Everything you Need to Know about Moon Juice

Everything you Need to Know about Moon Juice

By Jason Talmage on October, 30 2019

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Jason Talmage

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What is Super Charged Moon Juice?

-Tree & Plant Health Maximizer

-Excellent for planting new trees or plants, or when trying to maintain optimal plant health for your landscape. 

History of Super Charged Moon Juice

Following a severe freeze in 2007, when losses were estimated at nearly $50 million considering present plus future inventory losses acres of trees, plants, and shrubs, and more were destroyed. With thousands of blackened trees that were pretty much left for dead, Moon Valley Nurseries was determined to fix this and tried numerous nutrients to stimulate regrowth. 

Finally, we created the perfect blend of our Super Charged Moon Juice with Furst liquid technology. The Furst liquid technologies that Super Charged Moon Juice uses include a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and amino acids. This blend helps stimulate the growth signals within the plant and allows it to grow to fuller potential!

We used Moon Juice on a 5-acre portion of the freeze-damaged trees and plants. Within a year's time, nearly all of the damage had been recovered thanks to the Moon Juices' amino acid blend, which triggered a much-needed growth response. 


Benefits of Super Charged Moon Juice

Nutrient Uptake

The nutrient uptake refers to the process of nutrient movement from an external environment into a plant. ... Plants receive mostly carbon and oxygen in the form of CO2 from the air and part hydrogen. These nutrients enter a plant at their molecular structure.

New Root Growth

Specifically, they encourage plants to put down a dense collection of new roots and strengthen existing roots as they develop. One of the many Super Charged Moon Juice benefits includes new root hair growth. This provides the nutrients needed to increase fertilizer and moisture intake. It also offers stronger cell development throughout the trunks, branches, and stems, which allows water and nutrients to pass more efficiently to the leaves. 

Foliage Health

The stronger cells and increase in nutrients can help maximize photosynthesis for fuller foliage growth.

Improves Fertilizer Nutrients

This is best defined as the increase in yield of the harvested fraction of the crop per unit of nutrient supplied by fertilizer. The highest efficiency is usually obtained with the first increment of fertilizer

Enhances the Ability to Ward off Disease

There are over 30 common tree diseases that contribute to the health, decline, and death of most of the trees in the United States.

Super Charged Moon Juice

Use Moon Juice

Immediately After New Transplanting

Transplanting is the process of moving a fully germinated seedling (or mature plant) and replanting it in a permanent location for the growing season. A plant that has been recently transplanted is sometimes referred to as a transplant.

Freeze Damage

The difference between frost damage and freeze damage is that frost damage in plants results from the liquid inside individual cells freezing and forming ice crystals. Freeze damage to tender plants may occur much sooner. The softest tissues like leaves and tender new shoots are hurt first.

Wind Damage

During intense or severe wind storms, full tree canopies can act as a sail in the wind. When wind speeds are excessive, storms can cause entire trees to uproot. This is more likely to occur when soils are wet, and the tree's roots are unable to anchor themselves in the ground securely. Fortunately, many uprooted trees can be saved as long as the majority of their roots are intact, and the "patient" can be accessed.

Heat Stress and Stressful Events

Many of the indications that your tree is suffering from heat stress, such as leaves that appear scorched or dead, could be mistaken for signs of disease. 

The most common sign you will notice when a tree is stressed is the fact that the leaves it is growing are smaller than average, the trunk of your tree is damaged, or the canopy of the tree is smaller. Use Supercharged Moon Juice for stressed or yellowing trees and plants in your yard.

How to Apply Moon Juice

You will need a hose, measuring cup, and a 5-gallon bucket. For maximum effectiveness, apply the recommended dosages and watering levels. Five tablespoons for every gallon of water. (Example: for a 3-gallon treatment on a shade tree, you would need 15 teaspoons or just under one cup of Moon Juice). 

Then saturate the entire root area with the mixture. Note that with all fertilizers and nutrients, be sure to water the area immediately after application thoroughly. After that, consult the bottle for regular, recommended monthly applications.

Shrubs/Vines= 4 tbsp/1 gal. (max 2Gal)

Trees/Palms= 5tbsp/ 1gal. (max 5Gal)

Bedding Plants= 3tbsp/1gal. (max 1gal/ sq. yard)

Potted Plants=3tbsp/ 1gal. (Saturate until medium-wet.)

Super Charged Moon Juice was created specifically for the tough soils of the western united states. This product is not only straightforward to use, but the benefits of Super Charged Moon Juice can have in your landscape are simply wonderful. Now you too can grow like a professional. Super Charged Moon Juice is available at all Moon Valley Nursery locations!

Thousands of customers swear by the benefits of our custom blended Super Charged Moon Juice, and nearly everyone who uses this product seems destined to be a user for life! 


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