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Citrus and Fruit

Creating a Backyard Orchard
By Kyle Shipp on April 1, 2020

The simple things in life are often overlooked. Who would have thought that the grocery store would be the circus it is today? You can avoid the stores more by adding citrus and fruit...

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Landscape Tips Spring Tips

Learn and update your landscape
By Paul Popoff on March 30, 2020

Are you feeling cooped up? Have a little more time on your hands and possibly looking to entertain your kids during COVID-19? With more parents stepping into the role of teacher, now is a...

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Design Tips Spring Tips

How to Create a Healing Garden
By Paul Popoff on March 27, 2020

Create a perfect escape in your own backyard! Nothing feels better than being able to escape to a place that makes you feel at peace and happy, especially right now with everything going...

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Citrus and Fruit Spring Tips

Edible, yet sustainable home Landscaping is BOOMING!
By John Pavlik on March 20, 2020

Typically, this time of year, we see a huge increase in demand for all trees and plants that produce edible fruit, nuts, berries and more. This is normal as springtime progresses.  This...

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Design Tips

Create Your Own Staycation in Your Backyard
By Jessica Downs on March 16, 2020

Top Trees, Palms, and Shrubs to Create the Perfect Staycation Design Right now is the best time to plant and design your custom landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries is always ready to help...

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Spring Tips

Investment that's Guaranteed to Grow!
By Kyle Shipp on March 16, 2020

During these trying times everyone’s searching for investments that are sure to grow. If that is you, then look no further! Moon Valley Nurseries guarantees all of their trees and plants...

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Landscape Tips Design Tips

By Jessica Downs on March 13, 2020

EXPERIANCE OUR SERVICE AND QUALITY AT THE MOON Moon Valley Nurseries started with one small location in a neighborhood just north of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, known as 'Moon Valley.' From...

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Moon Valley Nurseries Guide: Moon Green
By Jessica Downs on March 13, 2020

Amazing Soil Acidifier Plus Iron, Zinc & More! Moon Green is perfect for plants that are suffering from iron chlorosis (yellowing leaves) or high soil alkalinity (anemic growth, low...

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Landscape Tips Design Tips Tree Highlights

Italian Stone Pine - Moon Valley Nurseries Select
By Paul Popoff on March 11, 2020

Italian Stone Pine Pinus pinea Italian Stone Pines, also called Mediterranean stone pines or umbrella pines were first described over 260 years ago. These conifer trees have been c...

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Tree Maintenance

3 Important Ways to Take Care of Your Trees
By Jessica Downs on March 6, 2020

Proper Tree Care for Perfect Trees in Your Landscape Trees are great additions to any landscape and even greater investment for your home! Investing in proper tree care is also critical...

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