From our farms to your yard! No one does it better

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/13/2018

Moon Valley Nurseries has got you covered whether you have a battered landscape or are looking for one of the best ways to increase property value with an improved yard. In fact, no one does it better than us. You see, we value engineer all our products so that you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best quality trees at the best price. Let’s face it, time is precious, and most of us do not want to wait 20 to 25 years for trees and other plants to grow to a size that makes your yard look complete and beautiful. Buy specimen trees, and the wait is over!



We grow the finest trees anywhere, following our own strict quality control measures to produce locally grown trees and plants that will thrive in the area you live! Everything is value engineered, so not only are they grown from our selected mother trees in our labs, but they are also always guaranteed. Our huge grow farms in Arizona, California, and Texas include everything from Olive trees to Ficus trees, citrus and fruit, agaves and cacti, rare and hard-to-find cycads, palm trees, and so much more. While our farms are not open to the public, you can always make an appointment to come check us out!


If you want an instant landscape, you will want big trees, palms, shrubs and other plants. If you want privacy, consider trees such as our Ficus nitida, also known as the Hollywood Style Hedge, are a great tree that will block out unwanted views and noise in style. Indian Laurel Columns may be another name that you know these by, but no matter what you call them, they are a fantastic tree choice.

Are you looking for drought- tolerant trees? We grow them too! Take a look at the Desert Museum Palo Verde for a tree that is sure to get your yard noticed for all the right reasons! How about palm trees that bring a tropical look to your home? We have them too, such as our lush Foxtail Palms and Mexican Blue Palms! Are you seeking a look with more foliage? We grow deciduous trees, such as Red Push Pistache trees that bring the look of a New England landscape to your Southwest home! Looking for trees that can provide massive amounts of shade? You will love our variety of Ash tree specimens!

Much More than Premium Trees at the Best Price!

In addition to our incredible selection of premium trees at the best price, we are proud to offer professional landscape design consultations. Our experienced landscape design pros are available to help you create your dream landscape. This service is free at any of our nurseries! For a nominal fee, we are happy to come to you and help you create a beautiful landscape.

Moon Valley Nurseries sweetens the deal even more with FREE PLANTING! Yup, you read that right! We deliver the trees straight to your house and plant them for you. With free planting and professional design, Moon Valley Nurseries makes it easy to achieve the yard of your dreams.



These medium deciduous trees are grown from cuttings and are guaranteed to have that lovely red fall color! These low-maintenance trees are an excellent choice for adding shade to your yard. The Red Push Pistache tree is drought-tolerant so that they are ideal for landscapes anywhere in the Southwest!





date palms-1DATE PALM (Phoenix dactylifera):

These palms will create a luxurious feel to any property! Not only do they look great, but they are able to handle any weather conditions you can throw at it. The palm leaves grow out into a large umbrella-shape for shade. Date palms will add a resort-feel wherever they are planted. They are even great additions near pools as they make almost no mess in its surroundings!






Grow your own fruit and reap the benefits! We have extra-large fruit and citrus trees available right now, bearing fruit and adding plenty of beauty to any yard, small and large. We offer Peach, Apricot, Apple, Nectarine, Orange, Lime, Plum trees, and more! Visit us and find the perfect citrus and fruit trees to create an edible landscape today!



If you need shade, you cannot go wrong with a colorful Tipu tree! These medium-to-large trees put on a show when the leaves bloom into a golden hue creating a beautiful contrast with the feather, bright bluish-green foliage. The Tipuana tipu is one of the best shade trees you can find and is sure to add year-round beauty to landscapes.




We Are Growing and Expanding!

We want everyone in America to be able to have a beautiful landscape with our custom-grown, value engineered trees, shrubs and other plants. We are growing and expanding, bringing our incredible specimen trees, shrubs and other plants, as well as our renowned customer service and design consultations across America.

We opened our first nursery in a neighborhood north of downtown Phoenix, known as “Moon Valley”. Since the beginning, Moon Valley Nursery has offered its “You buy it, we plant it” tree deals and continue to this day. We now have multiple locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, and Florida!

Visit us today and experience the Moon Valley difference!

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Top 5 Palms for Landscapes

Posted by Arica Harrison on 8/31/2018


Want to add a stunning focal point to your landscape? Or, perhaps, you want to bring a little bit of that tropical vacation feeling to your home. Whatever the reason, palm trees are the perfect choice for adding value to your home as well as creating a beautiful view. Palm trees grow well in our warm Arizona weather and love the sun. We have plenty of that! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow our palms to thrive in our local Arizona area – meaning they are the best you can find and ready to update your yard. Below are our top five palms that are perfect for landscapes.

pineapple palmPineapple Palm: Also known as the Canary Island Date Palm, it is characterized by its dense canopy of dark green fronds, a stout trunk, and a pineapple-like crown – where the name Pineapple Palm came from. The distinct diamond pattern on the trunk lends to its majestic look. This low maintenance and slow growing palm loves full sun exposure and warm climates, just like what we have in Arizona! When planted in groups, this palm provides a nice shady spot. No matter the size you get, this palm is sure to bring a majestic presence to any landscape. Pineapple Palms will add long-lasting character to any landscape.




