15-Month Warranty – Trees Make Life Better!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/20/2018

extended warrantyMoon Valley Nurseries is proud to offer the best warranty in the industry! Our incredible 15-month warranty is an excellent value for our customers. That’s right, with our industry leading 15-month extended warranty, you can feel more confident than ever purchasing the best trees on earth. This 15-month warranty is only available for a limited time, so act fast and rest assured that the best trees on earth will increase property value and make your life better!

You know what else makes this warranty so amazing? We will replace the tree during the 15-month period, no questions asked! No other nursery does what we do! Our warranty includes free double staking. Double staking is important because it supports the growth of the new tree and is recommended for high traffic and high wind areas.


What Comes with an Extended Warranty?

You might be asking yourself why this extended warranty is worth it. Well, first off, it includes free double staking if necessary, which is an up to $50 value! It also includes a 15-month warranty from the date of planting. Guess what else it includes? There is no charge for a return delivery/installation when the warranty is redeemed.

When Can the Warranty Be Purchased?

You will want to purchase the extended 15-month warranty before the installation date. Our nursery professionals will be glad to go over all the details. Visit your nearest nursery location and ask us about this limited extended warranty.

Buying trees from Moon Valley Nurseries is always going to be a great value. We value engineer all our trees so that you get the best quality tree at the best price. Visit us today and select the perfect trees for the perfect spot in your yard. Be sure to purchase our incredible 15-month warranty and let us do all the work!

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Steps to Successful Design Consultation: Ready, Set, Go!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/19/2018

customer_designIs there a right or wrong way to landscape your yard? The short answer is no. However, a good strategy is a crucial factor to success. Successful landscape designs can increase property value and make our quality of life better. A study by the Virginia Department of Horticulture found that you can increase the value of your home by up to 42 percent with well-designed points of interest in your front yard! Trees can change your life!


Look at Your Property as an Opportunity


For many of us in Arizona, we may feel overwhelmed about how to landscape our properties. After all, we have the challenge of getting plants to grow in our hot, dry climate without using too much water. The good news is that we are lucky to have many unique native desert plants that can thrive in our area.

We can work together to create a successful landscape design. We can get creative and have fun designing our yard to how you want it to look. We do not have to stick to just one type of theme, either. We can create a colorful desert courtyard or even create a lush landscape in the Arizona desert.

Our warm summers and mild winters provide us with the perfect place for year-round outdoor living. Pair a well-designed landscape with hardscape features such as a pool, built-in grill, or fire pit, and you can create your dream landscape. Enjoy your yard!


Come Prepared

Get ready for your nursery visit and landscape design consultation by coming prepared. Take some time to prepare and have a plan. Get inspired! A great way to get inspired is to take photos of the yards you love! Drive or walk around your neighborhood and snap photos of your favorite yards. You can also bring pictures from websites, magazines, and books to show to the designer. Having photos is an excellent way to get the designer familiar with the styles, plants, and colors that you love.

  • What part of your property do you want to landscape?
  • Does your existing landscape pose any problems or concerns?
  • How do you want to use your property?
  • Do you have any special plants you want to include in your design?
  • What is your budget for a landscape project?
  • What are your favorite colors?
  • Are you trying to block out any unwanted views or keep nosy neighbors at bay?
  • Do you have any themes you prefer?
  • Do you have any HOA restrictions?


Use our Virtual Landscape Designer

 DIY Designer-1Have you tried our Virtual Landscape Designer? This is our easy-to-use landscape design app that allows you to start planning your dream yard by using our drag-and-drop-tool. Upload a picture of your yard, and then drag and drop pictures of trees and plants into the spots where you want them. This fresh approach can help you have a better idea of a completed landscape project! Click here to try the Virtual Landscape Designer!



Nothing Beats a Visit to Our Nurseries!


Nothing beats an actual physical visit to our nurseries. Being able to see and touch the trees and plants you want in your landscape can inspire you. Once you select the perfect trees and plants, you can have a designer come back to your house. The designer will flag the yard and come back the next day so that the design is fresh on everyone’s mind.

