November landscape and Garden Tips

November landscape and Garden Tips

By Jessica Downs on November, 1 2019
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Jessica Downs

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Best November Landscape Tips for California


November is here, and that means we get to spend more time outside with family and friends and enjoy the weather right in our own backyard! Not only can you smell fall in the air, but you can also smell more cookouts and fire pits being turned on all over the neighborhood!

In the last couple of months, you may have noticed how much your yard, and the landscapes around you, have been growing and filling the streets with lush foliage and fall color. We love this time of year because we know you are spending more time in your yard and enjoying the beautiful surroundings you created for your home.

We want to make sure it stays that way through the fall, the holidays, and beyond! Keep reading to learn about the essential areas to take care of this month, such as November watering, fertilizing, and which trees can be planted today. Now is the best time to care for your yard and give it the best health boost through the rest of the year.

Monitor Your Watering Schedule

Watering Basics for Your New Trees

The cooler months are the time we get to reduce the frequency in which we water our landscape. It is still important to make sure you are watering deeply to give root systems enough water to continue growing strong and deep. This watering routine will produce the strongest possible root system and keep them thriving through the winter.

By the next growing season, those strong root systems will bring your landscape vigorous plant growth, creating thicker foliage, brighter flowers, and greener lawns. A healthy root system also keeps your trees and plants more resistant to local pests or disease infestations. 

Watering Basics for Your Established Trees

Prevent Weeds

Nobody wants to spend more time doing unnecessary yard work than needed. So, take preventative measures now and make your life easier this month! Apply pre-emergent herbicides as directed regularly to maintain a clean yard and keep the weeds away.

This will give you more time to hang out with family and less time trying to fight off new weed growth. November, and going into the winter, is an excellent time to continue using preventative measures to keep weeds from growing in your yard and stealing nutrients from your plants and lawn.

Our nursery professionals can help you choose the best product for your yard. Stop by your nearest nursery and let us help get your yard in perfect shape!


Keep Your Landscape Fertilized

Fertilizing your shade trees, evergreen trees, flowering trees, palms, and even your dormant trees in the fall gives them the chance to go through the winter in top health. We recommend using our custom blended fertilizers for your landscape needs as they are formatted explicitly for common conditions found across California.

Now is the perfect time to apply Moon Valley Nurseries custom fertilizer, Moon Dust, and feed everything in your yard from your most massive tree to your potted plants. For an extra boost before and during the winter season, our Super Charged Moon Juice can be used monthly. This will keep your trees and shrubs thriving and developing stronger roots.

For all the palms in your yard, we carry an exclusive product specifically to get the perfect blend of nutrients for every palm. Our Super Palm Juice optimizes palm tree performance, helping create thicker trunks and greener, healthy fronds.

Maintain a beautiful green winter lawn with our Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer. Our fertilizer blend helps break down any hard soil in your grass while enhancing a deep, vibrant green color across your landscape.

To make sure your plants are getting the most out of our fertilizers and supplements, apply Soil and Water Conditioner to help amend the soil and allow more nutrient absorption to your plants.

These and other custom products can be purchased at all Moon Valley Nursery locations or online here.

Finish any Last-minute Planting Projects

Chinese Elm-1

Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm, or True Green Elm, is one of the best shade trees to give your home a break from the Cali sun. This elm is an attractive tree that can be planted as the focal point in any landscape, front or back, and loves full sun exposure.

Our variety is a fast-growing tree that grows upright and round, for maximum shade coverage. Its leaves are small and grow densely into each other, creating a gorgeous green canopy.

Brazilian Pepper Tree

Brazilian Pepper

The Brazilian Pepper is one of the best water-wise trees we carry at Moon Valley Nurseries, and it absolutely thrives in our sun and heat. It's lush and wide-spreading canopy is supported by its dense branches that crisscross around and spread out from the main trunk.

This Brazilian native can produce white flowers in late spring. In the fall and winter, it bears pinkish colored fruits in clusters. For some holiday repurposing, many homeowners use these berries during the holidays for crafty, festive displays.

majestic ash 3

Majestic Ash

The Majestic Ash is an evergreen tree that stays glossy green all year and doesn’t produce any seeds, saving you time with no mess to clean up! Its narrow, upright shape makes it an ideal shade tree for a wide range of landscapes.  

This ash variety can give your yard and home more privacy and shade when planted in groups or rows. Once established, the Majestic Ash requires less water and is great for a low-maintenance style.

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