Fall Trees for Fall Planting

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/8/2019


Fall Planting in Arizona

Where has the time gone? Just like that, the temperatures are dropping quickly, and the year is almost over. School is in full swing, Sundays are all about football, and we can go hiking and explore our beautiful surroundings again!

When you imagine fall colors, do you think of beautiful east coast towns covered in gorgeous fall colors all over the landscape? Well our fall is here too, which means you can have the picturesque fall color in your yard instantly this season too!  

Benefits of Arizona Fall Planting

When it comes to successful fall planting, you need two things – a great region like Arizona and Moon Valley Nurseries.

Moon Valley Nurseries custom grows every tree to adjust to our Southwestern regions through every season. We acclimate them by growing them right here in the Southwest! We are also continually improving all our trees with stronger specimens as often as we can to create stronger trees every growing period.

Arizona is one of the best places to live when it comes to adding more trees and building up your existing landscape or designing a completely new yard. It is one of the best places because planting can be done all year long. When it comes to fall planting, it can be done for longer periods in the Southwest compared to anywhere else in the country due to our amazing climate!

So, if you're looking to add that fall season feel to your yard today, be sure to consider one of these five trees below! Not only do they make the best backdrop for fall, but they will also look great all spring and provide plenty of shade through the summer.

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Five Trees to Plant in Fall

HGE Arizona Ash

Arizona Ash

The Arizona Ash tree is one of the best-suited trees for the Southwest region. It is grown to handle all extreme temperature changes. In the fall, this deciduous tree's foliage turns into a vibrant golden color. The Arizona Ash is seedless and only requires one cleanup once the leaves drop.

The tree grows its leaves back quickly in the spring, which provides maximum shade in the summer months. Its canopy of shade covers a large amount of territory, and its flowers form in small clusters in the spring.

raywood ash

Raywood Ash

The Raywood Ash is a popular tree for landscapes across the Southwest. This Ash tree is known for its breathtaking display of vibrant red to deep burgundy foliage in the fall that gives any landscape a unique touch for the season. Its leaves drop off quickly after the fall season, allowing for an easy one-time cleanup.

During the warmer months, the Raywood Ash is an ideal shade tree that grows more upright than it does wide. Its dark green foliage provides a sharp contrast to any landscape and looks great as a stand-alone or specimen shade tree.

chinese pistache

Chinese Pistache

A fast-growing tree that provides piercing beauty to any landscape, the Chinese Pistache is known for its bright red and orange leaves in the fall. This color show makes it a reliable favorite for fall color every year.  The tree produces a towering canopy of shade while displaying showy and attractive dark green leaves during the summer.

The Chinese Pistache is drought and cold-tolerant and can grow in full sun. Due to the Chinese Pistache's size, the tree is ideal when planted in an area where shade is needed.

Flowering Pear

Flowering Pear

Known and desired for its fiery-red fall color, the Flowering Pear is an ornamental tree that performs well in many landscape applications. This tree is a moderate-to-fast grower that only needs low-to-moderate watering once established. The Flowering Pear can be left alone or pruned in any specific shape or size you need for your yard.

From late winter or early spring, the Flowering Pear produces deep green foliage with snow-white flower coverage that gives the tree incredible depth for long periods. This tree will keep your landscape lively through each season!

purple plum in green yard 571x

Purple Leaf Plum

If you want to turn heads on your landscape, the Purple Leaf Plum is an excellent pick. This deciduous tree features magnificent deep-purple foliage and breathtaking blooms of puffy pink flowers in early spring.

Though it can be planted alone, this cold and heat-tolerant tree really stands out in accent locations and against green backdrops. This lets its purple foliage really stand out in your landscape.

The Purple Leaf Plum produces no fruit and practically no litter, which makes it an effortless ornamental tree too! This tree is an excellent addition to any space where intense color is desired.

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Add Instant Fall Color with these Fall Favorites

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/10/2019
Add Instant Fall Color with these Fall Favorites

Bedding Plants to Bring your Garden to Life

There are many advantages to living in Phoenix during the fall and winter seasons. The obvious and number one reason why is the gorgeous weather we get this time of year. While most of the country is starting to get cold and people are staying indoors, we’re enjoying our weekends outside.

Another advantage of living in Phoenix and one that is often overlooked is the fall color around us. Deciduous trees are dropping their leaves and showing us that the seasons are actually changing in Phoenix.  Unlike most other parts of the country, our gardens and landscapes are coming back to life with a wide range of blooming flowers and new foliage that produce striking colors all fall season.

If you are looking to add more color to your yard, check out our bedding plants, herbs, and annuals. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite plants that are ready for fall planting!