date palmDate Palm: A great addition to any landscape, Date Palms bring the look and feel of the upscale resort. Ours are certified disease free. We love planting them around swimming pools, where their reflection can be admired in smooth water. Uplighting creates a stunning silhouette against light colored walls and adds nighttime drama in any landscape. We also love to plant these palms in groupings and line them up along a long driveway or create regal accents by using staggered heights.  Date Palms are also the perfect specimen for landscaping larger areas. Planting them in groups and rows creates a cool canopy of shade, a welcome relief from the sweltering heat and harsh sun.



med fanMediterranean Fan Palm: The Mediterranean Fan Palm features blueish gray, fan-shaped fronds and a unique multi-trunk vertical growth – making it one of the best landscape palms for night lighting! It is considered the hardiest of all palms.  It is a low maintenance palm, requiring minimal cleanup; so, place a few around swimming pools or spas. And since they are slow growing, they will rarely out-grow their space. We like to use Mediterranean Fan Palms as fillers underneath larger palms or as a tropical barrier or hedge. These palms are also a great choice for containers, too. A Mediterranean Fan Palm is a must-have for anyone with a tropical or Mediterranean-themed yard!



queen palmPiru Queen Palm: Our Piru Queen Palms are grown from superior seedlings with better genetic traits, so you get the hardiest palm you can find. These palms are heat tolerant and feature dark green palm fronds and a fuller crown which provides shade. These are low-maintenance trees that can fit into any landscape style. They are also prized for having a look that complements all styles and types of landscapes. Add curb appeal by planting them in the front yard as a focal point or lining a driveway, creating a grand entrance. Our Queen Palm is perfect to create a tropical paradise around pools and backyards. Make them even more stunning by adding nighttime lighting!



pygmy palmPygmy Palm: This is the palm to use to fill those tight spaces in your landscape. This versatile dwarf palm has a slow growth rate and can develop into a small sized palm topped with a dense head of fine-textured, curving, bright green pinnate leaves. A fantastic option to add a tropical feel to your yard. The Pygmy Date Palm is our most popular selling dwarf palm and for good reason. This fine, feather leaf palm can grow both indoors and outdoors. Pygmy Palms can grow in a variety of different soils, is drought tolerant once mature, and requires low to moderate water use once established.



As fall gets closer, it’s time to start planning for the fall planting season. Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nursery location to select the perfect palms for your landscape and book your fall planting date! While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some Super Palm Juice to help your new or existing palms to flourish in the fall season and recover from the summer stressors.

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Superior Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees

Posted by Arica Harrison on 7/20/2018


Summer can be a rough time, the heat and the sun bearing down on us. Plants and trees tend to lose their vibrancy. Our AC is on at all times, making our utility bill soar. Well, we have a solution. Plant some evergreen trees! Evergreen trees bring back the interest to our drying yards and create much needed shade. By planting evergreens correctly around your home, you can cut the cost of your utility bill by naturally cooling your home. That’s pretty great. And, what’s even better is that at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have evergreen varieties that grow quickly, meaning more shade and more relief sooner.

Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have been custom growing superior evergreens for the past 20 years, grown to thrive in Arizona at our local farms. Whether your focus is shade, privacy, or just adding year-round interest, we have the perfect evergreen for you. And since summer is here, why not plant a tree that will help you survive the sun and cut down on utilities? Fast-growing evergreens are the ideal choice for any landscape and yard; giving you all the benefits without the long wait. Below are our favorite fast-growing evergreens.


Ficus (Ficus nitida) – One of our top sellers! Native to Asia and Hawaii, the Ficus brings the tropics to any landscape or yard. Thrives in full sun exposure and is drought tolerant. This tropical tree has a wide spreading canopy that provides dense shade that can naturally cool a home when planted in the proper location. We like to plant them in rows to create a natural privacy wall and block unwanted views. Ficus trees handle pruning into many shapes, so create the look you want! This evergreen tree thrives in desert environments, perfect for Arizona landscapes!





Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthefolius) – This vibrant evergreen is sure to give any landscape year-round beauty. Available in both single or multi-trunk, Brazilian Pepper trees are water-wise and require little water once established. The glossy, dark green leaves create a wide spreading canopy that creates an abundance of shade. A perfect choice for Southwest environments due to its love of heat and its drought tolerance. During winter, bright red berries appear that are commonly used as holiday decorations. As a bonus, the Brazilian Pepper tree attracts butterflies, so sit back in the shade and appreciate the wondrous site.




Indian Laurels (Ficus nitida ‘Columns’) – This column variety of the Ficus grows into a medium to large tree that adds instant privacy. Indian Laurels are both heat and drought tolerant, and it tends to grow faster once the heat hits – a perfect summer tree! This water-wise tree can be pruned into any shape and looks great planted in rows along driveways or property borders. So, let them grow tall and bushy or keep them smaller and narrow, giving you the exact look you want. The dense green foliage creates much needed shade during our hot summer months.





Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) – Bamboo is a great addition to any landscape, especially those with a tropical or Zen style. Timber bamboo has bright green foliage that grows dense with fat bamboo sticks. This is the most common clumping bamboo variety, perfect for a windbreak or privacy screen. Well suited for urban landscapes due to its upright growth habit. We love to plant this easy-to-grow tree in groups for a living wall or single planting for a focal piece in a yard. Want to create a relaxing backyard retreat or your own meditation garden? Bamboo is the way to go!



We Can Help!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our nursery pros. Not sure which evergreen to choose or where to put it? No worries, we can help! Our pros can help you select the perfect trees and will do a free in-nursery design consultation to determine the perfect spot for those evergreens. Want to make sure your new trees grow to their full potential? We can help with that, too! Moon Valley Nurseries has developed custom fertilizers for our Arizona environment, like our amazing Moon Juice and Moon Dust. Just ask any of our nursery pros at your local Moon Valley Nurseries location for help!


