The Ultimate Arizona Christmas Tree Info Guide

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/6/2019

Christmas is here and Moon Valley Nurseries is ready!

One of the many joys of this time of the year is getting to celebrate the Christmas holiday season with family and hand-selecting the perfect Christmas tree to decorate and adore. For some people, they have been waiting all year JUST to get their perfect, aromatic tree and start the holidays off the right way!

At Moon Valley Nurseries, it has become a tradition to bring the best trees to our Arizona Valley families to enjoy year after year. At every Christmas tree lot, we have many trees to choose from Noble, Fraser, and Douglas fir.

Our Christmas trees are cut fresh and express-shipped straight to Arizona to bring our customers the best trees in the area. Keep reading to learn more about these fir varieties, how to pick the best tree, and how to care for it once it’s in your home.

Best Christmas Tree Varieties


Noble Fir

The Noble Fir is a holiday favorite for the Christmas season. Noble Firs are beautifully-shaped with symmetrical branches that make them ideal for hanging both light and heavy ornaments. Their open branching allows for easier and faster decorating than other trees.

People also love them because of their longevity. Families will enjoy the attractive bluish-green needles throughout the Christmas season. Their sturdy branches can also offer excellent greenery for wreaths and garland decorations.

At Moon Valley Christmas lots, you can find freshly cut Noble Fir trees as small as tabletops and as tall as 20 feet. If you appreciate the aroma of a fresh-cut tree, you’ll love that we have the longest-lasting fresh-cut trees you can find in town.

Fraser Fir

Many people consider the Fraser fir tree to be the perfect holiday tree, and we agree! The Fraser Fir grows in a near-perfect Christmas tree shape with strong branches that can hold up every ornament, even the heavy ones, and strings of lights!

The branches are evenly spaced to allow for more areas to decorate. This fir produces one-inch, soft needles that are green on top and silver underneath.

For ultimate needle retention, keep watering as needed, and this tree will be looking good for weeks - maybe even longer! The tree preservative at every Moon Valley Nurseries tree lot will enhance your tree and keep it thriving for you to enjoy that much longer.


Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir has a beautiful display of 1 to 2-inch green/blue-green needles that release the most potent fragrance of all other trees. The Douglas Fir is instantly recognized by the crisp, sweet aroma. It is so thick that sometimes you can't even see the trunk!

The best part about this tree is that it can’t be over-decorated, thanks to its ability to hold so many ornaments. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular Christmas tree species in the United States!

Moon Valley Nurseries has the Douglas Fir trees in nearly all sizes, from small table-top sizes to trees up to 15 feet tall. The Douglas Fir does need more water than other varieties so its best to make sure they have water regularly and not be placed near any heat sources (i.e. windows, fireplace).

Tips to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Bounce the tree: Hold the tree up a few inches from the ground and drop it (be sure you don’t let the tree fall on its side!) If a few needles drop, you have a good tree. If several needles drop, move on, and find another.

Test the Needles: Grab the interior side of any branch on the tree. Close your hand and pull it towards yourself. If you end up with a bunch of needles in your hand, move on. Fresh trees should have minimal to no needles falling off the branches.

How to Keep Christmas Trees Healthy all Month

Make sure to find a perfect spot for your tree

It’s best to keep Christmas trees from direct sunlight, air vents, and away from fireplaces. Be prepared and pick a place for your tree before you even stop by and pick it out. This way, you can set it up as soon as you get home!

Stand your tree upright immediately after arrival

Fill the water basin once the tree is securely set up. We offer a professional tree preservative to the water, which is available for purchase at our Christmas lots to help keep your tree fresh through the holidays.

Check and fill the water

Check the water levels every few days and keep it filled with water and the tree preservative (if purchased). Watering is the essential step to keep your tree healthy through the holidays (and maybe even into the New Year!).

Visit Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Tree Lots

Moon Valley Nurseries is proud to be able to offer the Arizona community the best Christmas trees in the state! Come by any day between 9 am to 9 pm, at any of our multiple locations, and let us help you find the best tree for the best time of year!

Click here for Arizona location details and more!

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Magnolias For Winter: A Fit for Every Yard

Posted by Jessica Downs on 12/6/2019

Plant These Magnolia Varieties in Any-size Yard

Ready to add some classic beauty to your winter landscape? Magnolias can bring that look to your landscape instantly. Not only do they bring a vintage, evergreen look all year, Magnolias will also add some pops of color during the spring and early summer when white blooms start to appear throughout the canopy.

