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Moon Valley Nurseries Privacy Hedge Guide For California
By Terra Penn on December 27, 2023

Selecting the perfect privacy hedge for your home can often feel overwhelming, given the array of tree and shrub varieties available. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we've streamlined this...

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Hollywood Hedges Indian Laurel

Ficus Nitida: The Original Hollywood Style Hedge
By Moon Valley Nurseries on February 16, 2023

Ficus Nitida is a popular choice for creating the absolute perfect Hollywood-Style Hedges™, and for good reason! This versatile and fast-growing tree is a favorite among California...

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Hollywood Hedges Tipuana Tipu Evergreen Ash Crape Myrtle

Benefits Of Planting During Southern California's June Gloom
By Blog on February 2, 2023

The June Gloom has arrived, and while it may dampen our outdoor fun in the sun, trees and shrubs in our landscapes are rejoicing and absolutely loving the cool nights, overcast mornings and...

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Best Shade Trees for Southern California
By Jason Talmage on November 20, 2020

Beautiful year-round weather is one of the best parts about living in Southern California. If your goal is to plant trees that offer beauty and shade in every season, consider four of the...

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