Live the Sweet Life: Plant an Arizona Sweet Orange Tree!

Live the Sweet Life: Plant an Arizona Sweet Orange Tree!

By Felipe Benavides on March, 2 2018
Citrus and Fruit

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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

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The scent of sweet orange blossoms in the air and one bite of sweet and juicy Arizona oranges is one of life’s simple pleasures that can brighten our day. These orange trees can also brighten up our yards. Citrus sinensis ‘Sweet Orange’ trees can also produce medium-sized oranges with bright orange flesh that contrasts beautifully with their green foliage. You know what else is sweet? Arizona Sweet Orange trees thrive in our area!


Why People are Eating Up Arizona Sweet Oranges


Yes, these are the delicious multi-purpose Arizona oranges that we love, the ones that are easy to grow with a low seed count (if any). We like to use them for juicing, cooking, in cocktails, in beers, or as a healthy snack that we can eat freshly-picked off the tree. No doubt about it, the Arizona Sweet Orange is a sweet choice for our taste buds as well as for adding vibrant color to our arid environment. They can also be used to create shade, which in Arizona is always welcome. We also like to plant a few of them in rows, where they can act as a living hedge that can block unwanted views!

Anyone can find an Arizona Sweet Orange Tree for sale at Moon Valley Nurseries. Perhaps you have been asking yourself when to plant orange trees in Arizona? The short answer is right now! These Arizona oranges are easy to peel, and we have developed a custom rootstock so that they are guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and a plentiful harvest.


How to Care for an Arizona Sweet Orange Tree

This orange tree is easy to grow, and they have a small to medium size which makes them an excellent choice for any size yard. Arizonians can grow these orange trees and enjoy some of the fullest-flavored sweet oranges in the U.S.!

Light: These sweet oranges do best when growing in a location that receives more than 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Watering: You will want to water about two feet into the soil. If you have a newly planted tree, increase the depth of watering every year until established for three years. Water deeply and be sure to allow the soil to dry between watering.

Fertilizing: Fertilize in early March, late May, and in the middle of September with Moon Valley Nurseries fertilizers, such as Moon Juice. Do not fertilize newly planted trees the first year they are on the ground. If you prefer to use organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion or cured compost, we recommend applying monthly in spring and summer.

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Good News! You can purchase these sweet orange trees at their fruit producing age! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have been growing our citrus for decades.  We make it easy to eat healthier with the juiciest, sweetest, homegrown fruit!

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