Moon Valley Grown Magnolias

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we carry the most varieties of the classic Magnolia tree across the state! Our Magnolias are custom grown in our farms with the best mother trees of previous growth. This means that every new growth is more improved than the last and that you can only find improved Magnolia varieties at our nurseries!

From large towering varieties to smaller trees for pots and containers, we can find something that will add curb appeal to your home instantly.

As amazing as all Magnolia varieties are, some homeowners might not want a massive tree in their yard or may not even have the room for one. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving up on your dreams of covering your yard in Magnolias or having that one perfect tree that completes your design.

Moon Valley Nurseries carries some varieties that stay small-to-medium in size, which allows for planting in smaller yards, courtyards, or patios. Smaller types can also be used for mass planting in larger yards. Learn more about two of our favorite Magnolias below!

Small/Medium Magnolias


Little Gem Magnolia

Glossy green leaves and large, fragrant white blossoms make the Little Gem a standout tree for an Arizona landscape. It can produce a wide-spreading canopy that provides plenty of shade so that you can relax outdoors in comfort.

The Little Gem variety is custom grown by Moon Valley Nurseries. It is grafted from larger Magnolias to produce a smaller tree with all the best qualities of the mother tree. As the name implies, it can stay small, so it is an excellent fit for tighter spaces such as patios and courtyards. 

Little Gems can also be planted in rows or groupings to add more shade and privacy to a larger area. Installing them in rows will also help create plenty of shade across your yard - and privacy. We can all appreciate a bit more privacy around our homes!

Watch a video here  of our nursery professional show you our amazing Little Gem Magnolia.


D.D. Blanchard Magnolia

D.D. Blanchard variety of Magnolias grow larger than the Little Gem variety. Like the Little Gem, it has similar glossy green leaves with an orange-brown hue to the underside of the foliage. The canopy grows into a pyramidal shape that creates year-round shade.

Tolerant to heat and cold, this water-wise variety produces white blooms through summer and fall, creating a display of giant flowers spread out across the foliage. This tree will surely bring hummingbirds and other pollinators to check out the flowers too!

Because of its larger size compared to the Little Gem, the D.D. Blanchard can be used as a focal point anywhere in your yard or placed in areas so that it can provide more shade for your home.

Watch a video here to learn more about the D.D. Blanchard Magnolia from one of our top nursery professionals.

Choose the Best Magnolias at the Moon

Schedule a Design Consult Here

Our nursery pros and designers never stop working to create the best yard for our customers. We make sure that your goals, wants, needs, concerns, and anything else are addressed so that we can complete your dream yard exactly how you envision.

Because we offer many varieties of Magnolia trees, we can easily include them in your design and complete your project. Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at your nearest nursery so we can get started on your dream yard today.

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December Landscape & Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/29/2019

December Tips from our Nursery Professionals

The winter season has arrived, and that means it’s time to change up how we care for the trees and shrubs in our landscapes. We always say how lucky we are to be living in the Southwest during the winter. It may be cold, but we’re not like most of the country who has essentially “shut-down” their landscapes and prepared it for the impending snow, blizzards, and frost.

Residents in Arizona are still able to go outside and work on improving their landscapes. To help homeowners prepare for the colder temperatures, our nursery professionals have compiled a to-do list as well as their recommendations for planting this month.

Watering Tips

Watering Basics for Your Established Trees

We suggest that you continue watering your plants but change the watering schedule to accommodate the changes in temperatures and potential rainfall and cooler temperatures that come this month.

Since the temperatures are cooler and there is less sunlight, the soil stays moist for a more extended period so that you do not have to water as frequently. Make sure you are always watering deeply and allowing time between sessions so that the soil can have enough time to dry up.

If you have any issues, call your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location, and we can help you with your specific landscape!

Fertilizing Tips

moon juice

Using the proper fertilizer during this crucial time ensures that your landscape is regaining all necessary nutrients through the winter. Your landscape is getting a nice break from the heat now, so it’s a good time to give it some extra attention.

Our Super Charged Moon Juice is a great addition to your yard care routine and can be used every month. It can be used on all your trees, flowers, and any other plants in the yard.