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Types of Evergreen Trees

Posted by Arica Harrison on 7/20/2018


Looking for a tree that will stay green all year round? You want an evergreen tree! Evergreen trees keep their green leaves throughout the year, providing much needed color to our landscapes. Whether you need a tree for cutting utility cost by cooling your home or privacy from neighbors or blocking unwanted views or maybe a nice shady spot for entertaining or for your kids to play under, Moon Valley Nurseries has you covered! We have been custom-growing trees for over 20 years locally at our grow farms, ensuring that our trees will thrive in your landscape. There are many varieties of evergreens to choose from, and our nursery pros can help select the perfect evergreen tree for you. Here are some of our favorites:

live oak

Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) – A great staple for any yard. Also known as “Southern Live Oak,” these trees are drought tolerant and require low water once established, perfect for our hot Arizona areas. Live Oaks have dark green leaves that make up the dense, wide spreading canopy that provides massive amounts of shade that brings us relief from the sun’s rays. Use the giant canopy as a shady spot for a picnic or let the kids climb up the strong limbs. Live Oaks are a clean tree so they make for great lawn trees. We also like to use them as a living privacy wall, blocking unwanted attention from neighbors or busy streets. Bonus points for their ability to tolerate extreme wind conditions!  With long lives, it will be around for generations to enjoy.



Fruitless Olive (Olea europaea ‘Wilsonii’) – Moon Valley Nurseries grows Fruitless Olive strain that is certified truly fruitless. This drought tolerant, medium sized tree is perfectly suited for a Mediterranean Southwest landscape style. Make this Fruitless Olive a focal point and install nighttime lighting in and around this tree to show off its interesting multi-trunk structure. The foliage is a stunning gray/green and silver coloring. Fruitless Olive trees thrive with full sun exposure and are able to tolerate poor, stony, shallow soils; so, you can plant this tree on a variety of land conditions. With very little water requirements once established, this hardy evergreen can grow with a wide spreading canopy, making this a great tree for use as a shade tree for a backyard entertaining area or bringing shade to sun facing rooms.


Ficus (Ficus nitida) – Homeowners love this tree! Native to Asia and Hawaii, the Ficus brings the tropics to any landscape or yard. Thrives in full sun exposure and is drought tolerant, perfect for those looking to conserve water use. A wide spreading canopy provides dense shade that can naturally cool a home when planted in the proper location. We like to plant them in a yard as a specimen tree to use as a focal point in the landscape. Ficus trees handle pruning into many shapes, so they can fit the look you want! This evergreen tree thrives in desert environments, just like our Arizona landscapes!





Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthefolius) – This vibrant evergreen is sure to add value to any home. Brazilian Pepper trees are water-wise and require little water once established. Their glossy, dark green leaves create a wide spreading canopy that provides an abundance of shade. A perfect choice for Southwest environments due to its love of heat and its drought tolerance. During winter, bright red berries appear that are commonly used as holiday decorations; this is where its other common name, Christmasberry, comes from. If you are looking for a tree that brings in pollinators, this tree is for you. Butterflies will flock to this beautiful tree. Available in both single or multi-trunk.




Indian Laurels (Ficus nitida ‘Columns’) – This column variety of the Ficus grows into a medium to large tree that can add instant privacy. Indian Laurels are both heat and drought tolerant, and it tends to grow faster once the heat hits – a perfect summer tree! The dense green foliage creates much needed shade during our hot summer months. It is water-wise once established. Indian Laurels can be pruned into any shape and looks great planted in rows along driveways or property borders. Depending on the look you want, let them grow tall and bushy for creating shade or keep them smaller and narrow for a more formal look.

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5 Best Front Yard Landscape Trees

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/19/2018

evergreentreesYou can sense it when it feels like you’re on display in your personal outdoor space. It’s a feeling that can make it a little harder to relax and enjoy your front yard. With the right evergreens, you can create a fortress that feels peaceful, and most of all, private. Planting for privacy is a breeze with evergreen trees.

Using trees to create privacy in your front yard means that you can add color, texture, form, and you can incorporate them into your landscape’s design. It’s a natural privacy solution that provides plenty of peaceful solitude.

Yes, you could install an expensive fence or build a wall made from brick, stone, or some other solid material. The thing is, those tall fences and walls can make us feel confined in our space. Not to mention that there could be restrictions based on height, placement, and style. Plus, many man-made fences and walls can become an unsightly eyesore over time.


Some Benefits that Evergreen Trees Bring to the Front Yard


  • Instead of, or in addition to, fences or walls, they can create a natural yard boundary.
  • They can block viewpoints from neighbors or street traffic and unwanted views.
  • They can create a natural windbreak to protect your property from high winds.
  • Can create a natural sound barrier – ideal for properties near busy streets.
  • Enhances the architectural design of your landscape design.