If you don’t have the time to prepare, have no fear. Our landscape design specialists are professionals and will be glad to help you through the entire process. Best of all, our landscape design consultations are free at the nursery!

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Why Planting Trees is Important: Earth Day, Every Day!

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/19/2018

earth_1Copyright: 1xpert / 123RF Stock Photo

Plant a tree for Earth Day! Sometimes we need a little reminder that this blue planet we are on is vulnerable and that we have a responsibility to contribute to a healthier earth. Started in 1970, with April 22 being the designated date, Earth Day is something we can practice every day. We make it easy! Moon Valley Nurseries has trees available that can positively affect the environment! Celebrate Earth Day, every day!


Plant More Trees and Help our Environment


It is no secret that trees help the environment. We can think of trees as being the lungs of our planet. Trees create the air we breathe and filter air pollution. Plant more trees, it is one of the best things we can do for our local environment, and for our planet. Planting trees can improve our quality of life, too. The more we plant, the better!

  • Trees improve air quality. Trees produce oxygen. They store carbon to counteract the harmful byproducts of fossil-fuel burning.
  • Trees can clean the air by trapping dust, pollen, and other pollutants.
  • Trees can moderate the effects of sun and wind.
  • Planting trees in the proper place around homes and buildings can greatly reduce air-conditioning costs. Reduced air-conditioning use means less Freon, which is known to have a damaging effect on the ozone layer.
  • A tree can increase property value.
  • Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife.
  • Trees can make people feel good.
  • Landscapes full of trees can relax us, as well as help lower heart rates and reduce stress levels.
  • Trees can create shade!



Have Trees Professionally Planted for You


At Moon Valley Nurseries, Earth Day is every day. We plant trees daily! We custom-grow everything at our farms and nurseries so that they can thrive in our local climate. Best of all, we can professionally plant the best trees on earth for you! Below are some perfect trees to plant for Earth Day, and every day! Keep Phoenix beautiful, plant more trees!

arizona_ashArizona Ash: This ash tree variety can withstand hot and dry conditions, so it is an ideal shade tree for the Phoenix area! This deciduous tree is seedless, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of landscape applications. Specimen size trees can provide a natural umbrella of shade that can create a restful spot in your yard. Proper planting around a home can provide enough shade to lower the temperatures in your home, which can reduce AC use and make our planet happy! Plus, in the winter, these trees allow the warmth of the sun to hit your home! 


Berrinda-AshBerrinda Ash: We love this ash variety for its ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions in the summer and winter months. It can grow into a near-perfect shape. You will want to have this tree planted in your yard during the warmer months – it can provide dense cooling shade! Homeowners also appreciate the fact that it is seedless and requires little maintenance. In the fall, the small, dark-green leaves turn to a vibrant gold or bright yellow color! Add instant curb appeal and improve the look of your landscape with a Berrinda Ash tree.




Chinese ElmChinese Elm ‘True Green’: Bring maximum shade coverage to your yard by planting a specimen size Chinese Elm tree! The wide, umbrella-shaped canopy provides a massive amount of shade. Homeowners in Arizona can plant the ‘True Green’ strain, an attractive semi-evergreen with small, deep green leaves and an upright, rounded growth habit that looks fantastic in any situation. Families love this tree as it can create an idyllic picnic spot for celebrating Earth Day every day of the year. It likes growing in full sun and enjoys hot areas, so it is a perfect tree for Phoenix!




tipu tree bloomsTipu: Your search for a colorful shade tree ends here! Tipuana tipu trees are fast-growing trees capable of providing plenty of shade. This beauty is quite useful for all kinds of landscape applications. Feathery, bright bluish-green foliage and fissured bark texture add to its striking good looks. In the spring, a coat of golden blooms appears, creating a picturesque landscape scene that is sure to attract all the right attention. These trees thrive in intense desert heat, so they are perfect shade trees for any Phoenix area property!




indian_laurel_arizonaIndian Laurel: These evergreen trees have been a favorite in the Phoenix area for many years. It is easy to see why so many homeowners love to plant them on their property – they can add instant shade, privacy, and beauty! We like to use them as a privacy hedge to block unwanted views in style. During those hot, sunny days you will be running for cover under its wide spreading canopy. We also like to plant them near busy streets because they can act as a natural sound barrier. Ask any of our nursery pros about properly planting them around a home to reduce temperatures inside the house.

