Should You Xeriscape Your Yard?

Posted by Eric Chapman on 8/9/2019

What is Xeriscape Landscaping?

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping where little to no irrigation is required. In some cases, this even includes maintenance. In Phoenix, this would include trees and plants that are native to our climates or other similar climates.

A misconception we often hear when customers are considering a xeriscape design is that they will not have any color or flowering shrubs and trees, but this is not the case. There are many varieties of plants and trees at Moon Valley Nurseries that can bring your yard color, flowers, and a natural desert look.

Benefits of a Xeriscape Landscape

There are many benefits to designing a xeriscape yard or property. For our region, it incorporates the natural beauty around us into our own yards so well! Two huge reasons to consider xeriscaping your yard is its minimal upkeep and water usage.

Conserving Water

Xeriscaping your yard with the right plants and trees will drastically change how much water you use annually. A typical yard uses about 20,000 gallons of water a year, and xeriscaping can potentially cut that down to half the water usage.

Minimal Maintenance

Xeriscape plants and trees love the sun and do not need much water. All you have to do is watch for weeds once in a while to be sure they aren’t damaging the existing landscape. Minimal pruning may be needed throughout the year, depending on your preference for a manicured or natural look.

Xeriscape Plants

golden barrel At Moon Valley Nurseries, we recognize that offering waterwise plant material is good for our environment, and that has made xeriscaping a design that has been growing quickly in popularity. We make sure that every Moon Valley Nursery offers a whole pallet of xeriscape options so that every customer can find what fits their needs.

Golden Barrel Cactus – This slow-growing cactus brings a bright golden hue to your landscape and grows perfectly round. (pictured)


Desert Spoon – This drought-tolerant plant produces silver-grey foliage that can grow up to six feet high and wide and is perfect for an accent piece in the landscape. 

Gopher Plant – Sometimes also called ‘Silver Sponge’, this upright-growing small shrub adds a unique look to a xeriscape design.

Red Yucca – If you want to make sure your yard has color that pops from down the street, this is an excellent choice. They bring texture to your yard as well as vibrant red flowers shaped like spikes at the end of the foliage. (pictured)

Xeriscape Trees

Desert Willow


Named for its resemblance to willows, the Desert Willow is a perfect xeriscape tree. This drought-tolerant water-wise tree performs well in any landscape in our region. The hardy Desert Willow handles extreme temperature ranges and produces exotic-looking blooms from May until September.

This fast grower requires little maintenance and does best with just enough water to keep it green and blooming throughout the warm summer months. The foliage can also offer light shade to plant material under or near the canopy.

Museum Palo Verde

museum palo verde bloom specimen (1)

The Museum Palo Verde tree is a popular choice for customers looking to decrease their water usage. This low-maintenance tree is easy to grow with full sun and minimal water. The Museum Palo Verde’s layered shade makes the tree allow light in your yard while providing very cooling shade for your home.

Another awesome feature is that this tree produces colorful, vibrant yellow flowers that cover the entire tree during the summer until fall. As this hybrid Palo Verde grows, the canopy will offer more shade, so you can plant ground covers or grass around the trunk.

Chilean Mesquite

ChileanMesquite in container

This hybrid Chilean Mesquite brings the classic desert/xeriscape look with a few beneficial surprises. For starters, this is a thornless variety of mesquite! No need to worry about hurting your hands when around this tree. The Chilean Mesquite has a wide canopy of soft, bright green, fern-like foliage covering its dark twisting branches.

No two Chilean Mesquite trees are the same as the branches always have a different growth pattern. The branches on this mesquite create a fun display of shadows through the night with landscape lighting. Available with single or multiple trunks, our drought-tolerant hybrids can fill many landscape needs with the versatility of being able to grow in the open desert, transitional areas and fits perfectly with the needs of a xeriscape-designed yard.

Get Your Free Xeriscape Design Consultation at Moon Valley Nurseries

There are many ways to be smart and xeriscape your landscape. Come see a design specialist to get started! Click here to get started.

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August Landscape and Garden Tips

Posted by Jessica Downs on 8/9/2019

Keep Your Landscape Healthy

Landscape moon valley nurseries

Time is flying this year and the summer season is already coming to an end. Now that people are coming home from vacation, kids are going back to school, and everybody is falling back into their regular routine, it’s time to check on your yard! Follow the tips below and make sure your yard is looking great and ready for any last-minute pool parties or a family get-together.

