bring you tasty fruit right in your yard!

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October Landscape and Gardening Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/5/18 8:00 AM

tips for Lawn Care and Plant Care 

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3 Reasons to Plant Trees in the Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/28/18 8:00 AM

The fall season is the best time to start prepping and planning for new additions you have been wanting to include into your landscape. The weather is finally perfect for you to be enjoying the outdoors again. It also gives you plenty of time for your transplants to be ready for next year.

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Fall Landscape Prep Guide

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/13/18 9:22 AM

Plant and Tree Care

The days are finally getting cooler with summer on its way out and fall just around the corner. The nice weather also makes it easier (and maybe even fun!) to start prepping the landscape in your yard and getting it to better health.

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Top 5 palms for landscapes

Posted by Arica Harrison on 8/31/18 6:52 AM


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How to Keep Trees and Plants Looking Amazing in the Summer

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/26/18 11:38 AM

Thank goodness for shade trees! Texas summers can be hard on the trees and plants in our landscape, so we want to be sure to take care of them so that they can provide relief from the sun. We’ll survive the next couple of months of longer days, more sun, and extreme heat. Will the trees and plants in our landscape survive?  Luckily, Moon Valley Nurseries has developed a specialized blend that can protect your material from the stressors of the summer - it’s our Super Charged Moon Juice, and it’s amazing!

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