Add Instant Fall Color with these Fall Favorites

Add Instant Fall Color with these Fall Favorites

By Jessica Downs on October, 10 2019
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Jessica Downs

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Add Instant Fall Color with these Fall Favorites

Bedding Plants to Bring your Garden to Life

There are many advantages to living in Phoenix during the fall and winter seasons. The obvious and number one reason why is the gorgeous weather we get this time of year. While most of the country is starting to get cold and people are staying indoors, we’re enjoying our weekends outside.

Another advantage of living in Phoenix and one that is often overlooked is the fall color around us. Deciduous trees are dropping their leaves and showing us that the seasons are actually changing in Phoenix.  Unlike most other parts of the country, our gardens and landscapes are coming back to life with a wide range of blooming flowers and new foliage that produce striking colors all fall season.

If you are looking to add more color to your yard, check out our bedding plants, herbs, and annuals. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite plants that are ready for fall planting!



The Geranium thrives in the winter months through spring, producing white, pink, red, or purple flowers in dense clusters on long stalks. The Geranium is exceptionally tolerant of all soils and looks fantastic in bedding areas and pots where instant color is needed. The Geranium grows in full to partial sun.

Fight off Mosquitos

If you have mosquitos taking over your property, Geraniums can help you enjoy your yard again by repelling them away! It has even become a popular ingredient to natural over-the-counter medicines to repel insects.



Petunias will bring long-lasting color to your landscape and add a lovely fragrance to the air. These plants can flower from fall to very late spring when temperatures start to rise again. You can find Petunias with blooms of white, purple, pink, and red flowers. They can grow in full to partial sun, so you can plant them anywhere you need a pop of color.



Cyclamen is a small plant that doesn’t get taller than a foot but produces plenty of colors. In the fall and winter, Cyclamen bloom in shades of pink, white, and red. The small sweet-smelling flowers grow upright on long stems. They like full to partial sun exposure to optimize their blooming season.



Daisies are a must-have for your yard when you want to add fun color and a classic look. Daisies spread out a bit as they grow, covering more areas with their yellow centers and bright white petals. You can plant these low-maintenance Daisies in full sun to partial shade.



If you’re looking for an overwhelming display of annual color, the Snapdragon is the perfect flower for your landscape. Snapdragons thrive in temperatures below 80 degrees with flowers ranging in colors from white, yellow, orange, salmon, pink, red, and burgundy. The flowers grow on stalks in lobes that are divided into upper and lower 'jaws'. Snapdragons perform well in full to partial sun and require regular water.



Known for its large "pom-pom" like flowers, the Marigold is an ideal fall annual for the our region. The Marigold grows best in full sun and it's flower's grow on stems in tight vivid colors from yellow to orange. Able to handle various soil conditions, the Marigold can greatly increase its bloom and blooming times by removing spent flowers.



Very easy to grow, the "sweet" Alyssum produces small flowers in tight clusters of white, purple. pink and light blue. The Alyssum can tolerate various soil conditions and only requires light watering. It can grow in a flower bed, pot, or even hanging basket. For best results, plant the Alyssum in full sun.  

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