Watering Tips

Arizona, especially Central Arizona, is now officially in the middle of monsoon season. We have had enough rainstorms come through southern Arizona and the Phoenix area that every day feels a bit more humid than we are accustomed to for this area.

The extra rain over the last few weeks has helped our landscapes through some hot temperatures. It may have also severely thrown off your watering schedule for your yard.

If you have turned off, or paused, your sprinkler system, be sure to examine your lawn, trees, and plant material. Resume your watering schedule as you have been throughout the summer months. During more rainfall, monitor your landscape in case of potential instances of overwatering of any plant material.

For more watering information and instructions for new and mature trees, click here.

Fertilizing Tips

bottle of moon juice moon valley nurseries

Between the hot days and the tough storms, your lawn and landscapes could use some extra pampering and attention. This is exactly why we created, and love to use, our Super Charged Moon Juice.

Super Charged Moon Juice is a custom blend that contains a one-of-a-kind liquid technology. Moon Juice works great for all trees and plants in your landscape by boosting growth from the root system and helping plant material recover quickly from seasonal stress.

If your landscape consists mostly of palms, ask about our Super Palm Juice that was made specifically for the needs of palm tree varieties. It contains the same custom liquid technology as our Moon Juice. Palm Juice also contains a full nutrient profile perfect for all palms and other tropical varieties. This fast-acting liquid gets nutrients to the palms quickly for immediate optimization.

Tree Trunk Protection

Young trees, especially citrus, need protection from the sun during the summer months, when the sun is hotter and out longer! You can protect the trunk of a new tree from sunburn with a coat of paint or with specific protective tree wrap.

Click here to watch a Moon Valley Nurseries expert demonstrate both options properly.

Mulching Tips

Adding mulch to your trees and plants is perhaps the easiest thing you can do right now to give them a little help through the heat. If done right, a layer of mulch can even add to the curb appeal of your yard. Adding a few inches of mulch can help keep your soil cool during the warmer summer months and warm during the cooler days. Mulch is available at any Moon Valley Nurseries location. 

August Landscape Design Tips

crape myrtles

Crape Myrtle Tree

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer many varieties of Crape Myrtle trees that come in a single-trunk or multi-trunk form. The Crape Myrtle trees grown at Moon Valley Nurseries are superior thanks to mildew resistance, which you will not find anywhere else outside of our nursery.

In addition, the Crape Myrtle's foliage will turn a showy bright orange during the fall season. The flowers bloom throughout the entire summer with color options from red, white, purple, and pink ready to fill your yard.

tipu in container

Tipu Tree

The Tipu tree is one of the most popular trees we offer at Moon Valley Nurseries, and it is everywhere around the Phoenix Valley, from Chandler/Queen Creek to Glendale/Peoria. Tipus are fast-growing trees that have an upright growth pattern creating a large shaded area to the surrounding landscape or home.

These trees are also drought-tolerant, once established. They can handle even the hottest summer days. It produces a unique show of golden blooms from late spring and into early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery green foliage. If you are looking for shade, color, and a tree that needs minimal assistance to flourish, the Tipu is your tree!

More Moon Valley Nurseries…

Click here to learn more about some of our favorite desert trees to plant and which ones are exclusive to Moon Valley Nurseries.

Click here to find out which hedges might be perfect for your home for ultimate privacy.

Click here to find out how Moon Valley Nurseries can help with any Monsoon damage.


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Moon Valley Nurseries Desert Trees

Posted by Patrick Freytag on 8/2/2019

Desert Trees are the Best Trees to Plant this Summer

Our Trees are Acclimated to the Desert Regions

It’s a common misconception that you are not able to plant trees in your yard during the summer. With the scorching Arizona heat, it’s a rational assumption to make but we are here to tell you that it is absolutely not true! Moon Valley Nurseries custom-grows all our trees, including our desert trees, to adapt to similar climates that they will be planted in, which means while our competitors might not be excited to plant anything in the summer, we are! 

Fruitless Olive(Fruitless Olive Pictured)

In nature, our native trees such as Palo Verdes, Mesquites, Ironwoods, Joshua Trees and Ocotillo are already accustomed to our dry heat year-round. They will even repopulate all summer long because they have adapted to our environment and can handle the high temperatures and little water that the desert provides them. When grown at Moon Valley Nurseries farms, our desert trees grow under the exact same conditions but with custom fertilizer and advanced care that helps to enhance plant health, as it matures.

