By Damian Russell on July, 13 2021
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Damian Russell

Damian Russell is a nursery pro with over 12 years of experience. He has designed countless landscape designs across California and Texas. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Damian brings his nursery knowledge to his writings to provide you with the best yard care tips.


As Phoenix residents, it only takes one monsoon for us to remember or realize the impact these storms can have on our landscapes. Broken branches, toppled trees, and soil erosion along almost every street and in our yards become normal sights during this season. If your yard and landscape are still unscathed, understanding what you can do to prevent any damages is key to avoiding costly repairs. In the case that you have fallen victim to a monsoon’s effects, there are corrective options for tree removal, tree trimming, and other maintenance. In either case, the Moon Valley Nurseries Tree Care Team is here to help and provide you with the services needed to prevent damage and clean up your landscape after a rough storm.



If the trees in your yard remain untouched by a monsoon’s effects, there are measures you can take to ensure they have the best chance of getting through the season without a scratch. When the canopy of a tree becomes overgrown, it can act as a huge windsail. Depending on the variety of the tree, this can cause problems in high winds, pulling on the tree and causing stress to its branch structure. If left unchecked, an overgrown or ill-maintained canopy can be monsoon damage waiting to happen.

Our Tree Care Team are professionals when it comes to tree trimming services. They are highly-trained, certified arborists equipped with the expertise needed to not only prevent damage to your landscape but also set your trees up for the healthiest growth patterns and most beautiful structure.

Preventative tree care isn’t just about trimming. When a tree is nourished and well-established, it can stand against inclement weather far easier. Similar to how we are able to resist injury and disease when our bodies are healthy. Our Tree Care Team offers powerful soil injection services to give your trees a huge boost of nutrients to bolster their strength, vigor, and ability to weather adverse conditions.



If damages have already occurred, and you have broken branches or fallen trees, the Moon Valley Nurseries Tree Care Team is fully versed in the best tree removal methods. Our certified arborists will ensure any downed trees are removed fully, the area is cleaned, and there are no repercussions from old stumps or root systems that might try and grow back. If you have a tree that has experienced damage from a recent monsoon, but you’d like to keep it, our team can balance out the branch structure and protect any open wounds created from cracked limbs.

Additionally, because Moon Valley Nurseries has the largest selection of trees, palms, and plants in America, we can also replace any trees that have been lost to monsoon storms or wind damage. Our nursery pros are happy to arrange both the removal and replacement of any downed trees, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of it all, from any tree trimming or tree removal service to the planting of beautiful and hardy new trees. Don’t suffer from a damaged landscape, Moon Valley Nurseries is here to make sure your yard is always perfect!


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