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10 Recipes That Can Make the Most of Limes

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/12/2018

limes_We are kind of obsessed with limes. With so many tasty recipes, how can we not be a little head over heels for the fruit that can add a little zing and zest to our food and cocktails? The high acid content and tartness make limes a powerful cooking ingredient.

Enhance cocktails, decadent desserts, and a rich meat dish with a squeeze of lime or a sprinkling of lime zest. The most widely used limes in the United States are Bearss limes. These limes feature a thin green rind, so they are super easy to squeeze and apply for a variety of recipes. Below are some delicious ways to use limes. How do you like to use them?


10 Favorite Recipes with Limes


  • Marinate a Whole Chicken. Use lime zest as a key ingredient for marinating whole chicken. We love to create a flavorful paste using them in the food processor with scallions, ginger, salt, and oil. Click here for a recipe from Martha Stewart.
  • Make a Lime Glazed Shrimp. Make a spicy glaze for broiled shrimp skewers. This recipe calls for lime zest and juice, honey, garlic, red-pepper flakes, oil, and salt. 
  • Make Lime Cilantro Rice. This easy recipe includes using lime zest, lime juice, and cilantro. Stir the mixture into the cooked rice just before serving and enjoy!
  • Make Lime Chicken Soft Tacos. Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot tastier! We like to create a lime chicken mixture using vinegar, lime juice, sugar, salt, pepper, green onion, garlic and oregano and serve it with chicken over a warm tortilla.
  • Add to Hibiscus Tea. Make your tea even more refreshing adding honey and lime juice to freshly brewed hibiscus tea.
  • Chile Lime Peanuts. Turn the heat up on your favorite cocktail companion, peanuts! Toss peanuts with fresh lime zest, Thai chilies, butter, sugar, and salt.
  • Make Margarita Cupcakes. Spice and spike cupcakes with lime zest, juice, and a tequila-spiked curd filling. These cupcakes are guaranteed to be a hit at your next Taco Tuesday or Cinco de Mayo party! Click here for a recipe from Martha Stewart!
  • Key Lime Pie. A favorite on both coasts, we can make an easy key lime pie. Combine egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and mix!
  • Frozen Margaritas. It is not a frozen margarita without limes! A frosty margarita can keep you cool during the dog days of summer. Grab a bunch of limes and squeeze to make fresh lime juice. You will need tequila, sugar, and lots of ice to blend into a tasty cocktail concoction. Top it off with a lime slice and enjoy.
  • Spring Lime Tea Cookies. No tea party is complete without cookies. These light and soft, buttery cookies are bursting with citrus flavor! Click here for a recipe!

Buy a Tree at Fruit Producing Age and Enjoy Limes Today!

The best way to enjoy the juiciest limes busting with citrus flavor is to buy a tree at fruit producing age. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we sell lime trees with fruit so that you can try your hand at making any of the recipes listed above!

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5 Hedges of Spring to Create Privacy

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/12/2018

ficus-nitida-column-36-row-with-alIf privatizing your yard is a top priority, these five hedges of spring can help! Springtime has arrived, and the weather is perfect for enjoying our front and backyards. We can create privacy and make our home a sanctuary to keep spying neighbors at bay. Best of all, we can create a private area without sacrificing beauty. Sounds good, right?


Privacy Hedges for Yards in Arizona this Spring


Privacy hedges are always going to be a welcome addition to yards in Arizona. We can plant hedges to block unwanted views, and many are ideal sound barriers. As a bonus, these hedges of spring can bring lots of color and shade to our arid environment. Adding a fence is always an option. However, a natural solution for privacy can also increase property value and is good for the environment.


