Fall Trees for Fall Planting

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/8/19, 9:00 AM

Fall Planting in California

Where has the time gone? Just like that, the temperatures are dropping quickly, and the year is almost over. School is in full swing, Sundays are all about football, and we can go hiking and explore our beautiful surroundings again!

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Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/5/19, 8:30 AM

Learn More about the Vitex Tree


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November landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/1/19, 9:00 AM

Best November Landscape Tips for California

November is here, and that means we get to spend more time outside with family and friends and enjoy the weather right in our own backyard! Not only can you smell fall in the air, but you can also smell more cookouts and fire pits being turned on all over the neighborhood!

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Everything you Need to Know about Moon Juice

Posted by Jason Talmage on 10/30/19, 9:00 AM

Add the Best Yard Supplement to Your Yard Today

What is Super Charged Moon Juice?

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Benefits of Planting Mature Trees

Posted by Bryn Mahoney on 10/28/19, 9:00 AM

Enjoy Your Landscape Instantly This Season

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Get your Yard Prepped for the Holidays

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/25/19, 9:00 AM

Tackle Your Last-minute Landscape Issues

The holidays are getting closer, which can be very exciting and very scary at the same time. While the dinners, decorations, and family visitors are the fun parts of the holiday, the prep can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be – we can help!

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Tackle Your Landscaping Issues [Blocking Noise and Unsightly Areas]

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/18/19, 3:22 PM

Take Back Control of Your Surroundings

The best part about owning a house is that it’s yours, and you can make changes, add new things, and re-invent it to be your perfect home. In part 1 of “Tackle Your Landscaping Issues,” we focused on trees and plant suggestions for adding privacy and creating landscape designs for your new home. This time we are focusing more on blocking out noise and unsightly views in your front and back yards. While this can be a new homeowner issue, it also applies to older homeowners!

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5 Evergreen Trees for Front Yard Privacy

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/17/19, 3:53 PM

Benefits of Planting Evergreen Trees in Your Front Yard

  • Add instant curb appeal to your home and neighborhood.
  • Blocks viewpoints from neighbors or street traffic and unwanted views.
  • Increase the value of your home tremendously.
  • Creates a natural sound barrier – ideal for properties near busy streets.
  • Enhances the architectural design of your landscape.
  • Adds shade to your yard and can help cool down your home during the summer.

You can sense it when it feels like you’re on display in your personal outdoor space. It’s a feeling that can make it a little harder to relax and enjoy your front yard. With the right evergreens, you can create a personal fortress that feels peaceful, and most of all, private.

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3 Palms To Plant for a Fall Paradise

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/11/19, 9:00 AM

Fall Palm Planting

Fall is here, and the conditions are perfect for planting palm in your yard. The weather is nice again, and the soil is warm, which means your newly planted palms will have more time to establish a strong, healthy root system.

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Tackle Your Landscaping Issues [New Homes and Needed Privacy]

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/10/19, 3:17 PM

Design a New Yard with the Privacy You Need

New Home in Need of New Yard

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