Benefits Of Planting During Southern California's June Gloom

Benefits Of Planting During Southern California's June Gloom

By Blog on February, 2 2023
Hollywood Hedges Tipuana Tipu Evergreen Ash Crape Myrtle

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The June Gloom has arrived, and while it may dampen our outdoor fun in the sun, trees and shrubs in our landscapes are rejoicing and absolutely loving the cool nights, overcast mornings and warm afternoon sun! The benefits from the June Gloom make this time of year a great time to plant. 

Perfect Time to Plant

This weather pattern extends the planting season which gives newly planted trees and shrubs an extended period of time to establish their root system before the summer months set in. With the root system established, the tree or shrub will focus its energy on top growth throughout the summer.


Give Your Trees A Fertilizer Boost

Super Charged Moon Juice Plant and Tree FertilizerThe June Gloom just delays the inevitable dog days of Summer. We're fortunate that we can escape the summer sun, however the material on our landscape isn't as fortunate. There are ways to give the material some relief and that would be with specialized fertilizer designed to trigger new root hair growth and stronger cell development while helping the tree grow faster and recover quicker from stressful events. At Moon Valley Nurseries we have our Super Charged Moon Juice. It also enhances the ability of plants to ward off diseases, possible infestations and infections from outside sources. It helps trees and plants both prevent and recover from stresses caused by extreme heat, frost, freeze, transplanting or other stressful events. 


Less Watering

The cooler weather and overcast days gives all of us an opportunity to cut back on our water usage. Be sure to monitor the weather as well. For more info on watering, be sure to read our best watering practices.


Ideal Trees To Plant During the June Gloom


Evergreen / Shamel Ash Tree | Fraxinus Udhei
Evergreen Shamel Ash Tree at Moon Valley NurseriesIn movies that show small towns, there are always these big beautiful trees with treehouses, swings, and even hammocks on them. When a customer visits our nursery and asks about a tree like this, we take them straight to the Evergreen Ash, also known as the Shamel Ash. This is a classic looking tree that can be used in a wide range of landscapes. Tt is super easy to grow, tolerant of our Southern California climate. The Evergreen Ash grows as tall as it does wide providing a great canopy of shade with its larger-leafed green foliage. 


Tipuana Tipu Tree | Tipuana Tipu
Tipu Trees at Moon Valley NurseriesA perfect tree for the summer, the Tipuana Tipu Tree thrives in our warmer summer days and has become a favorite for its rapid growth rate and yellow flowers in the summer. Two big benefits of this tree are its minimal water requirements and great canopy of shade to cool your home, shade a patio, or protect other parts of your yard. It's very easy to grow as it performs well in many soil and drought-like conditions. 


Ficus Nitida / Hollywood Hedges | Ficus Nitida Columns
Ficus Nitida Hollywood Style Hedges at Moon Valley NurseriesThis evergreen tree can be found anywhere in Southern California. It is a popular choice for its attractive green foliage and its think and big canopy. Because the Ficus Nitida has such a think canopy, it can be used as a privacy hedge to block unwanted views, line a border, or to cancel our any sound. We call these our Hollywood Style Hedges but you don't need to be a celebrity to have a privacy hedge! The hedges and the tree verities of the Ficus Nitida, grow fast and can be pruned into any shape. They thrive in our climate and are a great choice for any landscape!


Crape Myrtle Tree | Lagerstroemia 
Colorful Crape Myrtle Trees at Moon Valley NurseriesOne of the best choices for beautiful bursts of color in your landscape is the Crape Myrtle Tree. These small trees produce exquisite colors in purple, pink, red, and white and look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when they are planted in cluster on side views or accent location on your yard. These trees bloom from late spring and through the summer and perform best when they receive at least a half day of sun. 



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