Below Are Our Top Hedges for Spring Planting


AZ tree of week 31 ficus column  (9)
Indian Laurel Column:
These fast-growing privacy hedges are evergreen so they can keep their lush greenery and keep your yard private all year long. These columns are ideal for our Arizona climate – they are water-wise and thrive in desert environments! We can add plenty of greenery to the Phoenix urban desert, too. You know what else is great about these spring hedges? When strategically placed in the yard, they can create shade. Let's face it, in Phoenix, we can always use a shady spot outdoors. Add a green splash to your landscape and plant these columns to create an evergreen living wall for privacy!



Carolina Cherry:
Keep enjoying your yard in comfort this spring, no matter how close your property is to your neighbors. We like to use this ornamental tree as a sensational privacy hedge to help keep prying eyes away! This hedge of spring gets bonus points for their outstanding ability to tolerate heat, drought, and wind. With their bright-green foliage and fragrant creamy-white flowers, it is easy to see why this is a favorite privacy hedge throughout the Phoenix area. Bonus points for their near perfect shape and little maintenance requirements.



It is easy to see why these hedges are a common sight throughout the Valley. They can bloom showy bottlebrush-like flower spikes that can paint a landscape with blood red and blue-green colors. Yes, bottlebrush plants can certainly add a splash of color to our arid environment, and attract hummingbirds, too. You know what else they can do? These evergreen shrubs can also create a colorful privacy screen when several are lined up along a property line. Plus, their compact size makes them an ideal hedge for smaller gardens.



This hedge is super drought-tolerant, so it is ideal for any Arizona landscape. These can be used as colorful fast-growing privacy hedges with blooms that can add hues of white, red and pink colors to our yards from spring through fall. Hummingbirds love them when in bloom and we like to use them to create privacy all year long! Create a living fence and enjoy the beautiful flowers and dark-green leathery leaves that help to make this one of the best spring hedges for our area.




Italian Cypress:
Plant these columnar evergreens in a row and create an attractive natural property divider. We can plant these narrow fast-growing privacy hedges in our yards to bring the look of the Mediterranean to landscapes throughout the Phoenix area. Is space tight between your fence and your neighbor’s home? Thanks to their tall and narrow growth habit, they can be used in almost any location. We can also use them as a useful windbreak to block high winds. Line them up along a driveway and create a grand entrance! Their elegant and classy appearance makes them a landscaping favorite!

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Plant these Trees of Spring for Shade, Privacy and Beauty

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/5/2018

AZ_ASH_30box-650x650-MVNSpring has arrived, and it is the perfect time to start planting beautiful trees. The warmer weather and longer days have awoken our trees of spring. Trees can create a better living environment, add greenery to our arid environment, and offer respite from the heat. Trees will always be a welcome addition to the Arizona landscape. The temperatures are already starting to rise, and we are going to want to find a nice place to chill - and what better place than under a shade tree!


Trees of Spring Provide Shade, Privacy, and Beauty!


Shade trees and privacy trees – these types of trees can block unwanted views and create shade for relief from the hot sun, and they can also help increase property value! From trees for small spaces to drought-tolerant varieties, you can find the perfect tree at any of our Phoenix Moon Valley Nurseries locations.

Chinese Elm
Chinese Elm ‘True Green’ (Ulmus parvifolia).
The ‘True Green’ strain we grow features an upright, rounded growth habit that makes it an excellent tree for a wide range of landscape styles. Specimen size trees offer a wide, natural umbrella-shaped canopy that can provide a massive amount of shade. Attach a tire swing to the limbs or climb and explore a larger Chinese Elm – families love this tree! They also feature camouflage-like mottled bark, which is an added attraction that helps to make this a favorite tree for homeowners in Arizona.




Raywood Ash (Fraxinus oxycarpa ‘Raywood’).
These ash trees are seedless, so they are an excellent street tree! They can grow with a bold, round-headed form that can provide the right amount of shade, and if you want shade coverage now, buy specimen size trees. It is deciduous that can put on a show in the fall when the attractive dark green foliage transforms to a beautiful burgundy color. We also like to use them as a screen to block unwanted views in style!