Click here to learn more about our fertilizer products and see which ones best fit your lawn care needs!

Tree Care Tips

Avoid any significant pruning during this time year to freeze-sensitive varieties. Hacking or cutting away large portions will leave the tree exposed and susceptible to any potential frost damage.

For more information about frost protection, call your nearest nursery or check out our Frost Care page here.

December Tree Planting Tips

In the colder months, trees and shrubs convert their energy to root growth. Planting in the winter allows for a few months of root development. Once spring arrives, the tree or shrub that was planted in the winter will already have a very established root system.

With the root system established, the tree or shrub will focus its energy on top growth. Planting trees and shrubs now provides ample time for them to grow a shade canopy before the summer heat arrives.

japanese blueberry

Japanese Blueberry

The Japanese Blueberry is a visually appealing evergreen due to its dense, lush foliage. Its striking leaf color throughout the year provides a fantastic backdrop for contrasting flowers and shrubs.

Japanese Blueberry can also be used as an impressive privacy wall, short or tall, and to add additional shade. It thrives in full sun and handles the cold extremely well. It has become one of the regions most planted hedge variety and is an excellent choice for just about any landscape.

live oak

Live Oak

When you want to add a lot of shade and beauty to your yard, you cannot go wrong with a Live Oak tree! They have dark green foliage and a wide-spreading canopy that can provide a refreshing and large shady spot in the landscape.

Specimen-sized trees are ideal for families. This tree produces limbs that are perfect for climbing and exploring! Live Oaks can also create a natural privacy screen when planted in rows along a property border to block neighbors and busy roads.


Carolina Cherry

The Carolina Cherry 'Compacta,' we offer at Moon Valley Nurseries, is far superior to what you will find at other nurseries. The variety we offer is denser, allowing homeowners to plant these for a privacy wall.

Our Carolina Cherries are less woody and non-invasive than varieties found at other nurseries. It loves the heat, and as an evergreen, they require minimal maintenance clean up. It is both drought and heat tolerant.

fruit and citrus

Citrus and Fruit Trees

Grow an edible landscape and start your new year’s resolutions to eating healthy sooner! Our Fruit and Citrus trees are grown specifically in our local climate so that they are guaranteed to produce!

We love helping people add citrus and fruit trees to their yard, and this time of the year is when we suggest planting them! Between the warm soils and the cooler temps, new citrus and stone fruit trees have the best chance for optimal root development while it establishes itself in the soil. You will be rewarded for this in the spring when you can start enjoying the tasty and healthy fruit straight from the tree.

With Moon Valley Nurseries, you can purchase specimen-sized fruit and citrus trees at fruit-producing age. Speak with your nearest nursery to see which varieties are ready to plant!  

Start Your New Landscape Project Today

Schedule a Design Consult Here

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we know how time-consuming and stressful designing your yard can be when you try to tackle it all on your own. From the moment you walk into our nursery to the moment your freshly planted new yard is complete - we can handle every step of the process for you.

Our expert designers are available at every nursery location for in-store consultations or to schedule an at-home consultation. Our designers can get your whole yard done from shrubs to trees, we do it all, and we do it right! From designing to free planting on all specimen-sized trees, we are a one-stop-shop for your perfect yard.

Christmas Tree Lots are Open in Phoenix      


It’s that time of the year again where Christmas trees start migrating south, and our Christmas tree lots start popping up on every corner! At Moon Valley Nurseries, you will find the freshest trees around. We ship them to your nearest location the day it gets cut down and never let it sit without water. Stop by to find the perfect Christmas tree today!

Click here to more information on Christmas tree lots near you.



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How to Create a Ranch Style Landscape

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/22/2019

Designing a Ranch Landscape in Arizona

Whether you are trying to complete the look of your ranch-style home or want to bring a more vintage, rustic style to your landscape, we can help get you started! We can help you add massive curb appeal to your home and the community while designing a style that will stand out from your neighbors.

From small shrubs to large oaks, there are plenty of options to choose from to add to your yard for the perfect ranch style! This style gives you the freedom to create symmetrical, asymmetrical, and naturalistic-looking design. Moon Valley Nurseries carries a wide selection of plant options so we can create the perfect style for you.

