Magnolias for Winter: A Fit for Every Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/6/19 9:45 AM

Plant These Magnolia Varieties in Any-size Yard

Ready to add some classic beauty to your winter landscape? Magnolias can bring that look to your landscape instantly. Not only do they bring a vintage, evergreen look all year, Magnolias will also add some pops of color during the spring and early summer when white blooms start to appear throughout the canopy.

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Top Trees for Late Winter Planting

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/22/19 8:00 AM

While most places in the world cannot even think about planting anything until mid-late spring, Texas can handle it! Our weather gives us the opportunity to plant almost any time of the year. With the weather being colder this time of year, it’s important to make sure you are planting trees and plants that can handle that cold the best and still thrive. Moon Valley Nursery experts have put a list of the best shade and flowering trees to plant in late winter so keep reading to learn more!

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Best Hedges to Plant in the Winter

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/18/19 8:00 AM

Hedges are very popular and there are several different types of bushes and trees that can be used to create a beautiful hedge. Hedges are useful for several reasons:

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Top 5 Trees and Palms of Winter

Posted by Jessica Downs on 1/11/19 8:00 AM

Get a New Yard with New Trees for the New Year

We love planting trees all year long, no matter what time of the year it might be! It doesn’t hurt that we live in an amazing part of the country that lets us plant and care for our landscapes, even in the winter months! Along with the great weather, we also grow our own trees and palm trees, so we get to pamper them from the moment we plant the seedling on our farm to the day we plant the tree in your yard. Our trees and palms are always at optimal health and ready to be planted even during the colder months. Below is a list of what we consider the best cold-hardy trees to plant during the winter season. Check it out….

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Moon Valley’s Top 5 Absolute Evergreen Hedges

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/14/18 8:00 AM

Hedges are such an amazing plant that can be added in any landscape and make it look 10 times better, no matter how great it was before the hedges came along! There are multiple reasons that you might decide to add a hedge to your yard or add to your existing hedges.

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Cold Hardy Palms We Can Grow in Houston

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 3/29/18 8:23 AM

Palm trees are a landscaping favorite throughout the Houston area. Their graceful, arching habit makes them the perfect choice for those that enjoy a tropical look in our yard. Palm trees thrive in tropical and sub-tropical areas, and not all varieties develop roots that are cold hardy enough to survive a freeze. Luckily, we can enjoy the look of palm trees here in Houston thanks to cold hardy palms.

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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 2/1/18 12:52 PM

Be inspired by your surroundings. You can see the early spring flowering trees and stone fruit flower bouquets that are starting to brighten up the neighborhoods, and the pleasing aroma of citrus is in the air. Yes, you can sense it with your eyes and nose that spring is just right around the corner. With the season upon us, it is also the absolute best time to plant trees, shrubs, palms - everything you want in your dream landscape!

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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 12/21/17 2:03 PM

Stone fruit trees love cold weather. In fact, stone fruit trees will tend to produce the most fruit when it’s nice and chilly outside, with the right number of winter hours. Well, out here in the Southwest we don’t necessarily have too many cold days that get below 45 degrees, so we tend to miss out on being able to grow many stone fruit varieties. Here’s the good news. Moon Valley Nurseries only grows and uses the low chill fruit varieties that perform the best for our area based on overall fruit quality and chill hours required for the climate and zone. This way, you can enjoy the best tasting stone fruits such as nectarines, plums, peaches and more, as well as the beautiful flower bouquets even in our mild weather!

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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 12/13/17 12:56 PM

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and not just because of all the magnificent Christmas trees. After all, our area received a dusting of a snowstorm, the likes of which we haven’t seen around these parts for close to a decade. And while we may be enchanted by and perhaps even loving this white winter scene, do our trees love it too? The answer may surprise you. At Moon Valley Nurseries we have super cold hardy, bulletproof trees that can handle the snow much like an Olympic downhill skier, smooth and easy with no problem!

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Posted by Felipe Benavides on 12/13/17 10:44 AM

Moon Juice is great for trees and plants all year long! It’s true! In fact, our Super Charged Moon Juice is especially useful in helping trees and plants get through harsh weather conditions, such as extreme cold, heat, damaging winds, and more! Get this - roots are growing when it's cold outside and the ground is warm and using Moon Juice enhances the root growth! Cold weather has got nothing on Moon Juice! After all, it's made to keep roots stronger through the cold weather and helps them fight off damage from overly cold nights!

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