Five Best Evergreens for Your Yard in Arizona


Evergreen trees hold onto their leaves all year long so that their foliage can add wall-to-wall privacy year-round. As they mature, evergreens create a consistent look that makes them an ideal privacy screen. They do much more than create a private yard. Evergreen trees help absorb ambient noise, too. Privacy never looked so good! Here are five of the best front yard landscape trees for front yards in Arizona – all available at your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location.

ficus-nitida-column-36-row-with-alIndian Laurel (Ficus nitida): One of the best evergreens you can find is also one of the best trees for making a privacy hedge. Yes, our Indian Laurel Columns are a favorite throughout Arizona. We use them to block out unwanted views, road noise, and create a private front yard. They are super green, so we like to plant them along a fence where they create instant privacy with a lush green background. These evergreens are water-wise trees that love the heat and thrive in our desert environment. There is no doubt that Indian Laurel Columns are perfect for creating a living wall. They are also ideal for providing shade. Ask us about how proper placement around the home can create privacy and help lower your utility bill.



carolina_cherry_Carolina Cherry (Prunus caroliniana): These evergreen trees love the heat and thrive with full sun exposure, so they are perfect for yards in Arizona. We offer the ‘Compacta’ strain, which is more densely branched and easily tamed so that it is an ideal tree for creating a living privacy screen. Its dark green foliage forms a lush background. Many people feel that its bright green foliage has a scent reminiscent of maraschino cherries. Plus, beautiful white flowers bloom in spring, with a fragrance that is pleasing to the senses. Plant them along a border as a solid privacy barrier that is also a superb windbreak.



live_oak_specimen_SLIDE_1Live Oak (Quercus virginiana): Live Oak is another of our beautiful evergreen trees to consider for privacy. These are long-lived trees with dense, gray/green foliage that can block unwanted views. Besides creating privacy, these evergreens feature a wide-spreading crown that can provide lots of shade. These trees are also noted for being very drought tolerant once established, and for the minimal care required to keep their good looks intact. Plant one in your front yard and let your children explore the sturdy limbs without nosy neighbors getting into your business.




fruitless_olive-1Olive Tree (Olive europaea): Fruitless olive trees are ideal evergreens for Arizona landscaping projects, especially if the job is to create privacy. These trees have been cultivated for over 6,000 years and can bring the look of the Mediterranean to your home. We like to plant them in rows along a fence to create a beautiful living wall. Their gray-green and silver colored foliage is visually exciting and can provide shade, too. You can create drama highlighting their multi-trunk structure with landscape lighting. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we only grow guaranteed disease-free olive trees.



Oleander_logoOleander (Nerium oleander): Plant Oleander in your front yard and create a beautiful privacy hedge. This evergreen can make your yard feel cozy and look beautiful! Its dense, upright growth habit makes it an excellent screening plant. Plant them as a tidy hedge or privacy wall. Its narrow leaves are dark green, leathery, and semi-glossy. From late spring to fall, it blooms fragrant flowers, clustered at the twig or branch ends. The flowers range in color from pink to red, white and salmon, so they are a colorful addition to any yard in Arizona. Plant them along property lines, lining walkways, or driveways. Oleander creates a private front yard no matter where you choose to plant them. 



We Do the Work – Come Home to a Private and Beautiful New Yard!


It’s hot outside, let our Moon Valley Nurseries planting crew do all the work! Speak with our nursery pros and allow us to help you select the perfect evergreens to make your yard private. Plus, many of the evergreen trees and plants we grow can provide lots of shade, too. We have what you need to create a natural privacy solution, whether you have a big or small yard. Relax on your front porch and enjoy the sight of your children playing in a private yard. Plant evergreen trees for privacy and spend more quality time in your front yard.

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Unique Small Evergreens for Landscape

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/11/2018

small unique hedges-1Small evergreens can bring lots of color and character to any size landscape. These are some of the most valued plants in the landscape because they retain their color all year. And, if you have a smaller yard, don’t worry! There are plenty of unique small evergreens that take up little room and hold onto their leaves year-round so that they can add plenty of color and personality to your landscape.



Our Recommend Small Evergreen Trees for Landscaping in Arizona

We have some of the most beautiful and interesting evergreens available that thrive in our arid environment. Homeowners and landscapers alike rave about being able to form them into interesting shapes for formal gardens. Some homeowners choose to let them grow as a hedge. We can use them to hide things, create privacy hedges, or to create a stunning landscape design.

For instance, topiary Junipers are popular because of their dense foliage. Junipers are an excellent choice for shaping into spirals, pom-poms, poodles, and more. The Wax Leaf Privet is another unique small evergreen. Wax leaf displays beautiful white blooms in the spring. They also feature glossy green foliage that is easily pruned into topiary forms. When talking about small evergreens, we need to mention our semi-dwarf citrus trees. Citrus trees provide lots of colors, emit a pleasant fragrance, and bear the sweetest and tastiest fruit!

Use these plants to enhance your landscape, and you can make your outdoor living space more colorful and intimate, too.

Moon Valley Custom Fertilizers


Wax-Leaf-Privet-24box-650x650-MVNWax Leaf Privet (Ligustrum japonicum ‘Texanum’): This evergreen is highly adaptable to topiary forms. They are a must-have in topiary gardens and look lovely in pyramid form flanking walkways and gateways. People also like to use them in neat, vertical poodle forms in elegant pots, placing them near the front door or porch steps. Springtime yields a profusion of fragrant, white flowers. The glossy evergreen foliage is its key feature, so we like to use them as a lush background foliage. We can also use them as a large-scale windbreak. Ligustrum ‘Texanum’ have a fast growth rate and a compact form that makes them one of the most versatile evergreens in a landscape.



