The Art of Winter Watering: Essential Tips for Plant Care

The Art of Winter Watering: Essential Tips for Plant Care

By Terra Penn on December, 8 2023
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Terra Penn

As the winter season arrives, the importance of correctly watering trees and plants cannot be stressed enough. One respected name in the nursery & landscape industry that understands the significance of proper winter watering is Moon Valley Nurseries. With our expertise, we've witnessed firsthand the positive impact of appropriate watering during this time of the year.

Winter can be a challenging season for trees and plants, as the cold weather, frost, and potential lack of rainfall can cause stress and damage. It is important to remember that just because the plants are not actively growing or producing flowers, they still require water to survive. Water is the elixir of life, even in the dormant season. 
Moon Valley Nurseries emphasizes the significance of correctly watering trees and plants during winter to ensure their health and vitality. We understand that under-watering can lead to desiccation, where plants lose more water than they can absorb, resulting in damage or death. On the other hand, overwatering can lead to root rot, as the excess water hampers oxygen uptake by the roots.

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So, how can you strike the right balance for your yard? Moon Valley Nurseries suggests using the "soaker hose method" for efficient winter watering. Place a soaker hose around the base of the tree or plant, allowing it to slowly and evenly deliver water to the roots. This method helps to ensure that the water penetrates deeply into the soil, reaching the root ball and providing essential hydration. 
Moreover, it is important to monitor the moisture levels by checking the soil. Moon Valley Nurseries advises checking the moisture content of the soil a few inches below the surface. By using a soil moisture meter, or a tensiometer, gardeners & landscapers can accurately determine the need for watering. This eliminates any guesswork and prevents over or under-watering.
Another vital aspect to consider during winter watering is the timing. Moon Valley Nurseries recommends watering early in the day to give plants enough time to dry out before freezing temperatures or nighttime arrives. This prevents the risk of frost damage, which occurs when water on the leaves or stems freezes, causing cell damage and compromising plant health. 

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In addition to the proper timing, we also stress the significance of watering deeply and infrequently rather than giving small, frequent waterings. Deep watering stimulates root growth, as the roots are encouraged to extend deeper into the soil in search of water. This creates a stronger, more resilient root system that can withstand the challenges of winter and summer.
Moon Valley Nurseries highlights the importance of correctly watering trees and plants during winter to maintain their health and vigor. By using the soaker hose method, monitoring soil moisture levels, timing waterings appropriately, and watering deeply, one can ensure that their plants thrive even during the dormant season. With our expert guidance, Moon Valley Nurseries continues to be a reliable source for all your winter watering needs. Remember, healthy plants in the winter lead to beautiful blooms when spring arrives.

Still have questions about watering? Give us a call or visit your local nursery & speak with an expert today! 
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