Overall, desert trees love the heat, need less water than most trees, and grow quickly with supplemental water (hose, irrigation, etc.) since they’re naturally used to low-water environments. Do not feel like you are nailed down to the native trees though! Moon Valley Nurseries has TONS of awesome desert trees to choose from such as:  

Fruitless Olive – Gorgeous evergreen shade tree that thrives in the desert sun and blooms cream-colored flowers from spring to fall.

Jacaranda – Exotic flowering tree with vibrant purple blossoms and fern-like foliage.

Vitex – Usually grown in multi-trunk form, this smaller-sized tree offers show-stopping bluish-purple blooms.

Sissoo – Fast-growing tree that creates tons of shade and loves growing in full sun and hot conditions.

Mulga Acacia – An evergreen that can be used as a small tree or a large bush, offering fern-style foliage and occasional yellow flowers.

Texas Ebony - Desert tree with unique twisting branches that add dramatic shadows throughout a landscape.

African Sumac – An evergreen that provides vigorous green growth all year and is easy to prune. Extremely durable to all weather conditions, once established.

These are trees that grow naturally in environments very similar to ours here in the Southwest. Since we grow all our trees here in the Southwest, they have lived their whole lives in the desert, which has acclimated them to our weather and made them even more resilient.

vitex in landscape


Our Desert Trees are Cleaner than our Competitors

Something that makes people shy away from these beautiful desert trees is the tendency for these trees to produce thorns or seed pods. Luckily, Moon Valley Nurseries offers hybrid forms of popular desert trees such as the Chilean Mesquite and Desert Museum Palo Verde.

These desert trees are seedless and thornless varieties that are only found in our nurseries. Being seedless AND thornless makes them a much cleaner tree than older varieties of Palo Verdes and native mesquites, so you don’t have to worry about poking yourself with any thorns anymore. In addition, some of our trees such as the Fruitless Olive, Mulga Acacia , and Willow Acacia are naturally clean trees!

Fire sticks 2-1

Desert Plants for your Yard

Want to add to your landscape but just don’t have the room for a tree? We have TONS of cacti, agave, aloe, and desert shrubs that are just waiting to be planted this summer! We have all the typical favorites such as Golden Barrels, Saguaros, Century Plants, Mexican Birds of Paradise, and Aloe Vera.

We also have more unique desert plants such as Yucca Pendula, Sticks on Fire (pictured above), and Gopher Plants! Want a cactus but don’t want the thorns? Try a Totem Pole!

Create a Colorful Xeriscape Landscape

Do you like the xeriscape look and a waterwise yard but worried it might be too bland? If you’re not a desert native, you might be surprised to hear that most cacti do actually flower, bringing that needed pop of color!

Make sure to check out Arizona’s crown jewel, the Saguaro (pictured below), which gets a beautiful crown of flowers around the late spring through early summer every year. That flower is the official state flower of Arizona and an awesome addition to any Arizona landscape.


Visit Moon Valley Nurseries

If you’re looking to get the yard of your dreams, don’t wait until the fall, come in now! My name is Patrick Freytag, and I’m a landscape designer with years of experience helping customers in the West Valley at our Peoria location, just off 83rd Avenue and Pinnacle Peak.

I have a passion for plants, and I love helping people find the perfect designs to suit their needs. If you live in the area, come see me and I’d love to help you design your dream yard! If you’re on the other side of town, head down to your nearest Moon Valley Nursery and ask for one of our very knowledgeable landscape designers to help you find the perfect plants for your landscape this summer!

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Top 3 Hedges to Give Your Home Privacy

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/26/2019

Add Privacy to Your Property Now

Privacy is one of the most important things to us and it is important that we get to come home to a place that feels safe and away from the world. Not only does that apply to your home, but also your yard.

If you feel like you do not have the privacy you want in your home, hedges are one of the best design options that will solve your problem and add even more benefits to your home such as a greener yard, higher property value, and increased curb appeal!

Whether you are looking for a pure green “living wall” or something more colorful, we have many hedge options to fit your design needs! Learn more about some of our top hedges that our Arizona customers love to plant in their properties.

Indian Laurel Columns

ficus columns-2

Indian Laurel columns, also known as ‘Ficus nitida’ are our top sellers when designing a formal privacy hedge. They are fast-growing and evergreen, which means they stay green and thick all year long! This giant hedge performs great when planted along property edges to block the sun, noise, wind, and any unwanted views.