juniper_pruned_mvn_650x650Junipers (Juniperus): Few plants can match the versatility of this evergreen. We can use them as a ground cover, privacy screen, or in vertical forms. These are very durable specimens that are built to thrive in our desert climate. We have many varieties available, in different sizes and shapes. If you are looking to add artistic flair to your landscape, consider using our Juniper topiaries. You can find them at our nurseries! They feature attractive needle-like and/or scale-like leaves that can bring plenty of year-round color to landscapes. Once established they require little water!



braided_hibiscus_Braided Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis): Bring the look and feel of the tropics to your landscape! Our braided Hibiscus have had their stems trained together early in their growth, to create an appearance that is sure to attract all the right attention. These plants are a work of art! They produce the large and bold blooms that hibiscus is noted for in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, and bicolor.  They stay small so that they can fit virtually anywhere in your landscape. Their exposed trunks add an element of style. With their lush, glossy foliage and beautiful flowers, it is easy to see why these are favorites for using as an entryway focal point or to brighten up a sunny corner in your landscape.

Plumeria-650x650Plumeria (Plumeria var.): Plant Plumeria in your landscape and enjoy the colorful show of summertime flowers! The bloom is not just pretty, they are also fragrant, exuding scents of jasmine, citrus, spices, gardenia, and more! These are tropical trees with a gorgeous display of green leathery leaves and thick stems. They like to be planted in a sunny location in your landscape so that they can bloom properly. We can plant them nearly anywhere. There is a wide range of varieties and colors available, so visit any of our nursery locations and allow our nursery pros to help you find the perfect small tree for your landscape!

Care Guide!



CITRUS-INSTACitrus: Our semi-dwarf citrus tree is a beautiful, compact tree that is going to fit well in any situation in your yard. With this evergreen tree, you get the benefit of the flower, the fruit, and the compact size. We like to use them for shade, privacy, and of course, the nutritious fruit! The citrus trees at Moon Valley Nurseries are grown from Carrizo rootstock. This vigorous rootstock is resistant to many diseases and produces the sweetest tasting fruit anywhere. Plant these evergreens near windows and enjoy the view and aroma! Some of our favorites include:




Lemons: We sell the best varieties for our area, Meyer, Lisbon, and Eureka! These small trees have green foliage and bear juicy fruit ideal for cocktails and meals.

Tangerines: Sweet tasting tangerines are bursting with juicy flavor! We sell the best varieties for our area including Satsumas, Clementine, Mandarin, and Sunburst.

Oranges: Orange trees are a must-have in any edible garden. And at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have been growing the best varieties from only registered rootstock for over 20 years! These are magnificent landscape trees, and when the flowers bloom, you can’t help but be taken by the fragrance!

Kumquats: The “little gold gem” of the citrus family, Kumquats offer numerous health benefits including anti-oxidants and essential oils. These beautiful landscape trees are shrubby and compact so that they are ideal for any size yard.


We Can Plant Unique Small Evergreen Trees That Make a Positive Impact in Your Landscape

Increase property value with our value-engineered evergreen trees. Moon Valley Nurseries has been custom-growing the world’s best trees for over 20 years. We have the smaller trees available that are lush, beautiful, and ready to adorn your landscape. Allow our nursery pros to help you find the perfect tree for the perfect spot in your yard.

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The Moon Valley Difference: How We Grow and Plant the Best Trees

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 7/3/2018

moon valley difference

Moon Valley Nurseries only hires the best of the best! Every year, we take top honors as the best nursery, voted on by the residents in the area. It is not just our amazing services and an incredible selection of trees, palms, shrubs, and other plants that make us America’s best nursery – it’s our people, too!

Moon Valley Moonies

263_902_1 (124) 

Our people love working here! In fact, we were voted one of the best places to work in Phoenix! We have dedicated employees that have been with us since day one – that’s twenty-plus years and counting! You see, we take great pride in our nursery pros because they know what it takes to help our customers achieve their dream landscape. Every one of our employees is an expert and knowledgeable on all things trees and plants. Also, when it comes to designing yards, no one can match our experienced nursery experts that know all about the trees and plants that thrive where our customers live.

A visit to any of our Phoenix area nurseries is a fun and rewarding experience, whether you come alone or bring your family. Our team members will be glad to show you around our beautiful nurseries. Allow us to help you handpick the perfect trees for the perfect spots in your yard. From Canary Island Date palms to Ficus, Tipu trees, and a wide assortment of cacti and succulents –  feel free to ask our nursery pros about anything that we sell!

And, after you have completed the process of selecting the exact trees, our nursery pros will maintain and care for your tree so that it is just as perfect as when you first laid your eyes on it. Our nursery crew takes pride in their work and is passionate about taking good care of trees and plants. The proof is in our massive inventory of amazing-looking trees, palms, shrubs, hedges, and other plants. Plus, we employ our own experienced planting crew that goes above and beyond so that you will love the look of your beautiful new yard!


 How Moon Valley Nurseries Grows Trees

crape myrtle-4

Buying a tree from Moon Valley Nurseries is one of the best things you can do for your landscape. After all, we value engineer our products to save you money. Other nurseries in the area sell much smaller trees and price them as though they are bigger trees.

Moon Valley Does NOT do that! 

We sell bigger trees at the lowest prices. We grow our trees for you- our valued customers. Our trees are grown in containers, which have a higher survival rate and no shock when planted, especially in the summer.

Plus, if you prefer a younger tree so that you can watch it grow, container trees grow much faster than field dug trees. Our trees are grown from selected mother trees in our labs, and raised in our local climate. When you purchase a tree from Moon Valley Nurseries, you are getting the finest-quality trees that are custom-grown to thrive in your landscape!

it’s a tree that we will always guarantee. 


