5 Evergreen Trees for Front Yard Privacy in Nevada

5 Evergreen Trees for Front Yard Privacy in Nevada

By Jessica Downs on October, 17 2019
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Benefits of Planting Evergreen Trees in Your Front Yard

  • Add instant curb appeal to your home and neighborhood.
  • Blocks viewpoints from neighbors or street traffic and unwanted views.
  • Increase the value of your home tremendously.
  • Creates a natural sound barrier – ideal for properties near busy streets.
  • Enhances the architectural design of your landscape.
  • Adds shade to your yard and can help cool down your home during the summer.

You can sense it when it feels like you’re on display in your personal outdoor space. It’s a feeling that can make it a little harder to relax and enjoy your front yard. With the right evergreens, you can create a personal fortress that feels peaceful, and most of all, private.

Planting for privacy is a breeze with evergreen trees. Using trees to create privacy in your front yard means that you get to add color, texture, form, or anything else you can envision! We carry a wide selection of evergreens that can create any aesthetic for your landscape design and provide you and your family with plenty of peaceful solitude.

Yes, you could install an expensive fence or build a wall made from brick, stone, or some other solid material. The thing is, those tall fences and walls can make us feel confined in our space. Not to mention that there could be local laws or HOA restrictions based on height, placement, and style. Over time, those fences start to show wear and tear that can be expensive to fix or replace.

Five Best Evergreens for Las Vegas Yards

Evergreen trees hold onto their leaves all year long, so their foliage can add wall-to-wall privacy year-round. As they mature, evergreens create a consistent look that makes them an ideal privacy screen.

They do much more than just create a private yard. Evergreen trees also help absorb ambient noise. Privacy never looked so good! Here are five evergreen trees for front yards in Nevada – all available at your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location.



southern live oak-3

Live Oak

Live Oak, also known as Southern Live Oak, is one of many beautiful evergreen trees to consider for privacy. These are long-lived trees that grow at a moderate rate. They produce dense, gray/green foliage that will block unwanted views, especially from larger homes nearby.

Besides creating privacy, these evergreens feature a wide-spreading canopy that will provide lots of shade for your yard and home. Live Oak trees are also noted for being very drought-tolerant once established, and for the minimal care required to keep their good looks intact all year.

Fruitless Olive

Fruitless Olive

Fruitless Olive trees can help bring the appearance of Tuscany to yards in Las Vegas and add privacy with a unique look. These are aesthetically pleasing evergreen trees that are sure to enhance any front yard.

Fruitless Olive trees have an impressive multi-trunk structure that can be enhanced with nighttime lighting for a dramatic effect. We sell certified fruitless strains that are also guaranteed to be disease-free. These trees thrive in the desert sun and grow with a wide-spreading canopy so they can provide some added shade to your yard as well.

Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel

The Bay Laurel tree thrives in the heat and is drought-tolerant, once established, making it perfect for the Las Vegas desert. The foliage is dark green and, when left to grow in its natural form, can create a beautiful privacy screen. This moderate-growing evergreen is commonly used in landscapes as a shrub or hedge, though it looks fantastic in tree form too.

This versatility makes the Bay Laurel easy to add to your landscape designs, as it can fit anywhere and in any form. This aromatic tree also features fragrant bay leaves, which are typically dried and used to add a distinctive flavor to soups, stews, and a wide range of culinary delights.


Japanese Blueberry

Japanese Blueberry trees do more than add greenery to your landscape. The Japanese Blueberry has a dense growth habit with multiple upright growing branches and lush evergreen foliage. This low-maintenance tree is tolerant to heat and thrives in Southern Nevada.

To get the most privacy out of the Japanese Blueberry, line them up along a fence line, and their evergreen foliage will block out unwanted views and prohibit neighbors from peeking over the fence. Plant this beautiful evergreen tree into your landscape and add a splash of greenery to our arid region.


Southern Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia is a favorite in the Southwest when it comes to large evergreen trees. Their dense growth habit is what helps make it one of the best options to create a private front yard for your family. It features attractive, dark green leaves and blooms large, pleasingly aromatic, creamy-white flowers. These beautiful flowers appear throughout the summer and last into fall.

Besides being able to create privacy and fill the air with a pleasant fragrance, Magnolia trees are an excellent shade tree that can help lower your utility bills, when planted in proper locations.

Come Home to a Private and Beautiful New Yard

Schedule a FREE in-store consultation here and add curb appeal today!

Speak with our nursery pros today and allow us to help you select the perfect evergreens that will give you the privacy you need. Plant evergreen trees for privacy and spend more quality time in your yard. Not only will you gain privacy, but you will also add so much more shade to the area and have another reason to spend more time in your front yard!

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