Arizona Ash (Fraxinus velutina).
Native to the Southwestern United States, these cold hardy and heat resistant trees are ideal for yards in Arizona. These are deciduous shade trees, and they have gray-green leaves that turn to a bright yellow color in the fall. Since they are a seedless variety, we like to use them as a street tree that can add plenty of curb appeal to neighborhoods throughout the Phoenix area.



Majestic Ash (Fraxinus uhdei ‘Majestic’).
Large, glossy green leaves that stay greener than other as trees are just one part of its attraction. They are also seedless and low-maintenance, virtually pest-free trees! We like to plant them as an attractive street tree. If it is the shade you are after, a specimen size tree can provide plenty of coverage. Plant them to cool off hotter parts of a home or to create a resting spot to help cool off during those hot and sunny Arizona days.




Modesto Ash (Fraxinus velutina ‘Modesto’).
These attractive shade trees feature a high canopy so that they can provide shade coverage to a large area. They can help reduce temperatures inside a home with proper planting - ask us how! This deciduous shade tree features glossy green foliage that turns to a bright golden yellow color in the fall and creates a picturesque landscape scene. They get bonus points for heat tolerance, so they are ideal for growing in Arizona.

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April Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips for AZ

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/5/2018

April_Landscape_Garden_TipApril is here, and spring is in full bloom! Time to celebrate, and it is also time for our monthly landscape and garden tips! In Arizona, we are enjoying the beautiful flowers that add color to our arid landscape, and we are also enjoying all of the homegrown citrus and fruit, too. Springtime is also the best time to plant everything!

Time to explore our favorite hiking trails near Phoenix! We need to take care of our landscape before the summer temperatures skyrocket. Read some tips and chores from our nursery experts below.


Landscape and Garden Tips from our Nursery Pros to You


Control Weeds: Do not let the weeds take over your yard. Right now, is the time to get the weeds under control. No one enjoys pulling weeds, and even less so when it is blistering hot outside. You can find all the essential things you need for your weed prevention plan at any of our nursery locations throughout the Phoenix area.

Fertilizers: We are deep into the prime growing season. Continue to fertilize established roses. We will also want to begin fertilizing Bermuda and warm-season grasses.

Watering: The days are getting longer, and the weather is starting to get hot. We want to be sure to water our plants more frequently. Also, always remember to water deeply.

Mulch: Prepare your landscape with mulch before it gets too hot. We can add a few inches of mulch to keep the soil cool during the warmer summer months and to keep the soil warm during the cooler days.

Vegetable Garden: Homegrown food is healthier and can save us money, too. Keep planting vegetables such as beans, carrots, cucumbers, melons, peppers, squash, and sunflowers.

Pruning: Prune spring-flowering plants once they finish blooming. We will also want to thin-out flower seedlings now so that they can have enough space to grow.

Eliminate Pests: Insects and other pests may be lurking in the garden. Keep an eye out for aphids, spider mites and other pests that like to bug our plants and us during this time of the year.


Excellent Trees to Plant Now


If you are looking for a park-style tree that can provide a large amount of shade, any ash tree variety will do! Ash trees are the perfect tree for any landscape in Phoenix. The Arizona Ash variety can create a colorful landscape scene in the fall when the leaves turn to a vibrant yellow color. It is a deciduous shade tree - when the leaves drop, it can let the warmth of the sun in during winter.





Chinese Elm:
Once the sun is out and the weather starts to really heat up, you will be glad to have the massive amount of shade that a specimen elm tree provides! Our Chinese Elm ‘True Green’ strain features deep green leaves and an upright growth habit that looks beautiful in any landscape.





These colorful trees are a favorite throughout the Phoenix area. These trees are naturally accustomed to hot summers, so they love to grow in our area. They can put on a spectacular show when the golden blooms arrive from late spring and into early summer. Thanks to their feathery green foliage and an upright growth pattern, they can also provide a massive amount of shade. Enjoy the scene as the butterflies feed on the nectar it can produce.




