Landscaping Around Your Pool

Landscaping Around Your Pool

By Arica Harrison on August, 10 2018
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Arica Harrison

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We all know the importance of landscaping around our homes; it increases property value and brings a personal touch to each home. But what about landscaping around your pool? It is just as beneficial.  Not only does it add more property value, it can also cool down the water within a pool by shade provided by trees and palms. And who doesn’t want their own personal oasis?

Summer is the perfect time to update your pool area, even with the hot temperatures. By planting in the summer, your new landscape will be well established before the colder winter weather hits. Not everyone wants to go work out under the sweltering sun. Even in the summer, Moon Valley Nurseries has seasoned professional planting crews that will do all the work, from digging to installation. All you need to do is sit back and relax!

From Zen to Mediterranean, tropical to resort, or kid and pet friendly – we can do it. Our nursery pros can design any style landscape you want and help you select all the right palms, trees, and plants for that specific look. Moon Valley Nurseries custom-grows all our inventory from our own local grow farms, in order to ensure that your perfect palm, tree, or plant will thrive in California. So, why not create your own personal oasis and have yourself a stay-cation! Keep on reading to see what our pros suggest for landscaping around a pool.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are major staples throughout Southern California. They are the star in many landscapes and it’s not hard to see why. Palm trees have star qualities that we can all appreciate. Palms are very clean, there is very little to no litter. They also have small fibrous root systems, so the roots won’t crack concrete surrounding the pool. We love King Palms! This majestic palm has a multi-colored trunk (brown trunk growing into a lime-green crown shaft) with dark green fronds; this palm is destined to be a “wow” factor alongside any pool. Piru Queen Palms have the go-to tropical look! This durable evergreen palm has classic feathery, glossy, bright green palm fronds that provide much needed shade. Pygmy Date Palms are ideal for tight spaces or as a container palm. We love to use these to fill in under taller palms and trees. Mexican Fan Palms have large, fan-shaped, bright green fronds with shorter leafstalks that feature a red streak on the underside, adding to its character. Pineapple Palms, also called Canary Island Date Palms, are extremely durable and water-wise. They resemble a pineapple for the first decade of its growth – a fun addition to a tropical landscape.


Shade Trees

Shade is a hot commodity, especially for SoCal living. We all want to be able to enjoy the outdoors. By planting a shade tree or two around a pool, you can naturally cool down the water; making it even more refreshing! One of our absolute favorites is the Ficus rubiginosa, also called the Rusty Fig Tree, due to its versatility and ample amounts of shade created by the densely spreading canopy. The Ficus rubiginosa works well with any style and looks great with palms.  Evergreen Ash, or Shamel Ash, is a large, fast-growing shade tree that is easy to grow and maintain. It has classic, large-leaved, green foliage that when planted by a pool, will cool down the water. Shade trees are staples that are welcome in any landscape.


Picture-Perfect Additions

There is more to landscapes than just palms and trees. Adding color, texture, and variety is key to a complete look. Moon Valley Nurseries has everything you need. Birds of Paradise are great for pops of color around a pool. This large, tropical, ornamental plant produces eye-catching bright orange and blue flowers that add a tropical splash to any landscape. Add a few succulents to create a modern look! Succulents are great additions to poolside landscapes due to their low maintenance needs and low water use. They also are also clean plants. And, with varieties of colors and textures, what’s not to love? We carry a large selection of aloes, agaves, and so many more types of succulents – you need to see it to believe!


Want to see more? Visit your local Moon Valley Nurseries to see even more options for landscaping around your pool. Our Palm Paradise location is home to thousands of rare and exotic palms from all over the world.  Our nursery pros can help you select trees, palms, and plants and design your perfect poolside landscape. Let us help make your personal oasis dreams come true!

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