February Landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 2/1/19 8:00 AM

The Month of Love….ing to Work on Your Yard

It is officially February, and if you have lived in Southern California long enough you should be familiar with the fact that spring is actually right around the corner. The last month brought us some cold temperatures, even a few freezing nights, but the days are getting warmer as the sun stays out a bit longer each day.

There is no better time than now to start getting your landscape ready for spring. This is also the beginning of another great planting season for new additions to your yard. Taking care of your yard now with weeding, pruning, and fertilizing will ensure a healthy and full landscape for the rest of the year. Our nursery experts have shared a few tips, tasks, and ideas for your landscape this month. Continue reading below…


With grass and plants starting to come back to life after a few cold months, it also means that weeds are going to start popping up. The sooner you can handle any weed infestation, the better. As weeds grow, they drop more seeds that will turn into their own weeds within days. We recommend taking care of them before they are even an issue. Using pre-emergent now will keep your yard free of weeds.  Keeping weeds from showing up is important so that you aren’t spending the next few months pulling weeds while the temperatures soar into triple digits!

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With everything in the landscape about to enter back into growing season, this is the right time to give those trees, shrubs, palms, and other plants a boost with an all-purpose fertilizer from Moon Valley Nurseries, like our SUPERCHARGED Moon Juice.

Our fertilizers are formulated to promote vigorous growth and can help your landscape recover from any stresses that may have occurred over the winter season. You can purchase our Moon Juice and other fertilizer products, such as our Landscape Soil Conditioner and Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer at all Moon Valley Nurseries locations.

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We recommend using our custom blended fertilizers for your landscape needs as they are specifically formatted for California soil and weather conditions.


As the temperature starts to slowly get higher, it is important to monitor your landscape for proper water usage. In the winter, cooler temperatures and less sunlight allow the soil to stay moist for a longer period of time, so watering schedules could be stretched out by a few days. Now that the sun is out longer, your soil may dry out faster, which means you will need to update your watering schedule.

Click below for a more detailed water guide:

Moon Valley Watering Guide 

Good Rule of Thumb: Check the soil up 3 inches deep. If it is dry, then it is time to water.


Luckily, we live in an area where it is planting season all year, depending on what you indent to plant! Winter is often a slower time of year for landscapes as most things go dormant. Over this time, many homeowners start to think about how to improve their yard.

Those landscape plans you have been saving for the spring can finally become a reality. Planting just before spring season is ideal because it will give your trees and shrubs plenty of time to establish their root system before the spring and summer months!


What to Plant before Spring Arrives

Ficus Columns AZ tree of week 31 ficus column  (8)

Indian Laurel Columns are an excellent choice for creating a living wall no matter the reason. Need privacy or shade? Look no further. The Ficus Columns have dense evergreen foliage that works well for blocking unwanted sights and sounds as well keeping your yard and home cooler, thanks to these fast-growing trees. They are easy to prune, so you can keep them on the smaller side for topiary purposes or tall and majestic – whichever fits your style and landscape needs. Grown to thrive in desert environments, the drought-tolerant Ficus Nitida Columns are sure to add greenery to our Southern California landscapes and get attention from your neighbors.

Queen PalmPiru Queen 3-1

Specially grown at our California tree farms, the Piru Queen Palm is unlike other Queen Palms around. Our Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and hardier trunks, denser and greener fronds, and produce fuller crowns. Our Queen Palms can handle hot summers, cold winters, and windy days. The palm is supported by a thick trunk which makes it ideal in tight spaces around your pool or planted in rows or groupings, but it does require overhead space as the palm grows to statuesque heights.




This drought-tolerant evergreen tree is perfectly suited for a Mediterranean and Southwest landscape style. We like to make this Fruitless Olive tree a focal point in a landscape by installing night lighting in and around the tree base to show off its interesting gray multi-trunk structure. The foliage is a stunning gray/green with silver coloring. Fruitless Olive trees thrive with full sun exposure and are able to tolerate poor, stony, and shallow soils. With very little water requirements once established, this hardy evergreen can grow with a wide spreading canopy, making this a great tree for use as a shade tree for a backyard entertaining area or naturally cooling a home.


Strawberry Treestrawberry tree

This Strawberry Tree is an excellent option for an eclectic addition to your landscape that will bring year-round interest to your garden. Homeowners in Southern California will appreciate its drought-tolerant features. In fact, the evergreen Strawberry tree thrives in the Southern California sunshine and needs little water once established. This medium-sized tree produces rosy pink flowers in the fall that will only add to the beauty of this tree. This Strawberry tree fits well with a variety of landscape themes, including desert themes surrounded by cacti and agave. Some homeowners may even just want to make this tree a striking focal point in a colorful garden.


Magnolia TreeMagnolia-2

The Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ tree offers glossy green leaves and large and fragrant white blossoms that emerge from fall to winter that make this a standout tree in any landscape and fits most design styles. It can grow a wide-spreading canopy that provides plenty of shade so that you can relax outdoors in comfort. It does best with full sun exposure and has a slow-growth rate. Because it is smaller than most other Magnolia varieties, it can fit in tighter areas and smaller landscapes without any issue. An ideal lawn tree or street tree!i



Moon Valley Difference

Moon Valley Nurseries is your one-stop shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience and they will be able to assist you with any projects or questions you may have regarding trees, shrubs, design, and more! Come by and check out the amazing trees and deals we have to offer our California community.

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