The Indian Laurel hedge has lush, dense foliage and strong branches that can be pruned into almost any shape. Once established, these columns become very water-wise and thrive in full sun, which only adds to their appeal for Arizona property owners.





Oleanders are super drought-tolerant, so they are ideal for any landscape across Arizona. This tall, Oleander bush can be used, and looks great, as a colorful fast-growing privacy hedge. Oleander privacy hedges can be designed with different bloom colors such as red, pink, and white oleander flowers. They bloom from spring through fall, giving your home a lively “living wall”.

Because of their tolerance to drought, we love to use them in water wise, or low-water, designs. The oleander is a great addition to these types of yards because it brings foliage and colorful blooms and contrasts with the other plant materials around.



Bottlebrush Tree


The Bottlebrush tree, also known as the Lemon Bottlebrush tree, is one of few hedge options with such bright red pops of color. This evergreen shrub works as a colorful hedge that makes for a fantastic addition to any landscape. With a height and width span of 3-10 feet, these will surely grow into a gorgeous privacy hedge.

The Bottlebrush blooms in spring with some off-season blooms in the fall and can sometimes even go into the winter, creating a festive look. The Bottlebrush likes to be in full sun and only needs occasional deep watering, a bit more so in our hotter summer months.


Get Your Privacy Hedge Designed Today!

The first step to creating the perfect hedge for your yard is to come into Moon Valley Nurseries and check out the best hedge material grown locally to create your ideal privacy barrier.

The next step is to talk to a designer to get the best FREE design consultation in the industry.

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Start Cooling Down Your Home with Shade Trees

Posted by Clay Simms on 7/25/2019

Summer is here and with that brings intense heat into your home and yard. This is also the time that the kids are home from school, families want to bar-b-que and swim all day, and you want to do this comfortably! The best and quickest way to make your home perfect for outdoor entertaining is to incorporate mature shade trees into your yard.

Not only do these trees provide elegance and beauty to any landscape, they have amazing benefits when it comes to your home! Did you know a well-placed tree can cut your energy bill by as much as 40%? Mature trees are one of the easiest ways to not only save money each month but add value to your home as well. While many trees can create some shade, there are three that can help achieve these goals.

I understand our summers can be rough, but with the correct trees and placement, we can make it a little more bearable. The three trees I will be speaking on are all desert trees proven to perform very well here in Surprise and the general Arizona region. Not only will these options add an abundance of shade, but they are also incredibly reliable and look fantastic.

Chinese Elm ‘True Green’

chinese elm-1

The Chinese ‘True Green’ Elm is an excellent example of a tree to use when you want to add additional shade to your property. Not only are these trees fast growers, but they also have a broad canopy and fit well in most landscape layouts. The True Green Elm is a Moon Valley Nursery exclusive tree and has been perfected to maintain a beautiful shade of green and hold onto its leaves for longer into the year.

Chilean Mesquite


The Chilean Mesquite is another excellent choice when wanting shade, especially for desert or native landscapes. Another Moon Valley Nursery exclusive, these trees have been grown to be thornless and are extremely drought-tolerant. With layers of thick foliage and unique growth patterns, these fast-growing trees add personality to any yard and provide much-needed shade.

Ficus Indian Laurel

ficus tree

The Ficus Indian Laurel Tree is my top choice when it comes to providing shade. This Moon Valley Nursery exclusive is an absolute evergreen and provides dense shade all year long. This tree will enhance any landscape instantly with its dark green canopy and clean appearance. The difference can be felt immediately by simply standing beneath one. Proper placement of a mature tree will shade your home completely.

We are the Shade Tree Experts

With that being said, Moon Valley Nurseries is your shade tree headquarters! Allow our experts to come in, design your yard and set you up for success. You can also come into the nursery and we can design your yard here!

We design, deliver, plant, and guarantee all our products to ensure your yard is perfect and done right the first time. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have been shopping with us for years, you’ll notice the difference and quality as soon as you step foot in any of our seven valley locations.

Meet Clay Simms in Surprise

My name is Clay Simms, and I have been with Moon Valley Nurseries for well over six years! As the General Manager of our location in Surprise, AZ, I have worked on thousands of landscapes and acquired an extraordinary amount of knowledge for planting in the desert. I am here to share my knowledge and skill to as many people as possible and provide my customers with the best experience.


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What to do After a Monsoon Hits

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/23/2019

Moon Valley Nurseries is here to help you recover from the Monsoon season that we experience every summer. From growing trees to tree maintenance, we never stop working on keeping the trees in your homes and our communities in the best shape and health possible.