The Geranium thrives in the winter months through spring, producing white, pink, red, or purple flowers in dense clusters on long stalks. The Geranium is exceptionally tolerant of all soils and looks fantastic in bedding areas and pots where instant color is needed. The Geranium grows in full to partial sun.

Fight off Mosquitos

If you have mosquitos taking over your property, Geraniums can help you enjoy your yard again by repelling them away! It has even become a popular ingredient to natural over-the-counter medicines to repel insects.



Petunias will bring long-lasting color to your landscape and add a lovely fragrance to the air. These plants can flower from fall to very late spring when temperatures start to rise again. You can find Petunias with blooms of white, purple, pink, and red flowers. They can grow in full to partial sun, so you can plant them anywhere you need a pop of color.



Cyclamen is a small plant that doesn’t get taller than a foot but produces plenty of colors. In the fall and winter, Cyclamen bloom in shades of pink, white, and red. The small sweet-smelling flowers grow upright on long stems. They like full to partial sun exposure to optimize their blooming season.



Daisies are a must-have for your yard when you want to add fun color and a classic look. Daisies spread out a bit as they grow, covering more areas with their yellow centers and bright white petals. You can plant these low-maintenance Daisies in full sun to partial shade.



If you’re looking for an overwhelming display of annual color, the Snapdragon is the perfect flower for your landscape. Snapdragons thrive in temperatures below 80 degrees with flowers ranging in colors from white, yellow, orange, salmon, pink, red, and burgundy. The flowers grow on stalks in lobes that are divided into upper and lower 'jaws'. Snapdragons perform well in full to partial sun and require regular water.



Known for its large "pom-pom" like flowers, the Marigold is an ideal fall annual for the our region. The Marigold grows best in full sun and it's flower's grow on stems in tight vivid colors from yellow to orange. Able to handle various soil conditions, the Marigold can greatly increase its bloom and blooming times by removing spent flowers.



Very easy to grow, the "sweet" Alyssum produces small flowers in tight clusters of white, purple. pink and light blue. The Alyssum can tolerate various soil conditions and only requires light watering. It can grow in a flower bed, pot, or even hanging basket. For best results, plant the Alyssum in full sun.  

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Why fall is the best time to plant

Posted by Kyle Shipp on 9/23/2019

Fall Planting is Here!


As the rest of the country gets ready for a long cold winter, we get to start enjoying some of our most beautiful, mildest weather of the year. Now that summer is fading into the background weather conditions become ideal for trees and plants to establish their new roots and gather sunlight to create optimum growth. Since the long summer has just ended and our soil doesn’t freeze through, planting trees now gives them the absolute maximum amount of time to get growing and establish a strong root system before the next summer arrives!

Nearly all varieties of trees and palms grow quite a bit during the fall and winter season. Not only is it a great time to plant, but by doing so, you will be ahead of the game once spring comes. Even for fruit trees, planting in the fall practically ensures a better first crop next spring, since the trees will be established by then and can focus energy on production, instead of recovering from being planted. Since the fall season is a big growing season for us, it is also a crucial time to fertilize all trees and palms. Our custom Moon Valley Nurseries brand fertilizers and nutrients are designed for our local growing conditions and engineered to be applied all year round. Get in as soon as you can and talk with one of our nursery experts to select the best trees, palms, plants, fertilizers and more for this fall season!

raywood-3All Ash Varieties

The wide variety of Ash trees that is available and thrive here are all best planted during the fall season. Whether you seek shade, privacy, or even fall color, there’s an ash tree for you!Check with your Moon Valley nursery pro to see which ash you should be planting now.

Tipu tree

tipu-6For sheer speed and amazing shade, the Tipu delivers both along with an amazing show of golden flowers in fall season. If you want to maximize all of these attributes during the first year of growth, make sure to plant in the





Chinese “Red Push” Pistache

This tree is perfect for fall planting because it gives a brilliant, red fall foliage display while making its curtain call for the year. By planting in the fall, you get this show in your yard plus the tree gets established and ready to erupt with new growth in the spring!




Citrus and Fruit

When planted in fall, all fruit and citrus benefit from utilizing the fall season to go through a transplant and get their bearings so that all of their strength is dedicated to fruit production come springtime.





Chinese Tru Green Elm

Elms are one of the best and fastest growing shade trees we enjoy in our area. To get the widest, densest shade as soon as possible, plant larger specimen trees but definitely plant during the fall.

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Planning a New Landscape This Fall?

Posted by Jessica Downs on 8/30/2019

Arizona Weather in the Fall


The fall season is the prime time to start prepping and planning for any new trees and shrubs you have wanted to include in your landscape. The weather is getting more comfortable every day for you to start enjoying the outdoors more, starting with your yard!