For example, shrubs such as Indian Hawthorns and Japanese Privets can be used to create a low hedge near walkways or windows and add seasonal color. Japanese Blueberry and Carolina Cherry are fantastic hedge options for a dense privacy screen. Oak trees are a MUST when creating a ranch-style look for your property. Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite trees and shrubs to get your ranch style landscape completed.

Schedule a Design Consult Here


Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant for a Ranch-style Landscape

southern live oak

Live Oak

The Live Oak is a mighty tree that can bring years of memories and fun for your family. Our specimen size trees offer your home more shade thanks to their dense, gray/green foliage and wide-spreading canopy. In addition to providing excellent shade in the summer, they are also drought-tolerant. They can live for many years and be appreciated for generations.

Oaks add a rustic look to your home while surrounding you in nature and providing homes for small wildlife. When strategically placed around the home, Live Oaks might even help lower temperatures inside the house!

shumard oak-3

Shumard Oak

Another impressive oak to include in your landscape is the Shumard Oak Tree. This oak tree is a medium-to-large sized tree and grows into a canopy with a wide-spreading reach. It is a tough, fast-growing species of oak that can live for over a hundred years!

The Shumard Oak is known for its antique look with large dark green leaves that can grow up to eight inches long. The best benefits of having the Shumard Oak are the beautiful vibrant red-orange canopy that comes during the fall season and the large amount of shade in the summer.



Add classic beauty to your ranch style yard by incorporating the popular Magnolia tree. Magnolias are eye-catching trees with their striking foliage, a large spreading canopy, and fragrant creamy white blooms providing an elegant appearance.  It's easy to see why the Magnolia tree is a favorite.

For every variety of Magnolias that we carry in our nursery, they are most famous for their showy white blossoms and the beautiful fragrant smell that comes with them. The flowers can grow into large, cup-shaped blooms and throughout the tree in the spring and early summer months.   

japanese blueberry

Japanese Blueberry

Japanese Blueberry trees do more than add greenery to your new ranch design. They have a dense growth habit with multiple branches that grow upright and lush evergreen foliage.

These trees add plenty of green while giving your home a living privacy barrier. To get the most privacy out of the Japanese Blueberry, line them up along a fence or property line so you can feel like your neighbors are far, far away!

The Japanese Blueberry is low-maintenance tree that is tolerant of heat and thrives in the Phoenix desert. Plant this beautiful evergreen in your landscape and add a splash of greenery to our arid region.


Carolina Cherry (compacta)

Native to the southern United States, the Carolina Cherry has become a popular choice for its minimal maintenance and natural upright conical shape. It also has a high tolerance for heat, drought, and wind exposure that can happen in Arizona. The Carolina Cherry is a small-to-medium-sized evergreen with dark green, lustrous wavy-edged foliage on brown thornless stems.

This hedge option can be easily sheared into a tall screen or sound barrier. That makes the Carolina Cherry a near-perfect choice for many homes wanting to add more foliage to the landscape while also creating more privacy from neighbors and roads.


Indian Hawthorn

The Indian Hawthorn is great for adding a colorful pop of color to a ranch-style yard. These shrubs add dark green foliage to your design until spring, when large clusters of pink flowers bloom through the season. Indian Hawthorns are low-maintenance shrubs that can be planted in any location.

Cold hardy and waterwise once established, Indian Hawthorns can bloom in the shade and grow with ease in full sun. These popular shrubs can be found in commercial landscapes, schools, and HOA communities because they are easy to take care of and look excellent all year!

japanese privet

Japanese Privet

The Japanese Privet is an ideal solution for those who want a low maintenance, evergreen shrub that is easily incorporated into a ranch aesthetic. This fast-growing privet develops into a medium-to-large shrub.

Due to its rapid growth, privets can be used as a privacy screen when planted in rows and left to grow to its full size or trimmed down to be used as a low hedge. During spring, the Japanese Privet produces clusters of small, white flowers giving your landscape a temporary change.

Get your ranch landscape started now!  Schedule a FREE in-store consultation here

Learn More about Design from Moon Valley Nurseries

Click here to see if a hedge is what you need for your next landscape design. Hedges are popular designs because they bring lush, green beauty to your home while also adding immense privacy. Consider a hedge for your next project!

Click here to learn how our designers create a layered landscape for our customers. Layered landscapes can create the perfect focal point in your yard while using different types of trees and shrubs.

