Protect Your Trees & Yard with Smart Holiday Lighting

Protect Your Trees & Yard with Smart Holiday Lighting

By Terra Penn on November, 19 2023
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Terra Penn

Holiday lights can add a magical touch to any landscape or outdoor space. The warm glow of lights can transform a garden into a winter wonderland and create a festive atmosphere. However, it is important to understand how holiday lights can impact your trees and shrubs, and how to take the necessary precautions when installing them.
One trusted nursery that has been providing extensive knowledge on this topic for over two decades is Moon Valley Nurseries. With our expertise in tree care and landscaping, we can guide homeowners and garden enthusiasts on how to best protect their beloved greenery during the holiday season.
Holiday lights, when improperly installed, can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs. The weight of the lights, especially if they are strung around branches, can put stress on the tree and potentially lead to broken branches. It is important to choose lights that are lightweight and to avoid placing them on weak or vulnerable branches. It is as equally important to not keep lights on for several years as a tree may grow around the wiring and cause trouble for the tree and homeowner.  
Another factor to consider when installing holiday lights on trees and shrubs is the risk of electrical damage. It is crucial to use outdoor-rated lights and extension cords that are designed to withstand the elements. Additionally, all electrical connections should be securely wrapped and protected from moisture to prevent any potential hazards. Often, holiday light connections are wrapped in electrical tape for additional protection from the elements.
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We always advise homeowners to inspect their trees and shrubs before hanging holiday lights. Look for any signs of disease or damage, such as weakened branches or cracks in the trunk. These issues should be addressed and resolved before working on and adding the lights to the tree.
When choosing holiday lights, it is important to opt for LED lights rather than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights are more energy-efficient and generate less heat, reducing the risk of damaging the tree. They also have a longer lifespan, which makes them a more sustainable and cost-effective choice. If you have ever had to replace holiday light lightbulbs, you would understand how important this decision is.  
In addition to protecting the trees and shrubs, it is essential to consider the overall aesthetics of the landscape when installing holiday lights. Moon Valley Nurseries recommends selecting lights that enhance the natural beauty of the trees and shrubs, rather than overpowering them. This can be achieved by using a warm color palette that complements the existing foliage and creating a balanced distribution of lights throughout the landscape.  White lights come in a variety of colors defined by their kelvin light scale, usually starting from 2000-6500k.  Lights that are around 2700k look more like sunlight and the higher the number the “whiter” the look.   
While holiday lights can add a festive touch to any landscape, it is crucial to consider the potential impact on your trees and shrubs. Following proper installation techniques and precautions, such as those in this blog, can help homeowners protect their landscape and enjoy a dazzling holiday display this winter. By choosing the right lights, inspecting the trees, and removing the lights in a timely manner, homeowners can ensure the health and longevity of their landscape throughout the holiday season and beyond! 
Still have questions about holidays lights on your trees? Give your local nursery a call and speak with a nursery expert!
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