3 Reasons to Plant Trees in the Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 9/28/18 8:00 AM

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The fall season is when the festivities begin! It is also the best time to start planning and adding new additions you have been wanting to include into your landscape. The weather is finally perfect for your plants (and you!) and gives you enough time for any transplants to be ready for next year.

Cooler Temperatures

With the temperatures dropping and the weather starting to cool down in the Southern California area, plants and trees will have the best chance to transplant safely into their new location. With less sun and heat shining down on them, plants and trees will not require as much water as they would need during the summer to establish their roots.

Warm Soils

While the temperatures are getting lower by the day, the ground is still warm from the scorching summer months. This makes the perfect environment for successful root growth. That warm soil also helps to decrease the chances of transplant shock to the plant.

Head Start on Spring

Planting in the fall makes sure that the roots have the most time to establish a system and be ready to start focusing on top growth in the spring. Adding plants in the fall also makes for a more enjoyable time for you with less bugs in your yard making right now the best time to plant.

3 Best Trees to Plant

Crape Myrtle Tree (Lagerstroemia)

Crape Myrtle-3The Crape Myrtles have something to offer for every season of the year. Crape Myrtle’s foliage turns to a showy bright orange like it was made for the Autumn season. These trees create a dramatic sight for anybody to see when planted in clusters or spread out across the landscape for accents of color.

The small to medium sized Crape Myrtle trees are known for their long and continual bloom cycle and works well in just about any landscape, so they will be just as impressive during the spring/summer when the flowers start to bloom in various colors.


Tipu Tree (Tipuana tipu)

Tipu BlogThis semi-evergreen tree has become a popular choice in the southwest region for its fast growth and eye-catching golden yellow flowers during the summer. It only takes a couple of years for the Tipu tree to reach great heights and start creating massive canopies of shade for your home, patio, or any landscape shading needs.

The Tipu tree is also a great option to protect other plants in your yard from the hot summer sun. This tree does not require heavy maintenance and it thrives well in different types of soil and drought-like conditions.


Fruitless Olive Tree (Olea europaea ‘Wilsonii’)

Fruitless OliveFruitless olive trees are ideal evergreens for California landscaping projects, especially if you are looking for a tree that can create some privacy since they never lose their leaves. As the name suggests, no fruit will grow on this tree.

This medium sized tree can easily handle full sun. They can also handle being planted in poor soil, which makes them adaptable for any part of the yard. Their green and silver colored foliage is visually exciting and can provide plenty of shade. You can create a dramatic sight by highlighting their gray multi-trunk structure with landscape lighting. We recommend planting them in rows along a fence to create an attractive living privacy wall.


Stop by and take a look at our fall inventory at any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations. Our experts are available to handle any landscaping questions, requests, and needs you may have for your yard.



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