Designing a new yard or remodeling an existing landscape is an investment into your home and property. Make sure you are taking care of your investment properly with our warranty programs. Learn More about our warranty programs and find one that fits your needs. Click here to see our warranty programs and how they help our customers build the best landscape.

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Best Trees and Shrubs to Plant Right Now [November]

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/15/2019

Transform Your Arizona Yard in Fall


Have you considered that your landscape could use a bit more of “something” right now? As the weather has cooled, we have been able to spend time outside, enjoying our yard, and taking a good look at our landscape. This is also a good time of year to see how well your landscape has grown throughout the year.

Did you notice any areas that could use some new additions? Good, because fall planting is going strong!

There is no doubt about it, right now is an excellent time to plant a variety of trees and shrubs! That’s right! Many trees and shrubs thrive during this time of the year in Arizona and are ready for planting.

Even though the rest of the country is settling into their cold winter, we are still enjoying our beautiful, mild weather. Our climate lets us plant longer in Arizona than in other regions due to:

  • the perfect amount of daily sunlight
  • mild temperatures day and night
  • soil that stays warm thanks to the hot summer.

Planting in the fall will give newly planted trees and shrubs the best chance to:

  • adapt to their new environment
  • efficiently establish a root system
  • be ready to spring (no pun intended) to life as soon as winter ends!

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have got you covered with what you need to have a beautiful landscape – no matter what the season might be!

Fall colors are perfect for this time of the year to get you into a festive spirit. The orange/red colors of fall trigger enjoyable memories while adding curb appeal that gets your yard noticed for all the right reasons!

As we get closer to December, some trees and shrubs can add beautiful festive colors that perfectly complement the Holiday season!

Trees and Shrubs to Plant Now

AZ ash

Arizona Ash

Arizona Ash are fast-growing trees that put on a show once summer ends when the velvety gray-green leaves turn to bright yellow in the fall! This deciduous tree lets the warmth of the sun in during the winter and creates an abundance of shade in the summer!

They are a seedless variety, so they only require cleanup after dropping their leaves in the fall. These ash trees are attractive at any stage in life and help amplify any landscape. They grow in pyramidal form when young until the canopy starts to grow out wide and spreads as they mature. Homeowners and commercial property owners rave about how these trees boast a beautiful and lush look even in adverse conditions!


Live Oak

Live Oaks, sometimes known as Southern Live Oaks, are another great option when you are looking for beautiful evergreen trees to plant now. These oak trees grow at a moderate rate and live for a very long time. They produce dense, gray/green foliage that will block unwanted views and add year-round shade to your property.

Live Oak trees are also noted for being very drought-tolerant once established, and for the minimal care required to keep them looking fantastic all year! Live Oaks are the picturesque trees that create a classical look to your landscape. We recommend choosing mature Oaks so that you can enjoy them as soon as they are planted!


Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo ‘Gulf Stream” shrubs are one of the best compact shrubs you can add to your landscape. They can put on a colorful show all year long, adding refreshed curb appeal each season. Ever-changing foliage goes from scarlet-red in spring to blue-green in the summer.

These are cold hardy shrubs, and they make a colorful addition to any landscape. The ‘Gulf Stream’ variety has improved foliage color in the fall with purple and bronze-tinted leaves that turn to a fiery crimson red in winter. Just in time for the holiday season! We like to use Heavenly Bamboo as an informal hedge along borders and sidewalks or accent shrubs to add color in yards with little color.

Schedule Your Design Consultations Now!

Schedule a Design Consult Here

Are you ready for your beautiful new yard? Ready to amaze your holiday guests with the perfect festive design? Not sure where to start? With Moon Valley Nurseries, it cannot get any easier to create a new look for your yard, one that dazzles and can help increase property value!

We have the best selection of premium-quality, custom-grown trees and shrubs that are ready to plant now. Get started on your yard transformation today with a FREE in-store consultation at your nearest location. For the best trees on Earth, go straight to the Moon! ™

Learn More from Moon Valley Nurseries

Click here to learn more about our design consultation process. This will help you be prepared when you arrive for your consult. You will also know what to expect while you speak with a nursery professional and walk the nursery to see our wide selection of trees, shrubs, and more.

