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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Posted by Walt Conrad on 3/27/2014
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Yes...we do it all! From sprinkler & drip systems to pavers & flagstone, our landscape department offers end-to-end landscape solutions for your new home or if you’re looking to renovate your current yard. Developing landscaping ideas can be overwhelming and seem like a big project which is why we offer FREE design consultations*.

The spring time here in the Valley is the absolute best time to start making progress on your home’s backyard landscape. Whether you’re looking for something simple, ideas on a budget, or a complete makeover, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed a few of our favorite backyard landscaping ideas below.

Pave the Way
Something as simple as adding pavers to your backyard landscape can be a major improvement. Create walkways with large islands of flagstone or use a smooth travertine tile to create a small seating area.

Leveling Off
For most of us in the Valley our backyards are flat and boring. Give it a dramatic makeover with the addition of levels. You can create multi-tiered levels with a raised garden area, lawn and secondary seating, and a low level area complete with stairs.

Keep Out Mr. Wilson
No one likes nosey neighbors, especially the ones who like to look down at your yard and can see everything...I mean everything. A simple solution to that is to add privacy hedge material. Planting evergreens like Italian Cypress or Ficus Nitida Columns are a quick and effective way to keep you privacy. You can also add some color with flowering hedge material.

Let There Be...Water
Water features are an awesome way to create a calm and inviting atmosphere to your backyard. A fountain or waterfall feature can be tucked in a corner and surrounded by beautiful flowering shrubs that will keep you and your visitors relaxed as you entertain.

Let There Be...Fire
It gets pretty hot during the summer. Really hot. But for 8 months out of the year the night time temps are perfect for lounging on our patios around a fire. The addition of a custom fire pit surrounded by a paved seating area can take your backyard from a Frankenstein to a Frankenfine.

These are just a few of the ways you can transform your backyard this spring. Right now is the perfect time to get it done as the weather continues to be absolutely gorgeous. If you’re up to the task of completing them on your own, make sure to head to your nearest Moon Valley location to grab the trees and plants you may need. Want to sit back and have the pros take care of it? Schedule a consultation today at 602-938-MOON and we’ll have your backyard looking great in no time!

*Consultations available with minimum purchase
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