Get Outside With These 5 Late Spring Yard Projects

Get Outside With These 5 Late Spring Yard Projects

By Jessica Downs on May, 17 2019
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Jessica Downs

Homeowners know that owning a home means that there is always something to do! Sometimes those projects are not fun, like replacing gutters or upgrading the washer and dryer, and sometimes they are, like upgrading your television sound system.

Just like the rest of the house, projects outside can range all over the “FUN ‘O’ METER”, but it doesn’t make any of them less important than the others.

We put together a list five projects for you to think about this time of year to increase your landscapes overall health, such as fertilizing and watering properly. We also have some awesome suggestions for how to upgrade parts of your yard, such as planting some of our favorite trees, adding privacy, and much more!

Our favorite part about all these project suggestions is that they all get you outside and running around! The weather is perfect for you to get some sun and fresh air while improving your yard.

Let’s start with one of our favorite things to do at Moon Valley Nurseries – Planting!

There is still plenty of time to plant Moon Valley trees

It is essential to take care of what you have in your existing yard, but it is also fun to start thinking about new trees that you can add to your existing yard. We love helping our customers figure out the best trees and plants that fit into their yard AND make it better. Right now, we have some favorites that we cannot stop talking about to our customers that come visit us.


The gorgeous Museum Palo Verde can produce a dazzling display of color thanks to their thornless green trunks and large yellow blossoms that appear in spring. Homeowners looking for a low maintenance and waterwise tree will love the Museum Palo Verde! (pictured above)

The Jacaranda tree is one of our best-selling flowering trees, and it is easy to see why. These colorful trees have outstanding features – exotic, trumpet-shaped purple blooms and soft-feathery, fern-like foliage. These are fast-growing trees that can provide filtered shade. We like to plant them near patios, courtyards, and decks. These are stunning specimen trees, whether we plant them in a waterwise yard or urban garden. They are also excellent street trees and front-yard flowering trees that can add instant curb appeal.

The Arizona Ash is a beautiful deciduous shade tree with attractive velvety, gray-green leaves that turn to a bright yellow color later in the year. They are cold-hardy and heat-resistant, so they look lush and full, even in adverse conditions. This seedless variety is an ideal tree with a spreading canopy that casts the right amount of shade.

Our Evergreen Ash tree is a favorite throughout Arizona, and the Southwest, where they are known for growing a large canopy that can cast a considerable amount of shade. They have a fast growth rate, so you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the benefits of a mature Evergreen Ash.

Add some privacy to your home

We all want to be able to fully enjoy our homes, and that includes our yards! One way to transform your yard and create privacy between you and your neighbors is to block unwanted views with trees and hedges.

ficus columns-2

You can build a fence or make your existing fence taller, but none of those ideas sound as fun, or pretty, as building a “living wall”! One of our favorite ways to create privacy for our customers is planting a row of Ficus Nitida Columns.

Ficus Nitida Columns look their best when planted close together to create an instant privacy screen. You can see these low-maintenance trees lined up in yards throughout the Southwest. They not only act as a living privacy fence, but they also create vast amounts of shade and can work as a windbreak to protect from those high blowing winds.

Do a quick check-up on your yard

Continue to fertilize your landscape

To keep your yard as healthy as it can be, you should focus on important things such as fertilizing and proper water irrigation. These areas are the foundation to your healthy yard, so we want to make sure you know the benefits of our top products.

Right now, Moon Valley Nurseries is currently offering a deal on ALL fertilizer products. Find out how much you can save on the products that are best for your yard below. 

4 for $119 Fertilizer Coupon


Supercharged Moon Juice

Supercharged Moon Juice increases nutrient uptake, promotes new growth, helps improve fertilizer efficiency, and enhances the ability to ward off disease for your plants and trees. Supercharged Moon Juice also contains the three most essential micro-nutrients required by nearly every tree and plant - Iron, Manganese, and Zinc.

Moon Dust

Moon Dust provides vital nutrients to your plants like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These are essential elements in the perfect horticultural ratio that will benefit all the trees and plants in your landscape.

Moon Royale

Moon Royale has a super concentrated formula that lasts long, and we like to use it for greening up all types of lawns quickly. Easily apply this turf fertilizer to your lawn using either a drop or broadcast type fertilizer spreader. For best results, apply every four to six weeks!

Check your watering system

This is a piece of advice that should always be mentioned! The transition between early spring and into the summer happens during a wide temperature range, so it is important to check your irrigation system.

Make sure that your automatic sprinklers are working without issue. If you see any problems, such as a broken sprinkler head, fix them now before they become a headache!

Also, be sure to keep adjusting your water schedule, so your plants and lawn continue getting the right amount of water. Going into the summer, it’s good to get into a routine of checking your landscape weekly to see if adjustments are needed.

Now for the fun projects to upgrade your home!

Add a tropical twist to your backyard

Everyone enjoys a nice refreshing dip in the pool during our Arizona summers. And we can help make that pool area even more enjoyable! By adding trees around a swimming pool, you can create much-needed shade, privacy, and a beautiful view. 

We usually recommend planting palms near pools to create an instant tropical backyard. Our nursery pros also love planting a mixture of different palms to add height, depth, and texture – all in one space!

piru queen

Our Moon Valley Exclusive tree, the Piru Queen Palm, is one of our favorite palms that we grow ourselves IN Arizona. Our Queen Palm variety has a thicker crown, greener fronds, and a thicker trunk than older varieties of Queen Palms found in other nurseries. (pictured above)

The Pygmy Date Palm is a dwarf palm that grows in single and multi-trunk varieties. This palm is ideal for smaller areas and tight spaces. We often plant these under taller palms, such as the Queen Palm trees, to fill out empty space or to add more greenery to a bland area. 

Update your front yard with new pottery and plants

The front yard can sometimes be overlooked by homeowners when they consider adding small upgrades to their home. Since you are probably spending more time in the privacy and tranquility of your backyard, you might not be paying enough attention to the front of your home. After all, your front yard is the first impression.

The front yard is an integral part of your home that would benefit from some type of focal point such as an ornamental tree or large flowering bushes.

Our nursery professionals especially love seeing eye-catching plant material in front yards, especially when they are planted in eye-catching pottery or containers. Some of our favorite designs often incorporate plants and trees planted in pottery of every size!

Potted plants and small trees can be used as a unique way to create a barrier around your yard or to create a dramatic entrance into your home as they line up your driveway or entryway.


One of our favorite plants to plant in pots and containers are our oleanders. The intense color of the oleander bush will stay in bloom from spring through fall, which means the flowering show has just begun!

Learn more about our pottery and current deals here.





Not only do we have the best trees on Earth, we can deliver them to your home and plant them for you too. We offer every service that you might need when designing a new yard or redesigning an existing landscape, whether its two trees or 200, Moon Valley Nurseries has you covered!

Make sure to ask us about free planting when you stop by your nearest location.

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