Fall Creates Great Planting Conditions

Temperatures in Arizona are Cooling Down

As we enter September, the temperatures are going to start steadily dropping to create the perfect mixture of sunlight and heat for newly planted trees and other plant material.

With less sun and heat shining down on them, your new trees won’t require as much water as they have been needing the last few months. Trees planted in the next two-three months can significantly benefit from the colder weather.

Arizona Soil will Stay Warm through Fall

While the temperatures are getting lower by the day, the ground is still warm from the consistent, hot days over the last few months. That heat buildup makes the perfect environment for newly transplanted trees to have the most successful root growth.

The warm soil also decreases the chances of transplant shock to the plant. When planting and while the root continues to establish, we recommend using our custom Super Charged Moon Juice monthly for added supplementation.

Plan Now for the Perfect Spring Landscape

Planting in the fall also guarantees that the roots will have the most time to establish into the soil and be ready to start focusing on top growth once spring arrives.

Adding plants in the fall also makes for a more enjoyable time for you now that the mosquitos are going away, so come into a nursery and find the trees that are perfect for your yard. Our nursery professionals recommended a few trees below that they love showing to customers right now. At our nurseries, there are thousands of varieties of trees and plants to choose for your yard.

Start Designing Your Yard for Fall Planting

Arizona Ash

AZ ash

The Arizona Ash is a fast-growing deciduous tree that offers striking, smooth, bright green leaves. This tree grows out and can cover a good portion of your yard with shade due to its spreading canopy. Native to Arizona and other southwestern states, this tree loves the sun and our regional climates.

This ash variety is cold-hardy and heat-resistant, so it is ideal for planting in Phoenix, Tucson, and even up to Northern Arizona. Because it’s a deciduous tree and the leaves drop by late fall/early winter, it will help keep your home warm in the winter!



The semi-evergreen Tipu tree is  one of our most popular selections in the southwest region for its fast growth and attractive stunning yellow flowers that bloom through the summer months.

It only takes a couple of years for the Tipu tree to reach peak maturity height. That rapid growth means that it will quickly grow a large canopy of shade for your home, patio, or any areas of your landscape that would benefit from shade.

Planting a Tipu tree is also a fantastic way to guard other smaller plants in your yard from the hotter, longer days in the summer. This tree doesn’t require substantial upkeep, and it thrives nicely in different kinds of soil and drought-like conditions.

Live Oak


The Live Oak tree is a clean evergreen shade tree with dense dark green foliage that can add plenty of shade over your yard. It features stiff limbs for attaching a tire swing, building a treehouse, or climbing for hours of fun. This hardy oak tolerates windy conditions and drought, too.

While the Live Oak is known as the “mighty oak of the South,” it looks right at home in Arizona. This oak is one of those trees that can create lifelong memories. We recommend getting a specimen Live Oak to get the best benefits of this tree from day one!

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When you come to Moon Valley Nurseries, you receive the VIP service from the moment you enter our nursery. Our experts can handle every part of your landscaping project, whether you need to add shrubs to your home or remodel an entire commercial property!

Our most popular service offered is our FREE in-store consultations. One of our nursery experts works with you to figure out the best design for your home or property. All you need to do is visit us or schedule a consultation with your nearest landscape designer.

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Get Excited for Fall Planting at Moon Valley Nurseries

Posted by LP Oviedo on 8/28/2019


Between the fall color and cooler weather right around the corner, there isn't a better time to be living in Arizona. Benefiting from shade during our extreme summers is a must if you want to survive the Arizona heat. 

In the Phoenix region, some schools have even suspended recess and outside lunches until the weather cools down. With better tree placement, there would be no need for this limitation on our kids.

Enjoying our exterior spaces starts with planting the perfect trees at the perfect time. I personally love the fact that my kids come home full of energy from sitting all day in class. I usually send them outside to run around and burn some of that adrenaline off before starting homework.

Fortunately for me, about three years ago, I planted a couple of the exclusive Evergreen Ash trees that Moon Valley Nursery grows. They have grown into huge trees in such a short period, and it provides shade for my kids to enjoy all day. They don't have to wait until the late evening to go out and aren't restricted from enjoying themselves any time of the day.  

Why is fall planting the best time to plant in Arizona?  

evergreen ash

No matter what type of trees you choose to plant, there are enormous benefits to planting in the fall. From palms to evergreens, from deciduous to shade trees, they all appreciate having 8-10 months of cool weather to adapt and gain their optimal health before 115 degrees comes back.

Planting Trees Saves You Money

Trees use less water in colder months, saving huge on the pocketbook. Some yards will take several hundred gallons of water to saturate root balls during the summer months entirely. Planting in the fall will give trees time to acclimate to their new situations before summer and will allow for less water to be needed during the summer. So not only helping save money now but for the future as well.  