Ficus Nitida:
One of the best trees for creating privacy is also one of the best shade trees you can find for creating shade! These evergreen trees love to grow where there is plenty of full sun exposure – they love Arizona! We can plant them around property lines to block unwanted views, and they are an excellent tree for a tropical theme landscape, too! That’s not all! They can keep their lush green appearance even in the most drought-tolerant landscapes. If you live near a busy street, we recommend planting these trees to act as a natural sound barrier.


Mediterranean Fan Palm:
A favorite Arizona landscape palm, the Mediterranean Fan Palm is ideal for planting near swimming pools or using them as a focal point in any yard. They are drought-tolerant and love the sun! These smaller palms look stunning when used as an accent plant against architectural features. They are also excellent for massing at the base of taller growing palms. Raise the wow factor to high lighting them up with spotlights and other types of night lighting.

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7 Plants That Keep Bugs Away from Arizona Yards

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 4/5/2018

Arizona-HomeThe days are getting longer, and the weather is perfect for going on a hike on one of the many trails in Arizona. The Arizona Diamondbacks are getting into the swing of things. We are prepping up our grills, planning family get-togethers, and getting ready for fun times outdoors. What about the bugs?
Don’t let bugs ruin your fun. Sure, we can use bug sprays to get rid of them. Using commercial bug sprays can be annoying, and it also means that we are spraying our bodies with chemicals that can make us feel icky. We can keep bugs away naturally - plants can keep bugs away!


Your Yard Needs these Plants to Keep Bugs Away

We have the plants that offer an organic way to protect yourself and your family from insects this spring and summer. As a bonus – we can use the herbs in our kitchen. Go natural!

We can grow Rosemary both indoors and out. It is a great herb for the kitchen, and other uses of rosemary are its ability to keep fleas and ticks away. Preparing a natural repellent is simple. Here is what you do. To prepare, boil about a kilogram of dried rosemary in one liter of water for about half an hour. Once boiled, strain the liquid into a liter of cold water. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Then, spray those pesky mosquitoes away.



Beautiful pale purple flowers are just a part of the attraction. A lavender bouquet can also help keep bugs away. Plus, their pleasing aroma can also help you relax. This same scent that helps us relax and makes our laundry smell lovely is also repulsive to flies, moths, and mosquitoes. The essential oils from this plant are one of the best ways to keep pesky bugs away. Plant them in a sunny spot in your garden or save a few bouquets nearby and enjoy the colorful scene without having to deal with pests. No doubt about it. We love to use lavender oil to repel insects!



In Arizona, mosquitoes are number one on the annoying bug list, and getting rid of them can feel like an uphill battle. This is where the almighty basil herb comes in. Mosquitoes cannot stand the scent of basil; they hate it! Basil is easy to grow, and you do not have to crush the leaves to reap the benefits. The oil in basil can kill mosquito eggs, too. We like to plant basil by our house doors and on windowsills. We also like to plant them on decks and patios. Beside repelling mosquitoes, basil can also keep houseflies away!



We can spot these beautiful decorative flowers rewarding yards throughout the Phoenix area with their vibrant colors. The scent of these plants can repel aphids and mosquitoes. We like to plant marigolds in a sunny location, and any place where you spend a lot of time outdoors. Plant them near doors and windows or on a sunny balcony or deck to keep mosquitoes from entering your home.



Repel unwanted bugs, such as spiders, mosquitoes, and ants with peppermint oil. Mint can quickly grow in the ground. However, we also like to grow them in pots. We can create a homemade mosquito repellent using a combo of cheap vodka and apple cider vinegar. We can also place mint pots around a patio and garden to keep mosquitoes away.





 Repelling mosquitoes is one of the many benefits of Camphor. Camphor works much like citronella oil – the smell of the leaves overwhelms and confuses mosquitoes, preventing them from biting you. Plant a Camphor tree and enjoy the sight and aroma!






The essential oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves can be very effective against sand flies. Eucalyptus oil can kill pests such as mites, aphids, earwigs, and whiteflies on contact. We can create a repellent spray by combining eucalyptus oil with half a teaspoon liquid dish soap and two cups of water.




Tips to Keep Bugs Away

Below are some simple tips anyone can use to keep bugs away. 

