All-Season Planting With Moon Valley Nurseries

All-Season Planting With Moon Valley Nurseries

By Terra Penn on November, 7 2023
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Terra Penn

When it comes to choosing the perfect tree for your landscape, timing is everything... or so it used to be. The conventional wisdom advised against planting in certain seasons due to the stress it could place on the tree. However, thanks to Moon Valley Nurseries, the nation's largest box-tree grower, you can now plant your dream tree any time of the year. Yes, even in winter! In this blog, we'll explore the revolutionary approach of Moon Valley Nurseries in making year-round planting not just feasible but also extraordinarily successful.

Box-grown trees offer a plethora of advantages over their balled and burlapped counterparts, and the most significant of these is transplanting success. Box-grown trees have a much higher rate of transplant survival. Why? Because the entire root ball remains intact during the planting process, which reduces the risk of transplant shock. In contrast, balled and burlapped trees have their roots disturbed and are more susceptible to stress and even death after being transplanted. 

leyland cypress hedges at moon valley nurseries

At Moon Valley Nurseries, our box-grown trees are nurtured in the very regions where they will eventually be planted. By growing our trees locally, we ensure that they are well-acclimated to the local environment before they are planted into your yard. This enhances the tree's resilience and adaptability, making it better equipped to thrive in its new home, whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter.

The benefits of planting in cooler months are numerous. Firstly, the tree undergoes less stress compared to hotter summer months. It can focus its energy on root development, thereby solidifying its foundation for the forthcoming growing season. And with Moon Valley Nurseries’ regionally adapted, box-grown trees, you have the added advantage of knowing your tree is already acclimated to local winter conditions.

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While some may advise against winter planting, our specialized box-grown trees defy this traditional wisdom. In fact, trees planted in cooler months can be well-established by the time warmer weather rolls around, giving them a significant head start. As for spring, it’s not the only great season for planting anymore—our expertise ensures that planting success is not confined to any particular time of year.

Moon Valley Nurseries prides itself on having the highest transplanting success rate in the industry. Our comprehensive approach, from growing to transplanting, is meticulously designed to ensure the health and longevity of your tree. Our team of experts is involved in every step of the process, ensuring quality control that is second to none.


Moon Valley Nurseries has revolutionized the way we think about planting trees. Thanks to our expertise in box-grown trees, you can now plant the tree of your dreams any time of the year, with an unparalleled success rate. Our trees are not just hardy and beautiful; they are also grown with the local environment in mind, ensuring that they are perfectly suited to their new homes from the moment they are planted. Make your landscape dreams a reality today with Moon Valley Nurseries, your year-round solution for a greener, more beautiful world.

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