Extra Time with Kids Back in School

While working in the nursery, I get to meet so many people from all over the valley. I cannot believe how many parents were just waiting for their kids to start school so they could come in with their extra free time to get their project done. With our design app available we are getting a lot of families their dream yards designed, scheduled, and planted. Simply bring in some photos of your yard on a phone or tablet and we will make the rest happen. So, while the little ones are in school, come get your dream yard.  

Beat The Snowbirds Before They Get to Phoenix

We all love what the snowbirds do for our economy here in Arizona but we all know that about that by the third week of November our freeways will be backed up and our contractors will be scheduled weeks out in advance. Not only are we able to get you in before they arrive, but you will be beating them to the best planting time possible. All of our Arizona grown trees and plants will be flowering beautifully in your yard by the time they are pulling up in their RV's!!! 


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Best Privacy Hedges to Plant in Fall

Posted by Jessica Downs on 10/26/2018

Build Your Private Oasis Before it’s Too Late to Plant 

Hedges are one of the best ways to add value to your home and create a classic look to your landscape. With so many options to choose from, it gives you the opportunity to decide between a formal or informal look that could vary in height, size, color, and shape!

Some of the biggest reasons for a homeowner to want to add hedges into their landscape include:

  • Making a sound and weather barrier
  • Creating a dramatic entryway
  • Adding a wall of color
  • Forming a living border

The number one reason should be no surprise (hint: it’s in the title!) to anybody. The biggest reason most people decide to add hedges in their yard is for the amazing privacy it creates around their home. We have compiled some of our favorite hedges to plant for our current fall season. Keep reading and see which hedge is right for you and your yard!

Indian Laurel Columns (Ficus nitida columns)

ficus columns, Indian laurel, moon valley nurseries

One of the most ideal, and best, hedges you will find anywhere is our Indian Laurel Columns, sometimes known as the Ficus Nitida. We like to plant the Indian Laurel Columns to create a living wall of privacy- the ultimate Hollywood-Style Hedge. These evergreen trees can create an immediate privacy screen for your landscape and are the ideal choice to create a perfect yard with a classic look. They thrive in desert environments and are require little water, so they are well-suited for our Arizona weather and landscapes. As a bonus, we love them for the massive amount of shade that they can add! Relax, unwind, have fun, and do it in the shade, without nosy neighbors getting into your business. Plant these Indian Laurel Columns in your yard and take in the dense green foliage that adds some nice colors to our desert surroundings.

Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus)

bottlebrush, moon valley nurseries, fall hedges

It is easy to see why these hedges are a common sight throughout the Valley. They can bloom showy bottlebrush-like flower spikes that can paint a landscape with bright red and blue-green colors. The Bottlebrush plant can easily add a splash of color to our arid environment, and attract hummingbirds and butterflies, too. These evergreen shrubs are a great way to create a colorful privacy screen when several are lined up along a property border. Another hedge option idea for the Bottlebrush shrub is to create small hedges around a backyard garden or a focal point in the yard. The Bottlebrush blooms in spring with some off-season blooms in the fall.  This shrub does fine in partial to full sun. We recommend fertilizing consistently from spring through fall to gain the darkest green foliage and reddest flowers from our Bottlebrush.

Oleander (Nerium oleander)


Oleanders not only add a large amount of color, such as white, red, and pink, to any yard but are also extremely hardy and resilient as they can bounce back from almost anything the elements can throw at them. These shrubs just love the hot summer months, which makes them an ideal flowering option for your Arizona landscape. The Oleander shrub displays a long-lasting bloom that comes in clumps of red, white, and pink. The blooms are lively and can extend into the cooler winter months. Preferably planted in groups or rows, the Oleander is a great tree for homeowners who are seeking privacy hedges, area screens, and property borders because of the trees ability to grow and maintain a thick coat of dark green leaves throughout the year. 

Hopseed (Dedonea)hopseed-2

The Hopseed bush is a perfect shrub to add to any Arizona yard. While not the most traditional looking plant to be considered hedge material, it does the job perfectly. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer both the Green Hopseed and the Purple Hopseed bush for you to choose from based on your landscaping needs. Both varieties are quite similar except for one major difference – their coloring. When creating a privacy hedge, the Purple Hopseed will create a unique wall of color that contrasts well with surrounding foliage. These fast-growing shrubs grow upright, which makes them easy to install in almost any location.

Feel free to stop by your local Moon Valley Nurseries, speak with our nursery professionals, and schedule a landscape design consultation. Let us do the work for you from planning, designing, delivering, and #freeplanting.

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