  • Get rid of stagnant water. Puddles are a breeding ground for bugs. Besides puddles, we will also want to empty out any buckets full of water.
  • Keep food covered. Have a picnic outdoors, especially under a nice shade tree. Bugs love human food, so it is a good idea to keep any food covered when eating outdoors.
  • Cover trash bins. Bugs love trash bins. Keep them covered and far from where you are outside.
  • Keep ants away. Ants love picnics. Rather than feeding an entire army of ants, we can use cucumber slices and chalk.
  • Citronella. Citronella oil can be used as a natural insect deterrent. We can use Citronella diffusers and make them using essential oils and beeswax, and we can also use Citronella candles.

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Types of Palms To Plant in spring

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 3/29/2018

mexican_fan_palm_farmSpringtime is here, and it is the best time to plant the palms of spring. By planting these palms, we can have the essence of the tropics in our backyard and live the good life. Thanks to the many types of palms available in our area, it can be a breeze. Let’s face it, palms look good anywhere. We can plant them poolside, lined up along a driveway, or create a tropical backyard retreat planting them in groups with varying sizes. Most palms have the bonus of being low-maintenance, self-cleaning trees, too, so just let them grow and let them do their thing!

Palms and the plants that complement them can add a touch of the exotic to your landscape. With dense planting, you can help bring the look of a tropical garden to any yard. Do you want to create some drama? We recommend planting bougainvillea. Adding vines can create drama, too. We also like to plant agapanthus and plumbago for a splash of color that blends well with palm trees. With the addition of a bamboo grove and tall palms, you can also create cool shade.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy your yard. The butterflies and hummingbirds are flitting about, and barbecues are getting fired up. Plant a gorgeous palm and enjoy the sunset with family and friends while it creates an impressive silhouette without blocking too much of your view!


Elegant Palms for Every Setting 

We can add a little slice of paradise to enjoy this perfect spring weather in our yard.  We can plant these tropical trees to transform the look of any yard very quickly. 

Mediterranean Fan Palm:
This small fan palm has an attractive multi-trunked habit with a compact crown of blue-green, fan-shaped foliage. They are an excellent choice for planting around swimming pools and spas. Brings the wow factor to any landscape when used as a focal point and lit-up with night lighting. We like to plant Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus, and Plumbago as beautiful companions.



Mexican Fan in Landscape 3
Mexican Fan Palm:
We love this single trunk palm and how easy they are to grow and maintain. This tree is the classic resort-style palm, and we have specimen size palms ready to bring the resort-style look to your property! We love how we can create a formal appearance by having the trunks skinned with a “cigar cut” effect.  We also like to use them as street trees and to create vertical effects in large gardens. These are cold hardy palms with salt tolerance so that we can plant them from the coast to the desert.


Piru Queen Palm:
These are specially-grown at our Moon Valley Nursery farms so that we can ensure their quality is the best you will find anywhere! Our Queen Palms have thicker, harder trunks as well as greener palm fronds and fuller crowns for a look that is superior over other Queen Palms. We like to plant them as focal points in a front yard where their grand appearance is sure to attract all the right attention. They can bring a tropical look and feel no matter where you choose to have them planted!

Date Palm:
We have resort-style date palms available and ready to bring a touch of elegance to any landscape. Our diamond-cut trunks add impressive formality and presence and can help transform a landscape into a luxury-style property! We like to plant them in groups or rows where they can create a stunning effect with plenty of shade, too!




Canary Island Date Palm:
These extremely durable and hardy palms are also known as the Pineapple Palm because of their unique pineapple-shaped crown. Ours are certified disease free and custom-grown so that they can thrive in any landscape. These are classic-looking palms with a very clean and formal appearance, which is why they are so prevalent in many upscale resorts. We can have them planted in our yards and bring the resort-style look to our yard. We like to plant them lining walkways, driveways, or poolside. They also bring the wow factor when planted in the front yard and lit up with night lighting!