Click here to make sure you give your yard the TLC it needs during the month of November. We cover watering basics for this time of year, weed prevention, proper fertilization, and tree care. Keep your yard in top shape into winter!

Click here to find out the differences between our 90-day warranty and our 12-month extended warranty. Every tree we plant automatically comes with the 90-day warranty, but what if you could cover more for longer? You can, and you should, when it comes to investing in your home.

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Fall Trees for Fall Planting

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/8/2019


Fall Planting in Arizona

Where has the time gone? Just like that, the temperatures are dropping quickly, and the year is almost over. School is in full swing, Sundays are all about football, and we can go hiking and explore our beautiful surroundings again!

When you imagine fall colors, do you think of beautiful east coast towns covered in gorgeous fall colors all over the landscape? Well our fall is here too, which means you can have the picturesque fall color in your yard instantly this season too!  

Benefits of Arizona Fall Planting

When it comes to successful fall planting, you need two things – a great region like Arizona and Moon Valley Nurseries.

Moon Valley Nurseries custom grows every tree to adjust to our Southwestern regions through every season. We acclimate them by growing them right here in the Southwest! We are also continually improving all our trees with stronger specimens as often as we can to create stronger trees every growing period.

Arizona is one of the best places to live when it comes to adding more trees and building up your existing landscape or designing a completely new yard. It is one of the best places because planting can be done all year long. When it comes to fall planting, it can be done for longer periods in the Southwest compared to anywhere else in the country due to our amazing climate!

So, if you're looking to add that fall season feel to your yard today, be sure to consider one of these five trees below! Not only do they make the best backdrop for fall, but they will also look great all spring and provide plenty of shade through the summer.

Schedule a Design Consult Here

Five Trees to Plant in Fall

HGE Arizona Ash

Arizona Ash

The Arizona Ash tree is one of the best-suited trees for the Southwest region. It is grown to handle all extreme temperature changes. In the fall, this deciduous tree's foliage turns into a vibrant golden color. The Arizona Ash is seedless and only requires one cleanup once the leaves drop.

The tree grows its leaves back quickly in the spring, which provides maximum shade in the summer months. Its canopy of shade covers a large amount of territory, and its flowers form in small clusters in the spring.

raywood ash

Raywood Ash

The Raywood Ash is a popular tree for landscapes across the Southwest. This Ash tree is known for its breathtaking display of vibrant red to deep burgundy foliage in the fall that gives any landscape a unique touch for the season. Its leaves drop off quickly after the fall season, allowing for an easy one-time cleanup.

During the warmer months, the Raywood Ash is an ideal shade tree that grows more upright than it does wide. Its dark green foliage provides a sharp contrast to any landscape and looks great as a stand-alone or specimen shade tree.

chinese pistache

Chinese Pistache

A fast-growing tree that provides piercing beauty to any landscape, the Chinese Pistache is known for its bright red and orange leaves in the fall. This color show makes it a reliable favorite for fall color every year.  The tree produces a towering canopy of shade while displaying showy and attractive dark green leaves during the summer.

The Chinese Pistache is drought and cold-tolerant and can grow in full sun. Due to the Chinese Pistache's size, the tree is ideal when planted in an area where shade is needed.

Flowering Pear

Flowering Pear

Known and desired for its fiery-red fall color, the Flowering Pear is an ornamental tree that performs well in many landscape applications. This tree is a moderate-to-fast grower that only needs low-to-moderate watering once established. The Flowering Pear can be left alone or pruned in any specific shape or size you need for your yard.

From late winter or early spring, the Flowering Pear produces deep green foliage with snow-white flower coverage that gives the tree incredible depth for long periods. This tree will keep your landscape lively through each season!

purple plum in green yard 571x

Purple Leaf Plum

If you want to turn heads on your landscape, the Purple Leaf Plum is an excellent pick. This deciduous tree features magnificent deep-purple foliage and breathtaking blooms of puffy pink flowers in early spring.

Though it can be planted alone, this cold and heat-tolerant tree really stands out in accent locations and against green backdrops. This lets its purple foliage really stand out in your landscape.

The Purple Leaf Plum produces no fruit and practically no litter, which makes it an effortless ornamental tree too! This tree is an excellent addition to any space where intense color is desired.

Learn More about Fall Planting from Moon Valley Nurseries

Click here to learn which palms to plant this fall in Arizona.

