Landscape and Garden Tips for June in Las vegas

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 6/1/18 12:01 AM

museum-palo-verde-1_origIt’s already June, and the summertime temps are here. This month is often the hottest, driest, and sunniest month of the year. Preparing for the heat and sun is essential. There is no need to gamble with your landscape. With the proper care, our yards in Las Vegas can take on and win the summer months with minimal stress.

We asked our experts, and they helped us compile some tips and tricks so that we can ensure a healthy and full landscape through the summer and into fall!


Learn the Tips and Tricks that our Nursery Pros Use!

Watering: Water slowly and deeply, about 5 or 6-inches deep. Deep watering is beneficial because it allows the entire root system to become saturated. And, even though June is the driest month, we need to be sure not to overwater. Best time to water is between 4 am and 8 am. Watering in the early morning hours reduces evaporation loss.

MVN Watering Guide!

Mulch: We can keep the soil moist all summer long by applying mulch around the base of the tree. We can get the best results by applying a 3 to 4-inch layer. Applying mulch is an excellent way to keep the soil cool during the hot summer months and keep it warm during the colder days.

Lawn Care: Continue mowing your grass. During warmer weather, grass grows faster. Try to move the grass every 5 to 6 days, and do it when it is not so hot outside. June is the time to finish seeding Bermuda and warm-season grasses. Be sure to complete seeding by the end of June.

Protect the Trunks of Trees: Trees can get sunburnt. Unlike people, sunscreen will not help. We can protect the trunk of the tree with a protective tree wrap.

Fertilizing: Moon Valley Nurseries has developed fertilizers that can help trees and shrubs recover from any heat stress. Visit your nearest location and any of our nursery pros will be glad to assist you.

Weeds: Weeds keep growing, no matter how hot it gets. Stick to your weeding plan. Keep removing pesky weeds, and do it often. Stay safe and pull weeds before the temperatures soar.

Vegetable Garden: Start planting seeds for Armenian cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Muskmelon, and Sunflowers. We can also plant transplants, such as sweet potatoes. Be sure to water the transplants both before and after they are planted.

Pruning: Citrus and other sun-sensitive plants should not be pruned, as this can expose them to sunburn. You can remove faded or dead flowers from your plants. Doing this can encourage new growth. It’s a good time to remove any unwanted or vigorous branches from trees.

If you are looking for shade trees, buy specimen size trees so that you can enjoy the instant shade they provide. It’s hard to beat a dip in the pool to cool off in Las Vegas. Create a tropical paradise and enjoy splashing in a swimming pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees! A backyard tropical retreat can help you forget how hot it is beyond your backyard sanctuary.


Our Experts Recommend Planting these Trees this Month

Pink-Multi-Crape-Myrlte2-650x650Crape Myrtle: Plant these beautiful ornamental trees in your landscape and bring a splash of vibrant color to our arid environment. These beauties love the heat. They put on a show in the summer when the blooms appear. Lagerstroemia varieties can transform neighborhoods with colorful flowers that range from pink to red, and white to purple! The show keeps going all year long thanks to foliage that turns to a showy bright orange color in the fall. We can’t forget about the show-stopping bark, too! We sell mildew-resistant varieties that are sure to take your landscape to the next level. The best varieties for our area include Dynamite Red, Tuscarora, Natchez, Catawba, Muskogee, and Tuskegee.



desert_willow_planted_650x650Desert Willow: Plant these trees in groups and add a splash of mid-summer color. When in bloom, these trees can bloom fragrant, showy pink flowers! They are drought tolerant, and their well-branched habit forms thick growth, making them a useful privacy screen or tall hedge. Feel free to hang out outdoors, watching the hummingbirds at play because these little trees can provide summer shade, too.





Bottlebrush-3Bottlebrush: Plant a Bottlebrush tree in your landscape and take in the bright red flowers that add color to our arid environment. The flowers can have a pleasing lemony scent, too. The beautiful tropical-looking blooms appear in waves throughout the year. These trees love the heat, are cold hardy, and are an excellent choice for landscapes in Las Vegas. Plant them along a fence line to create a privacy screen that can block unwanted views in style!





tipu tree bloomsTipu: When the blazing sun is in full effect, you will love having a Tipu tree nearby. Tipuana tipu is a colorful flowering tree that may very well be one of the best shade trees you can find. They can provide ample shade, making them an excellent choice for a street tree or lawn tree. The feathery foliage is an attractive bright bluish-green color, and from late spring to early summer, you will love the unique show of golden blooms that cover the tree. Enjoy the summer weather outdoors, hanging out under a beautiful shade tree!




shumard_oak_Shumard Oak: This deciduous tree provides some welcome relief in the summer. It is a shade tree with a spreading canopy that can block sunlight! Families will be able to enjoy this tree for generations. This resilient tree features sturdy limbs, and they can thrive in nearly any soil condition. Yes, these are excellent trees for the summer, and in the fall the leathery, green leaves turn to a gorgeous red-orange and brown color. Buy a specimen size tree so that you can relax and sit under a beautiful Shumard Oak shade tree this summer.




Museum_Palo_Verde_W_Erin_650x650Museum Palo Verde: A favorite tree in Las Vegas landscapes is the Museum Palo Verde. It is easy to see why. This tree is a thornless hybrid featuring beautiful yellow-green foliage and green trunks that are sure to attract all the right attention. Vibrant colors are what this deciduous is all about. In spring, large yellow blossoms provide a dazzling display of color that may last well into summer if given supplemental water. Homeowners love that this tree produces very few seedpods, too. Take your front yard curb appeal to the next level by highlighting this beauty with nighttime landscape lighting! As a bonus, specimen size trees can create shade.



We Do the Work!

Enjoy your summer with a beautiful new yard! We make it easy! Allow Moon Valley Nurseries to do all the work – from design to delivery and installation! Our nursery pros will be glad to help you achieve your landscape goals. We have the perfect trees for the perfect spot in your yard for every season!

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