Superior Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees

Superior Fast-Growing Evergreen Trees

By Arica Harrison on July, 20 2018

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Arica Harrison

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Summer is here in full force and we’re all looking for some relief from the sun. Shade is a hot commodity when playing outside this time of year. In SoCal, most of us have our AC on which is causing our utility bill to soar. Moon Valley Nurseries has a solution; plant some evergreen trees! Evergreen trees provide year-round interest to our yards and create much needed shade. And, by planting evergreen trees strategically around your home, you can naturally cool your home and cut down the cost of your utilities. Add value to your home, be comfortable, and save some money, that’s pretty great. What’s even better is that at Moon Valley Nurseries we have evergreen varieties that grow quickly, meaning more benefits sooner.

Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom grow the best trees that thrive in our environment, grown at our local farms; and, we have been doing this for the past 20 years.  We value engineer our trees so that we have superior trees – bigger trees in smaller boxes, saving you money! Any of our nursery pros can assist you on finding the best evergreen for your needs and your landscape, whether it is for shade, design, or privacy. The heat is soaring and the sun shining, why not plant a tree that will help cool your home naturally and cut down on utilities? Fast-growing evergreens are the ideal choice for any landscape and yard; giving you all the benefits without the long wait. Below are our favorite fast-growing evergreens.


 Ficus (Ficus rubiginosa) – Can’t go wrong with this fast-growing tree! This Ficus can tolerate salt spray which makes it great for beach homes; not a surprise that this is a common tree found throughout SoCal! It thrives in full sun exposure, but can grow in partial shade, and is drought tolerant. This stunning tree has a dense growth habit that provides generous amounts of shade that can naturally cool a home when planted strategically – just ask one of our nursery pros for help! We like to plant them in rows to create a natural privacy wall and block unwanted views. The Ficus adds beautiful contrast to any landscape with its lush, glossy green foliage and thick gray trunk. Moon Valley Nurseries offers both the single and multi-trunk varieties.




Oleander Tree (Nerium oleander) – Tolerates salt spray, making this the tree ideal for beach homes! Oleander trees provide vibrant color to any landscape. This tree brings year-round interest with its dark green, leathery, semi-glossy leaves. The fragrant flowers, which attract butterflies, range from colors of white, red, and pink which appear in late spring into fall. Depending on how you prune the Oleander, this evergreen can be a hedge or a tree. Oleander trees are low maintenance and require little to no water once established. They thrive in full sun but can grow in partial shade. The Oleander tree is extremely drought tolerant and is a great addition to any yard or landscape.



ficus column

Indian Laurels (Ficus nitida ‘Columns’) – This column variety of the Ficus grows into a medium to large tree that adds instant privacy. Indian Laurels are both heat and drought tolerant, and it tends to grow faster once the heat hits – a perfect summer tree! This water-wise tree can be pruned into any shape and looks great planted in rows along driveways or property borders. So, let them grow tall and bushy or keep them smaller and narrow, giving you the exact look you want. The dense green foliage creates much needed shade during our hot summer months.





California Pepper (Schinus molle) – This vibrant evergreen is sure to give any landscape year-round beauty. Available in both single or multi-trunk, California Pepper trees require little water, once established you may never have to water this tree again. The bright green, fern-like leaves and the bright red berries along with the weeping shape of the tree creates a picturesque scene in any landscape. Its uniquely gnarled, thick trunk is the perfect spot for carving initials. California Pepper trees have an upright and broad canopy growth that provides shade during those hot summer days. It is a perfect choice for SoCal homes due to its love of heat and its drought tolerance.



We Can Help!

Not sure how to get started? No worries, we can help! Our nursery pros can help you select the perfect trees and give a free in-nursery design consultation to determine the perfect placement for those trees. Want to make sure your new trees grow to their full potential?  We can help with that, too! Moon Valley Nurseries has developed custom fertilizers for our local SoCal environment, like our amazing Moon Juice and Moon Dust. Just ask any of our nursery pros at your local Moon Valley Nurseries location for help!


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