Click here to find out why fall is the best time to plant in your region.

Click here for three design ideas that will instantly upgrade your yard and transform your landscape.



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6 Flowering Shrubs To Attract Butterflies

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 11/8/2019

6 Flowering Shrubs To Attract ButterfliesCreate a Custom Butterfly Garden in Your Yard

Few things are better than being outside on a beautiful day. Combine that with the majestic beauty of pollinating butterflies, and you have quite a sight to behold. Even with the fall planting season here, it’s never too early to start planning ahead for your perfect spring garden. Shrubs planted now will have enough time to establish themselves before the spring season. Once established, your shrubs can focus on producing bountiful and vibrant blooms of flowers. You, too, can bring butterflies to your landscape with the six great shrubs below.

Six Shrubs for a Butterfly Garden

cape honeysuckle b

Cape Honeysuckle

This drought-tolerant flowering shrub blooms abundantly from the fall through the spring. It is an excellent addition to any desert, or low-water landscape seeking beautiful colors of bright orange trumpet-shaped blooms. The Orange Cape Honeysuckle can be trimmed as medium-to-large bushes or hedges, and are frequently used as vines to cover posts or fences.

Click to read more about the Cape Honeysuckle



One of the most colorful plants around, the Lantana thrives in the hot summer months and blooms throughout the spring and fall in purple, white, pale yellow, red, gold, or pink colors. In the winter, the Lantana will drop its foliage and then re-leaf in the very early spring. The Lantana is one of the fastest-growing ground covers and is drought tolerant. 

Click to read more about the Lantana

Autumn Sage

Autumn Sage

This small accent shrub blooms beautiful red, coral or hot pink tubular flowers during the warm months in spring through the fall. This shrub needs protection from the sun and is best used in gardens, pots, rock gardens, and borders. Once established, the Autumn Sage is drought tolerant. 

Click to read more about the Autumn Sage


Texas Sage

A very hardy shrub for desert landscapes, the Texas Sage produces abundant lavender flowers in cycles that cover the entire shrub from late spring through the fall. The Texas Sage can grow in full sun, is cold hardy, and can be trimmed into shapes and hedges. 

Click to read more about the Texas Sage



This drought tolerant shrub performs well in full sun and displays blooms of red, purple, and pink from the spring through the fall. 

Click to read more about the Verbena


Chaparral Sage

A unique plant, the Chaparral Sage’s round balls of deep purple blooms stack up the bloom stems from spring through the fall. Drought tolerant once established, the Chaparral Sage looks best when planted in well-draining soil. Prune off the bloom spikes as the flowers fade to promote new growth. 

Click to read more about the Chaparral Sage

Visit a Moon Valley Nurseries Location Today

Planting now gives your shrubs a great opportunity to hit the ground running with beautiful blooms in the spring. When you visit one of our Moon Valley Nursery locations be sure to talk to our experts about ways in which you can get your flowering shrubs to bloom to the max and attract scores of butterflies to your landscape with any of our fertilizers. Our experts can help you figure out the best shrubs to plant for your region, your needs, and your dreams!

Right Tree, Right Place

Posted by Bo Barrett on 11/6/2019

Helping Phoenix Stay Green

red push pistache landscape

Moon Valley Nurseries plants over a million trees every year! Recently, we were invited to Partner with SRP and the Arbor Day foundations Right Tree, Right Place program. The goal of this program is to identify trees that are encroaching on power lines, causing potential hazards to SRP customers and the communities they serve. 

The program identifies the trees that need to be removed, SRP’s vegetation management removes them, and we provide THREE replacement trees for every tree removed! 

From the start of the program, in February 2018 to present, Moon Valley Nurseries has provided almost 1500 low-water power line friendly trees to Phoenix and Tempe parks, schools, and communities! With other central desert municipalities following, the RTRP program will continue through the next several years and help make a positive environmental impact on our community.

 Shade trees planted in our desert communities do so much for our urban settings. The goal is to remove potentially dangerous trees, but replanting right away helps accomplish the goals all Phoenicians have, which includes adding shade to provide cooler homes and yards! 

