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Homegrown Fruit and Citrus Trees


Way before Moon Valley Nurseries opened in 1995, our owner and his grandfather developed custom root stock guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fru...


Hedges that Offer Your Home Privacy and More!

Hedges are always a great addition to your home and landscape for many reasons!

Monthly Tips, Planting

Monthly Landscape Tips and Tricks for June

June is such a critical month when it comes to proper care of our landscapes. The weather is changing as we transition into summer and our yards might...

Spring, Planting

Best Trees to check out in our nursery this memorial day weekend

Moon Valley Trees are ready for Planting! This Memorial Day Weekend come and see which trees are looking gorgeous that would be perfect for your yard....

landscape tips

Get Outside with these 5 Late Spring Yard Projects

Homeowners know that owning a home means that there is always something to do! Sometimes those projects are not fun, like replacing gutters or upgradi...

Insider, Industry Expert

The Best Trees Exclusive to Moon Valley Nurseries

Twenty-Five Years Creating the Moon Valley Difference! There are many reasons that make Moon Valley Nurseries so much different than other nurseries i...

Monthly Tips, Spring

May Landscape Tips for Nevada

Prepare your yard for the hot summer ahead We are getting to the end of spring and the end of cool (cool-ish?) weather. While the summer is amazing fo...

Design, Summer

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Backyard for Entertaining

Every homeowner knows the importance of a healthy backyard. You take care of it, and it takes care of you. If you do not take care of it, weeds will g...

Tree Care

Happy Arbor Day 2019

Arbor Day is not just a day to think about trees and how amazing and important they are; it is about actually planting trees so that we can experience...

Happy Earth Day!

Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing trees for decades and we love knowing that we are making such a big difference in our communities because of al...