How Moon Valley Nurseries Plants Trees


You Buy it, We Plant It!

Relax and allow our experienced crew to do all the work. How great is that? Let’s face it, we know what works, which is why we are a favorite tree nursery throughout the Southwest. Since we grow our trees in a container, they are much easier to load, unload, and plant.

When we install our trees, they are guaranteed to be planted at the right depth because the container is set into the hole. And, compared to field dug trees, we will always have a much greater selection of trees available during most times of the year. Our professional planting includes doing all the hard labor work, such as digging and planting. But that’s not all. We also apply mulch and our world-famous Moon Juice. Everything we plant is guaranteed to grow!

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The Moon Valley Difference – Our Service and Our Quality!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/29/2018

mvn_tatum_07-1Anyone that has visited Moon Valley Nurseries is sure to tell you the same thing – they have the biggest and most beautiful trees and plants they have ever seen. And, they will also tell you about the VIP service, and that they can buy the best selection of trees and plants anywhere, at the lowest prices! For instance, our 15-gallon trees are bigger than anyone else’s 24-gallon trees! We save you money and can help you create an instant landscape. With our trees and the help of our landscape design specialists, we can create your dream landscape!


The World’s Best Selection of Specimen Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants


Perhaps you have heard about us and are ready to visit our nurseries. Well, the first visit to any of our nurseries is a memorable one. We have the largest and most beautiful trees on the market, all grown in our local climate so that they will thrive in your landscape. We have the bigger shade trees you want to create shade in your yard right now. It is summer after all, and our majestic shade trees, such as our Ficus trees, can help create a much more comfortable outdoor space.

The perfect yard always starts out with privacy. Moon Valley Nurseries is your privacy headquarters. We grow and plant the hedges that can create a private yard, with shade, too! Yep, we grow the things that add beauty and value to yards and properties throughout Arizona. We grow our trees and other plants longer than any other nursery, and we guarantee our products!

There is no doubt that our trees are bigger than anyone else’s. We offer wholesale prices to the public, so we save you money, too. That’s right! We value engineer our products, so you get the absolute best tree at the lowest price! We want our customers to save money because we want to help make the world a better place with our custom-grown trees!

No other nursery can touch the quality of our trees and our services. We are the grower, wholesaler, and retailer that grows hundreds of thousands of trees, palms, shrubs, and other plants. We grow everything so that every person can enjoy a beautiful new yard. We grow the best and biggest trees for our customers!

Landscape Design Specialists


Bring in your ideas for your dream yard! We know that one of the best ways to increase property value is with a beautiful new landscape. The great thing about a new landscape is that unlike an interior design remodel, plants and trees never go out style. In fact, trees and plants grow fuller and more beautiful as they mature! Of course, knowing how to piece everything together can be a challenge for homeowners. The good news is that with our professional team of landscape design specialists, it cannot get any easier. We have been helping people achieve their dream landscape for over 20 years, and our design specialists work with you to make it all happen. We treat all our customers the way we would want to be treated. Allow our team to help you create the landscape you have always wanted, using the best, value engineered trees and plants on the planet!

Free Planting – You Buy It and We Plant It!


Thanks to our free planting services, it cannot get any easier to come home to a yard that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Allow our experienced planting crew to do all the work! That’s right. Our “You Buy It, and We Plant It” is a service that no other nursery can touch! Our crew will dig the holes, install the trees, shrubs and other plants in the proper location, and ensure that it will thrive in your landscape. We guarantee the work we do!

Easy Financing!

Did you know that you can have your dream yard while paying over time? It’s true! We offer 12-month zero interest financing on approved credit via Green Sky. Funding a home improvement project with Green Sky will allow you to conserve your money. Plus, unlike many other credit cards, when you fund a project with us, you can typically get a lower interest rate! It is quick and easy to apply. Go ahead, handpick the specimen trees that create instant shade and the palms that can create a backyard tropical oasis! You can do all this without breaking the bank!

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5 Tips for Caring for Palm Trees in Arizona

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/20/2018

AZ_campus_path_palmsCopyright: humannet / 123RF Stock Photo

Palm trees are a common sight in the Phoenix area. There are beautiful palms lining walkways at Arizona State University, and towering palms are seen in many of the most prominent neighborhoods in east Phoenix.

Most palm trees are subtropical or tropical. A few of them are also surprisingly cold hardy. We have seen a few palms growing in unexpected places such as Portland, Seattle, and Denver!

And, while palm trees are not native to Arizona, we sure do love the sight of them. These are some of the best architectural plants. Palms are ideal for accents in the garden, planted poolside, at the golf course, or planted along the pond at your favorite park. Even though they aren’t natives, they have adapted well to our area. In fact, they are associated with the concept of a desert oasis, helping us humans adapt to our harsh summertime environment. 

Even though it is hard to miss the many palms that dot our landscape, only one species is native to Arizona. The California Fan Palm, (Washingtonia filifera) is said to have been transplanted to Arizona via animals dropping seeds.

A grove of palms creates shade, and besides offering relief from the sun, they can make us think of fun-filled vacations. Of course, yellow and brown foliage is not the picture of a healthy palm and is no fun at all. The good news is that with special care, we can keep our palms thriving so that they can help us feel calm and relaxed during this time of the year. These iconic trees require minimal maintenance, which is another reason to love palms!


