Create A Tax Free Landscape

Create A Tax Free Landscape

By Paul Popoff on June, 19 2020
Citrus and Fruit

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Paul Popoff

Paul has been working with Moon Valley Nurseries nearly 20 years and is certified by the ALCA, SLM, ISA and more. His extensive knowledge and background in horticulture makes him an industry leader.

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Taxes: nobody likes them, and nobody wants to pay them. What if we told you that in the great state of California, you can landscape your whole yard, farm, or orchard without paying a penny in sales tax? Well, now you can, and you can get everything you need from Moon Valley Nurseries to create your own sustainable landscape.

Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing the best fruit and citrus trees in California for over 25 years. We guarantee all the fruit trees we plant to grow, and they come with our unbeatable transplant shock warranty. Plus, we give you the option to extend that coverage even longer with our Weatherproof Warranty, only available at Moon Valley Nurseries.


Create a Citrus Orchard

All our citrus trees are grafted on the very best rootstock grown by Moon Valley Nurseries. These trees are all self-pollinating, which means you only need one tree to get great fruit production. When citrus trees are planted together, not only will they help to create a beautiful privacy barrier, but they will also help to produce even more fruit. Citrus trees also have beautiful late winter blooms that are very fragrant, filling the space with the familiar smell of citrus blossoms. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, kumquats, limes, limequats and more are just a few other varieties we grow, for more stop into any of our farms or click here.




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Fruit Trees

Nothing mixes better with citrus trees than fruit trees. We have many different varieties available; all low chill hour fruit trees are perfect to be grown in our area. These trees can be planted along with citrus or in rows themselves. This will only help to increase fruit production for all your new trees. Planting different varieties of fruit trees will give you longer production periods, letting you harvest for longer periods of times.






Other Fruits

Create a Tuscan yard with ancient olive trees from Moon Valley Nurseries. These eatable fruit trees create beautiful shade and produce large amounts of fruit that can even be pressed into homemade olive oil.






date_palm_spec_at_esco_edited_2019_571x571Medjool Date Palms are another beautiful tree that works in nearly all landscape types and produces one of the most expensive fruits on the market. These large fruits are delicious and can be used in an assortment of ways, the most common is as a dried fruit. We grow these trees at our farms and only the most premium of specimens are sent to our nurseries for our clients. These work beautifully with fruiting Olive trees as well as fruit and citrus, and like all the different trees we’ve mentioned, they are tax free!






strawberry-treeStrawberry Tree, no not like the ones you find in the grocery store, but little sweet fruit produce by the Arbutus unedo grow on a beautiful shade tree. With small red blooms that will turn to little sweet fruits, these trees are both functional and practical. Providing thick dense evergreen shade year-round, these work in many different style landscapes and complement all other fruit producing trees as well.






avocado-1Avocado trees are a SoCal favorite, and our great growing conditions make these everyone’s favorite. We grow many different varieties including the famed Haas, Bacon, and Fuerte Avocado trees. These are not only great tasting trees, but also create beautiful shade. These work well planted with all other fruit and citrus trees as well.







mangos_1Mango trees produce great tasting juicy fruit. Iconic tropical fruit trees, these trees work great in our climate and pair with all other trees. Not only do they provide great tasting fruit, but they also produce great shade. These can even be grown in planters or large pots.







fuyu-persimmon_5 571x571Persimmons are another tropical fruit that thrives in our climate. These produce apple-like fruit that start to bloom in late winter to mid spring. These ripen in late spring to early summer and have alternating years. These trees work perfectly in full sun and can be planted in large pots and planters. These trees will work with all other assortments of trees and palms.







pomegranate_fruit_571x571Pomegranates are another extremely hardy and versatile fruit tree, and they can be used for many other purposes besides fruit. They make excellent screening hedges since they are such full trees. These trees have beautiful, big red recognizable blooms followed by large red fruit in late fall to early winter. Plant these with other fruit and citrus and enjoy your own amazing backyard orchard.






ca_landscape_1Creating a beautiful yard is easy with the help of the pros at Moon Valley Nursery, and you can even do it TAX FREE! Plus, you can get all this plus special promotion financing on approved credit. Complete your landscape, create a sustainable yard that produces fruit nearly all year long, and make it look beautiful all at the same time. Stop by today or go to to get your landscape started today. For The Best Trees on Earth, Go Straight To The Moon!

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