Use Moon Juice After the Monsoon Rain

Now is the best time to apply Moon Valley Nurseries custom-blend Super Charged Moon Juice to your trees and plants. Between Moon Juice and the added hydration boost they just received, your plant material is ready to thrive again and be stronger for the rest of monsoon season.

This incredible Moon Juice blend is comprised of every tree and plants three most essential micro-nutrients - Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. These are the three most critical micro-nutrients required by every plant, and these nutrients are typically deficient in the soil where we live. Moon Juice comes to the rescue because it not only has the three most essential micro-nutrients required; it also includes Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1), which has a beneficial effect on new plantings!

moon juice

Using Super Charged Moon Juice Can:

- Trigger growth response and nutrient uptake
- Enhance the ability to ward off possible diseases, infestations and infections from outside sources
- Helps plants prevent and recover from the stresses caused by extreme events such as storms, heat, frost, freeze, transplanting and other events
- Maximize overall tree and plant performance!

Order Moon Juice online and get it delivered straight to your home!

You can also find it at any Moon Valley Nurseries location near you! 

Woke up to Tree Damage? Call the Tree Care Division Today

Our Tree Care Division is ready to help you clean up your damaged trees and get them back to being healthy and looking gorgeous.

tree care FB

Our Tree Care team offers the following services:

- Trimming/Pruning
- Removal/Stump Grinding
- Fertilization 

Click here to learn more about our Tree Care Division and get an estimate for your yard today.

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Arizona State Tree: The Palo Verde

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/19/2019

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we carry multiple varieties of Palo Verdes so you can find the perfect option for you! Come to your nearest nursery and see them in person. Watch the video below to learn more about our state tree, the Palo Verde. 


The Palo Verde with out a doubt one of the most popular trees in Arizona. People love its greenish yellow foliage its something that you can eventually wean of water its ideal for desert landscapes, so easy to grow, so easy to take care of it grows really, really well here it grows in either a single trunk that will be a beautiful tree or a multi trunk that will add character to any landscape there are hybrid varieties that will give you a different color. There are hybrid varieties that will provide more coverage and less bloom so they’re great for any yard. Come to Moon Valley Nursery we will help you out with it.


The Classic Italian Cypress

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/19/2019

The Italian Cypress looks magnificent in any landscape and adds instant world charm to your yard or property. Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing hedge material from one of our nursery professionals.

The Italian Cypress. Such a tall slender shape, such a beautiful tree. It’s one of the true evergreens. Stays green year-round, little mess. You cannot get that Mediterranean look without having those Italian Cypress in there, whether your lining driveways or putting it behind a pool to give you that look that you are looking for. The Italian Cypress is without a doubt such a green drought tolerant plant that thrives out here in Phoenix. You’re absolutely going to love it.

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The Arizona Favorite - Tipu Tree

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/19/2019

The Tipu is one of our most popular trees to plant in Arizona. It is a tree that thrives in our desert environment. Listen to more of what our top nursery professional has to say about the awesome Tipu tree

The Tipu Tree. This is without a doubt one of my personal favorite trees. We call it a bullet proof tree. It grows fast. It thrives out here. It’s a really amazing tree. It gets beautiful golden colored flowers on them in the spring and fall beyond that it grows incredibly fast so its going to be a great shade provider gets a super wide canopy it’s a really really really great tree. A lot of parks and recreational areas are beginning to use this tree because of how well it does on its own.

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Ficus Indian Laurel Hedges

Posted by Jessica Downs on 7/19/2019

Need to design a hedge for your new home or property?

You cannot talk about hedges without talking about Indian Laurel Columns.


The Indian Laurel Columns is the only column that you could make the true Hollywood Hedge with. That’s when you go container to container to container with one trench to give you instant privacy, it’s probably the only tree that actually prompt a ton of growth through out the summer time so when were all dying in 120 this tree is loving it, taking it in and pushing out as much growth as possible. We as Moon Valley Nursery, we like to do our own things because we’re the grower we cut the middle guy. We take our own cuttings from our own mother trees and make exclusive Moon Valley acclimatized trees to your area. They provide such dense shade. It’s the cleanest tree you could possibly own. There’s not another tree that’s going to hit every mark for you and that is why the Moon Valley Nursery Column Indian Laurels is the best tree you could possibly own for any kind of privacy situation.

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