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Landscape Tips Spring Tips Tree Highlights

April Landscape & Garden Tips For Spring 2024
By Terra Penn on April 17, 2024

Spring has arrived! The fruit and citrus blossoms are filling the air with their incredible fragrance, flowering trees and plants are exploding with coats of color, and trees that enjoyed...

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Landscape Tips Citrus and Fruit Tree Highlights Orange Tree

5 Tasty Cocktail Drink Recipes Using Fresh Fruit & Citrus
By Terra Penn on March 25, 2024

Indulge in a journey through the vibrant world of cocktails, where the freshness of Moon Valley Nurseries' fruits and citrus takes center stage. With a variety of flavors harvested straight...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers Tree Highlights

March Landscape & Garden Tips 2024 - Nevada
By Moon Valley Nurseries on March 1, 2024

With March upon us and warmer days ahead, now is the prime time of year to ensure your trees and plants are set up to thrive, as everything in your landscape wants to burst into growth and...

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Landscape Tips Fertilizers Tree Highlights

March Landscape & Garden Tips for Nevada
By Moon Valley Nurseries on February 14, 2023

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Winter Tips Landscape Tips Tree Highlights

December Landscape and Garden Tips for Nevada in 2022
By Jessica Downs on December 1, 2022

December Tips from Our Nursery Professionals The winter season has arrived, and that means it’s time to change up how we care for the trees and shrubs in our landscapes. We always say how...

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Landscape Tips Fall Tips Tree Highlights

Nevada Fall Landscape & Garden Guide for 2022
By Luke Kalawsky on September 7, 2022

Fall is here! Temperatures are lower, the holidays are around the corner, leaves are beginning to turn bright colors, and right now is the best season to plant! The combination of cooler...

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Landscape Tips Design Tips Tree Highlights

How to Pick The Right Trees for Your Yard or Landscape Project
By Alyssa Schafer on July 6, 2022

Decisions, Decisions... In life, we are met with many decisions. From the big questions like which neighborhood you should buy your next home in and whether or not you should pursue this...

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Landscape Tips Tree Maintenance Tree Highlights

How to Trim Palm Trees in Las Vegas
By Damian Russell on June 22, 2022

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape in Las Vegas. Whether they are used to create a lush oasis around a backyard pool, a tropical resort entryway, or simply to augment the...

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Landscape Tips Citrus and Fruit Tree Highlights

Moon Valley Nurseries' Memorial Day Marinades
By Damian Russell on May 25, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend is here and before we break out the grill we would like to take a moment to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.Many of us will be enjoying...

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Landscape Tips Summer Tips Tree Highlights

June Landscape & Garden Tips for 2023
By Luke Kalawsky on May 25, 2022

As spring begins to transition to summer, your trees and plants shift from one growing season to the next. Summer is an opportunity to allow your landscape to form hearty new foliage,...

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