3 Tricks to Keep Your Trees a Treat This October

3 Tricks to Keep Your Trees a Treat This October

By Alyssa Schafer on October, 11 2021
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Alyssa Schafer

Alyssa Schafer loves designing spectacular landscapes and helping make dream yards enjoys sharing her knowledge through her writing and informative articles.

three tricks for october

Fall is a great time of year for yard maintenance. The weather is beautiful, the holidays are around the corner, and it is a perfect time to give your trees some care to keep them looking their best!

Stress from the summer heat or recent monsoons can begin to take effect on your trees during this season, and with a little knowledge and some good nutrients, you can avoid your trees from becoming a scary Halloween decoration.

Here are three tricks to keeping your trees healthy this October:


date palm trimmingPrune to Dispose of Damage

You want to start by removing damaged branches from your trees to help them recover from any stress they endured during the summer or monsoon seasons. Pruning removes broken branches that can potentially fall, causing more damage to your tree, landscape, or home. Follow up pruning with our Super Charged Moon Juice to aid your trees’ recovery process. You can find out more about Super Charged Moon Juice here!



tree care mesquite pruningTrim to Promote New Growth

By trimming your trees, you accomplish two benefits. On one hand, you are able to shape your tree to your desired size and form. On the other hand, trimming back your trees triggers their growth signals, causing them to push new foliage and grow vigorously. When trimming your trees, be sure to never cut back more than two-thirds of the overall canopy size.




Super Charged Moon Juice™ at Moon Valley NurseriesFertilize to Boost Health

This is the last and most vital month to fertilize everything in your landscape with a hearty, growth-promoting fertilizer, such as our Moon Dust. The early fall is an important growing season for your trees and plants before they pull back a bit for the winter. By providing your trees with the helping hand of a rich fertilizer you can get the most out of this advantageous season.

After applying a few autumn doses of Moon Dust, continue to use root-stimulating nutrients, such as our Super Charged Moon Juice, throughout the winter to allow your trees to get the most out of the nutrients in the soil as they focus on root growth.

Click here to check out our Moon Dust, Super Charged Moon Juice, and other custom fertilizers!


By following these three simple steps, you can keep your trees looking beautiful this October and through the fall. Moon Valley Nurseries’ full-fledged professional Tree Care Division is happy to prevent your trees from becoming scary-looking this October. Our team of tree care experts is made up of knowledgeable arborists to ensure your landscape always looks its best! If your yard could use some T.L.C., reach out to our Tree Care team, and receive a free estimate today!


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