Are you looking for a Coconut Palm in California? Visit Palm Paradise and our nursery pros will be glad to show you our beautiful Coconut Queen Palms! This tree is one of the most exciting new palms to hit the market in years! In fact, it is probably the hardiest tropical palm tree we have ever seen! This beauty is a result of hybridization – it combines the graceful look of the Kentia Palm with the versatility and vigor of the popular Queen Palm! 




We Do the Work!

Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to find the perfect palm tree type for springtime planting. We make it easy! Our professional planting team can do all the work so that you can come home to a beautiful yard teeming with the essence of the tropics!

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5 Best Purple Flowering Trees

Posted by Felipe Benavides on 3/29/2018

Jacaranda-4.pngWe can enjoy the beautiful sight of purple flowering trees on any size landscape! It is true. We can still enjoy all the benefits of these flowering trees even if we have a lack of square footage.

There is no doubt about it, flowering trees in shades of purple, violet, and lavender are an attractive addition to our landscape. Trees such as the Jacaranda mimosifolia are a favorite. We love seeing the purple blossoms as we drive through neighborhoods and as a bonus, these are also excellent shade trees.

Do you want to bathe your yard in the purple rain? Here are some of the five best purple flowering trees we can grow in our area. Spring is the best time to plant, so visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and allow our nursery pros to help you select the perfect colorful trees for your yard!


Purple Flowering Trees We Love!


Hong-Kong.pngHong Kong Orchid (Bauhinia blakeana): These gorgeous trees can bloom vibrant purple and white flowers with a pleasing fragrance. They are long-blooming trees, which also means that we can enjoy their abundant colorful flower display throughout the season. As a bonus, the flowers are sterile, so they produce no seedpods. These are an elegant addition to any landscape. We like to use them as a focal point in any yard. Specimen sized trees have an umbrella-shaped canopy that provides plenty of shade, too! We can grow these stunning specimens and bring much-needed landscape colors from the coast of Southern California to the arid regions of the Southwest.



jacaranda_blooms.pngJacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia): This is one of our best-selling flowering trees. It is easy to see why. These colorful trees have outstanding features – exotic, trumpet-shaped purple blooms and soft-feathery, fern-like foliage. These are fast-growing trees that can provide filtered shade. We like to plant them near patios, courtyards, and decks. These are stunning specimen trees, whether we plant them in a water-wise yard or urban garden. They are also excellent street trees and front-yard flowering trees that can add instant curb appeal.


texas_mtn_laurel_bloom.pngTexas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora): We love the display of fragrant violet-blue flowers that bloom in spring. Some say that the flowers smell like a favorite grape drink, oh yea! They are small showy trees, and they can fit in a yard with limited space. We like to plant them in a sunny patio, front entryway, and in any spot where we can enjoy the fragrant spring blossoms. These are also water-wise trees that thrive in warm, bright, arid environments.



purple_leaf_plum_flowers.pngPurple Leaf Plum (Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius'): This deciduous tree produces a profusion of showy light pink flowers in spring. The color does not end there. This remarkable tree also features exceptional dark purple foliage that helps to make it an ideal small, color accent tree. We like to plant them in front yards, where they are sure to attract all the right attention. We can also plant them in pairs to flank gateways and driveway entries in style. They can also be planted in an orchard-like row to create a stunning privacy screen. These ornamental trees can make a bold and beautiful color statement no matter how we choose to plant them!

Crape_Myrtle_purple-1.jpgCrape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia): These versatile trees are also one of the best flowering trees for our area. They are incredibly colorful when in bloom! These beauties love the heat. In fact, when the hot weather arrives, expect your yard to be decorated in beautiful shades of color. These ornamental trees offer extraordinarily long and reliable bloom cycles so we can enjoy the show from spring through fall! In fact, the show lasts all year thanks to their interesting, colored, mottled trunk bark. We only grow the best varieties for our area, so be sure to visit your nearest location and select the best variety for your area.


Professional Landscape Design Consultations

Purple is one of the best colors to have in your yard. Allow our professional landscape design specialists to determine the perfect spot to plant any of these purple flowering trees on your landscape. With free professional planting available, it cannot get any easier to create a colorful yard with the best flowering trees on earth!

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