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Tips on Growing Beautiful Succulent Gardens

People love succulents. What’s not to love! They’re drought tolerant, are easy to grow, and they can create a colorful yard in no time at all. We can ...

landscape tips, gardening

Create Privacy with these 5 Hedges of Spring

These five hedges of spring can help make your yard private! It’s spring, and we want to enjoy our yards before it gets too hot outside. Creating a pr...

landscape tips, gardening

Plants that Repel Unwanted Bugs

Copyright: atoss / 123RF Stock Photo The days are getting longer, and the weather is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors in Las Vegas. Spring is t...

landscape tips, gardening

5 Essential Spring Trees for Nevada Yards and Homes

Spring is the best time to start planting beautiful trees. During this time of the year, the weather heats up, we have longer days, and the trees of s...

landscape tips, gardening

Nevada Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips (April)

April is here, and spring is in full bloom! Time to celebrate, and it is also time for our monthly landscape and garden tips! Right now, in the Las Ve...