5 Tips for Caring for Palm Trees in Las Vegas

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/21/18 10:44 AM

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Palms are an integral part of the Las Vegas landscape. In the summer, palm trees and swimming pools are a match made in heaven. When you’re cruising the Las Vegas strip, you can’t help but notice the majestic palms lined up along the median. Palms are a welcoming sight in our arid environment no matter where we plant them!

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The Importance of Fertilizing Your Trees for Summer in Nevada

Posted by Arica Harrison on 6/14/18 10:35 AM

Need to prep your trees for the summer heat? Act now or it might be too late. We are all trying to adapt to the changing temperatures as summer hits, and we all know that Las Vegas gets HOT! Well, don’t forget about your trees. The time to fertilize is now. Help your trees prep and continue to grow during our hot summer by fertilizing. Not sure why you should? Keep reading our compiled notes on the importance of fertilizing your trees. 

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How to Xeriscape with Cacti and Agave in Nevada

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/13/18 1:14 PM

We can plant cacti and agave in our yard and live a green lifestyle without sacrificing beauty! Water is a limited resource where we live, so when we choose to have a xeric landscape, we can make the most out of every water drop. There is no doubt about it! Xeriscaping is an excellent way for us to have a luxurious and sustainable landscape in Nevada.

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Chinese Elm Trees Can Create Shade in Nevada!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/12/18 1:25 PM

The Chinese Elm is a favorite shade tree in the United States, especially in Nevada. Do we ever get used to the summertime heat? Some people do. The good news for those that never get used to the bright sun and heat is that you don’t have to spend all your time indoors. As comfortable as an air-conditioned room can be, we can get a little stir-crazy staying indoors all-day long. Trees can come to the rescue! Plant specimen trees and get ready to breathe some fresh air.

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The Best Palms for Creating Shade Around the Pool

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/8/18 12:01 AM

Summertime in Las Vegas is pool time! Palms are some of the best trees for pool landscaping. They can turn any pool area into a lush, backyard tropical retreat. Besides helping to create a backyard tropical oasis, palm trees can create shade so that you can enjoy your pool no matter how hot and sunny it gets outside.

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Landscape and Garden Tips for June in Las vegas

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/1/18 12:01 AM

It’s already June, and the summertime temps are here. This month is often the hottest, driest, and sunniest month of the year. Preparing for the heat and sun is essential. There is no need to gamble with your landscape. With the proper care, our yards in Las Vegas can take on and win the summer months with minimal stress.

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Summertime Landscape Preparedness

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 5/25/18 12:01 AM

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Are you ready for the summer? Is your landscape ready, too? It’s going to get hot, so we can do some things to prepare for the summer heat. Preparation means that we can have a beautiful yard throughout the hot summer season! Anyone that has experienced summertime in Vegas knows about our extreme temperatures. These extreme temperatures can be hard on desert plants.

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Top 5 reasons to plant shade trees now

Posted by Arica Harrison on 5/17/18 12:23 PM
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Grow Your Own Fruit at Home – 5 Top Reasons

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 5/17/18 12:15 PM

Reap the Rewards of Homegrown Fruit and Citrus

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Top trees to plant poolside

Posted by Arica Harrison on 5/11/18 7:56 AM

There’s nothing like jumping into the cool, refreshing water of our pools during the hot Las Vegas’ summer. But why stop the relaxing atmosphere at the pool? Adding trees around a pool can help create privacy, shade, and a personal getaway. When looking to add trees to a pool area, it is important to look for trees that have little cleanup, non-invasive roots, and fit the style you want. Below are a few of our top trees to plant poolside.

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