Issues to Look For

Keep an eye out for these issues that palms can have early on, and you can keep the lush appearance of your palm for years to come. 

Yellowing leaflets: Are the leaflets on older fronds turning yellow? The palm might be lacking magnesium. Older fronds are the ones that are lower on the tree. A deficiency in Magnesium can turn beautiful fronds into yellowing fronds.

Orange or yellow spotting: A potassium deficiency can cause older fronds to acquire yellow or orange spots. This deficiency can also cause the trunk to be narrow. 

Scorched fronds: Do newer fronds appear scorched? Are the leaflets starting to curl? If so, there may be a Manganese deficiency.

Did you know that one of the most common causes of palm tree death is a result of improper fertilization? It’s true!


Five Tips for a Healthy Palm 

Palms, like all plants, benefit from loving care. A bit of maintenance goes a long way in keeping palms lush and lovely. We spoke to our experts and below are five tips for keeping the foliage of your palm green and healthy all year long.

Planting: Knowing where to plant your palm is an excellent start. The type of tree you have will determine the perfect spot. Other factors to consider when planting include the amount of sun exposure and the amount of space required to grow.

Let the Pros do the Digging: Get your palms planted right the first time – let our pros do the digging! Our professional planting makes it easy to have the yard you have always wanted. It includes all the digging, planting, and mulch. We also add Moon Juice. Everything we plant is guaranteed to grow!

Watering: Fertile, well-drained soil will help established palms thrive. Irrigating newly planted palms is beneficial. You will want to be sure to keep the soil sufficiently moist because it is essential to keep the palm healthy. Look for signs of stress from a lack of water. Slow growth and browning on the tips of the oldest leaves are symptoms. Some palm species show signs of stress when the leaflets wilt. The trunk can hollow out or collapse from water stress. Be sure to water deeply about four to five times a week when the temperatures reach above 100 degrees. Drip watering or using a soaker hose with a very slow trickle is recommended. An easy way to check the moisture level in the soil is to grab a little shovel and scrape the surface at least six inches deep.

Tip: We recommend watering in the early morning or late afternoon during the summer.

Fertilizing: Keep your palm looking healthy with the proper fertilizers. A fertilizer, such as Super Palm Juice, has magnesium, which can prevent it from being iron deficient. Palms love this easy-to-apply liquid – it can reach roots fast! This fertilizer can help increase moisture and nutrient uptake. Super Palm Juice can also stimulate root growth and can help protect against stress. Moon Juice is recommended for palms because it has manganese, which can help them prevent and recover from stressors.

Cleaning and Trimming: Hosing off the palms periodically with a water hose can help control spider mites and other sucking insects. Also, frequent washing provides some humidity. Some palms are self-cleaning and will shed the old leaf bases on their own. For those palms that hold their bases, they can be trimmed. Prune them by slicing the old bases off at the very bottom of the base. Always make sure that you do not cut into the trunk. Also, always clean any tools with rubbing alcohol so that you can prevent diseases from spreading, Of course, for best results, hire a professional tree trimmer.


We do the Work!

Palms bring value and interest to any landscape in Arizona. Moon Valley Nurseries can do the work! Allow our nursery pros to help you design and select the perfect palms. We deliver and plant them, too. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom-grow palms that are ready to thrive in your yard. Visit us and check out our beautiful palm trees, such as our Piru Queen Palms and King Palms, which are two of the most popular palms for any size yard. Our Canary Island Date Palms add elegance and luxury to all types of properties. Line up some Date Palms along a driveway and create a grand entrance! Mediterranean Fan Palms are the ideal size for planting in small areas! We have just what you need to establish an oasis with palms in your yard. Moon Valley Nurseries only sells palms that are guaranteed to be disease-free!

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The Importance of Fertilizing Your Trees in The Summer

Posted by Arica Harrison on 6/14/2018

moon-juice-nvAs summer is here in Arizona, we need to act now and fertilize our trees before it’s too hot. Yes, trees need a little help just like our flowers and other plants. It is important to make sure we are using fertilizer to assist in the healthy growth of our planted trees. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we understand the need and importance of fertilizing and have compiled some key information to pass along to you. 


What is Fertilizer?

First off, let’s start off with the basics – what is fertilizer? Fertilizer is any substance, natural (organic) or chemical (inorganic), that is added to soil or plant tissue to increase its health and nutrients. Most fertilizers contain essential micro and macro nutrients that trees and plants need that might not be present in the soil. Macro-nutrients are the substances needed in large quantities, some are found in air and water – Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen. The main macro-nutrients usually needed in addition are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium; Nitrogen is the most likely to be deficient in our soil.  The secondary nutrients which are less likely to be missing from soil are Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. Among the common micro-nutrients (nutrients needed in much smaller amounts) are Zinc, Manganese, and Iron.  


Why is Fertilizer Important?

Urban and suburban trees need additional nutrients than what is provided in the surrounding environment. Unlike trees growing naturally in forests, our planted trees have more stressors and deficiencies. Forests provide naturally occurring fertilization due to animals and decomposing material found within their environment. Our trees do not have those same opportunities as we usually rake away fallen leaves and must deal with city stressors and construction. By using a fertilizer, we can provide the much-needed micro and macro nutrients that are deficient in our arid Southwest environment. When growing, trees need a steady supply of nutrients, fertilizing achieves that. By supplementing essential nutrients, we can assure that our trees will grow healthy and strong. Fertilizers help trees protect themselves from pests and disease – mush like how eating helps our immune systems. Healthy trees can withstand damage from their environment, like wind and heat stress.  It is important to fertilize our trees so that they can grow healthy and we can enjoy them instead of stressing over them. 


