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24 Hours to Improving Your Landscape

Create a Plan Add New Plants into the Landscape Fertilize your Trees and Shrubs Add Color with Flowers and Shrubs Trim your Trees and Shrubs Mulch you...


Jump into the New Year with a New Yard

NEW YEAR, NEW YARD Starting a new year is exciting and comes with all the possibilities of what it can bring you, your family, your friends. It can ev...

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5 Tips for Your Next Landscape Project

Have you ever walked into a nursery and quickly became overwhelmed with everything you are seeing, the options in front of you, and questions being as...

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3 Things to do to Your Yard in 2020

Get a Head Start on Your New Yard in the New Year A new year brings so many new ideas, new plans, new goals, new everything! With the end of the year ...

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January Landscape and Garden Tips [Updated]

Best Tips for your Yard in January With the new year here, it’s time to start thinking about your yard. Should you add some new plants to the back? Or...

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Best Stone Fruit Trees to Plant Now [And Care Tips]

Get Planting Now for Some Delicious Fruit Right in Your Yard

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Top 5 Trees of Winter [Updated]

Get Ready for the New Year with a Custom Design We love planting trees all year long, no matter what time of the year it might be! It doesn't hurt tha...

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How to Create a Winter Ready Landscape

Design with the Best Winter Plants Planting season never stops thanks to the fantastic winter weather we have in our region, and this year is no diffe...

Christmas Trees

The Ultimate Las Vegas Christmas Tree Info Guide

Christmas is here, and Moon Valley Nurseries is ready! One of the many joys of this time of the year is getting to celebrate the Christmas holiday sea...

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Magnolias For Winter: A Fit for Every Yard

Plant These Magnolia Varieties in Any-size Yard Ready to add some classic beauty to your winter landscape? Magnolias can bring that look to your lands...