Planting these new trees will provide our communities with some fantastic benefits:

  •  Expands the regional shade canopy providing more shade and reducing the urban heat island effect.
  •  More trees mean fewer Carbon emissions in our air.
  •  Reduces the cost of managing vegetation in our communities.
southern live oak

Add Shade to Your Yard

You can accomplish this in your homes and gardens too! Plant a large shade tree on the south and west sides of your home to reduce heat and shade your home and driveway. Well placed trees can reduce energy costs by up to 10-15% annually. Planting deciduous shade trees will cool your home in the summer and let the sun come through in the winter to warm your home. Plant small-to-medium trees under power lines and closer to larger windows or patio doors to reduce the heat entering your house. You can plant palms around your pool in clusters to create shade canopies to cool down the deck around your pool. Planting tall hedges will help keep your yard cool and will also reduce noise and unwanted views. 

Design Shade with Moon Valley Nurseries

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 The right tree planted in the right place is essential to any functional landscape plan. Visit us today, and let’s get your new trees planted now to start cooling your home, saving money. Create a more beautiful and healthier landscape and a positive impact on Arizona with Moon Valley Nurseries. 



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Did You Know? [Aloe Vera]

Posted by Jessica Downs on 11/5/2019

Learn More about Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera Facts

Aloe Veras are popular plants in the Phoenix area due to their low water usage, making them perfect for desert yards that could use some extra color and beauty. They are native to the Southwest and love outdoor spots that will give them full sun exposure throughout the day.

Aloe Vera Medicinal Benefits

The Aloe Vera plant is also popular because of the medicinal benefits that come from the gel found inside their curving green leaves. Many people use them for skin conditions such as sunburns!

To learn more about our Aloe Vera plant, click here.

To find the location nearest you, click here.

For the best trees on Earth, go straight to the Moon.

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Benefits of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Posted by Jonna Altheim on 11/4/2019

Natural Ways to Take Care of Your and Your Homes


Aromas, whether good or bad, have a powerful impact on how we think and feel. People have been using natural plant oils, also known as volatiles, for thousands of years to improve their well-being from mental to even physical health benefits.  Studies even show that our sense of smell is closely linked to our brain's emotional response centers. It can directly associate a trigger from scents with memories of intense emotions.

So, what are a few easy-to-grow aromatic and medicinal plants that can be found in the greater Phoenix area? Let's start with a handful of edible basics that we all know and love.

Fruit Citrus2

Easy-to-Grow Medicinal and Aromatic Plants


  • Improves cognitive performance, decreases anxiety and eases depression, significantly improves cold and flu symptoms (pictured above).


  • Improves alertness, enhances memory, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Society Garlic

  • Lowers blood pressure and balances hormones as well as deters fleas, flies, and mosquitos.


  •  Boosts energy, aids in weight loss, alleviates stress, and decreases depression.


  • Decreases anxiety, aids with insomnia, eases depression, and restlessness (pictured at top).


  • Helps relieve indigestion, significantly improves cold and flu symptoms, aids in weight loss, and masks bad breath.

Now we've identified a few medicinal and aromatic plants and how they can help us feel better. Let's take a look into how they can be used for optimal care. Popular options are drying the herbs for year-round use or utilizing them fresh from the garden.

Using Plants for Maximum Medical Benefits

Drying herbs is an excellent method to be able to store them away for later use or to make into a few fun household items for maximum benefits. For example, they can be molded into delicious and easy to digest herbal teas to enjoy various benefits from throughout the day. They can also be crafted into dream pillows or closet sachets to keep clothes fresh, moths away, or assist with sleeplessness.

Another popular method is using the plants and making healing bath soaks to pull out toxins, alleviate sore muscles, and enhance healing. They can also be used for cooking or topical applications by infusing them into oils and balms. Lastly, aromatic and medicinal plants can be fashioned into safe home cleaning products for a more wholesome approach to get away from harsh chemicals.

Cooking with Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Fresh from the garden is one of the easiest and also most cost-effective ways to transform any home-cooked meal from basic to brilliant. There is also an added nutritional benefit to adding fresh herbs instead of dried herbs, as the drying process inevitably causes some loss in nutritional value.

From simply smelling amazing to topical applications or consumption, the options are endless when it comes to maximizing the benefits of health from Mother Nature right from your own backyard.

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There really is no better time to take control of how your own yard can benefit you and your family than right now! Stop in and chat with your local Moon Valley Nursery Professional today to discover the perfect design for your aromatic garden.


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