When Should We Fertilize?

Here is Arizona, now is the perfect time to fertilize your trees to get them the essential nutrients to help them thrive during our hot summer months. By fertilizing now, we can give our trees a better chance at fighting against heat and summer stressors. Last chance before it gets too hot! After it gets over 110 degrees, we suggest that you don’t do normal fertilizing but use Moon Juice, a liquid variety to help summer growth, every month. And every other month, to use Moon Valley’s Soil & Water Conditioner. 

It is important to set up a regular fertilizing program to ensure that you will have healthy trees all year round. We suggest fertilizing or using Moon Juice monthly to help with our warmer weather and dryer climate. If you want to have clear guidelines and timeframe, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable pros at your local Moon Valley Nursery. Our custom blended fertilizers are designed to trigger growth responses so they can be used at any time, even after the ideal springtime growth season. 

Here are some signs of things to look for that fertilizers can help with: 

- Yellowing leaves that are smaller than normal. Overall growth is stunted – possible Nitrogen deficiency. 

- Small leaves with scorched edges, may be purplish or blue-green in color. Leaves may fall early. Overall growth seems weakened and reduced – possible Phosphorus deficiency. 

- Tips and edges of leaves are yellow and look scorched with brownish-purple spotting underneath – possible Potassium deficiency. 

- Leaves turn dark starting at the base and going outward then die – possible Calcium deficiency. 

- Leaves are yellow between the veins which stay green – possible Iron deficiency. 

- Center of leaves turn yellow or reddish in color. Dead spots appear – possible Magnesium deficiency. 

- Upper leaves turn yellow in the center between the veins – possible Manganese deficiency. 

- Veins are a lighter color than the tissue in between – possible Sulfur deficiency. 


Choosing a fertilizer can seem like a daunting process, as there are many varieties and choices out there. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have developed highly specialized blends of fertilizers that we use throughout our growing farms and nurseries. Grower proven and grower approved. We want to remove any guesswork and confusion during the decision process. Any of our nursery professionals can help you select the perfect fertilizer for your tree’s needs. Below are a few of our recommended picks for trees. 

moon_juice_fert_better_2Supercharged Moon Juice –  Perfect for all trees and plants. Moon Juice has Furst liquid technology which helps maximize your tree’s potential. It includes a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and amino acids that stimulate the growth signals within a plant or tree. Moon Juice contains the three most important micro-nutrients – Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. It also has Vitamin B-1, thiamine mononitrate which is beneficial for new plantings. Moon Juice enhances a tree’s ability to recover and prevent issues from stresses caused by extreme heat, transplanting, and other events. Supercharge your trees! 


palm_juice_fertSuper Palm Juice  Palm trees are a major staple in Arizona landscapes. And just like the unique look they bring, palm trees need a unique blend of nutrients. Moon Valley’s Super Palm Juice is custom blended as a liquid to include Potash, Manganese, Iron, Sulfur, Zinc, Copper, and Boron. This super easy-to-use liquid will help produce stronger, thicker trunks and dark green fronds creating a healthier palm. Use Super Palm Juice to correct yellow, weak, or disfigured fronds. 



moon_dust_fertMoon Dust  All-purpose tree & plant fertilizer! A custom, organic blend that contains the three macro-nutrients needed, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash (Potassium). This is a quick dissolving granular fertilizer that is beneficial for all plants and trees. Moon Dust was especially developed for tough, compact, and alkaline soils. Designed for the desert, so perfect for Arizona, Moon Dust contains perfect amounts of Sulfur and Gypsum to fight the effects of salt in the soil. The #1 all-purpose fertilizer in the US!  



moon_green_fertMoon Green  Say goodbye to yellowing foliage! Moon Green is a safe and easy-to-use solution for yellowing trees and plants, which is a common problem here in the Arizona desert. Developed to help fight Iron Chlorosis (deficiency), we combined Iron with our Furst liquid technology for an easy fix. Along with being a liquid Iron supplement, Moon Green also helps reduce soil alkalinity and neutralize caliche clay soils. But most of all, it promotes greener and darker leaves (and grass)! Use Moon Green to bring greenness back into your landscape during our hot summers. 


soil_conditioner_fertSoil & Water Conditioner  Use this to make watering and fertilizing more efficient. Ideal for use with any fertilizers as it helps optimize soil conditions. Desert soil can be the most difficult part in growing trees as it is hard and has a high pH level. Moon Valley’s Soil and Water Conditioner helps breakup the salt buildup and loosens tough soil. The Sulfur contained will reduce the high pH level and lets the salt flush out of the root system. Gypsum leads to better drainage and loosening of the soil. By using the Soil & Water Conditioner every other month, your soil will be healthier which will allow your trees to access needed nutrients and water. 


Wait no longer! Call or visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to pick up the perfect fertilizer and supplements for your trees (and palms) today. Use the knowledge of our nursery pros to help select a fertilizer and plan a regime to keep your trees healthy and thriving! 

Let’s not forget to keep our lawns healthy and growing all summer long with Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer! This pilled homogeneous fertilizer is easy to apply to lawns and acts quickly. Get healthy, green grass with fewer weeds and damage with regular fertilization every four to six weeks. 




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