Frost Proofing Tips From The Professionals

Frost Proofing Tips From The Professionals

By Terra Penn on December, 15 2023
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Terra Penn

Frost cloths have long been used in the agriculture and gardening industry to protect plants from the chilling effects of the winter cold. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we understand the importance of using these cloths to ensure the health and survival of our plant material throughout the cold season.

One of the main reasons why we utilize frost cloths is to prevent frost damage to our trees and plants. When temperatures drop below freezing, plants can suffer from a variety of issues, including frozen or damaged tissue. Frost can disrupt normal cellular functions and can lead to irreversible damage or even death of the plant. By covering our plant material with frost cloths, we create a protective barrier that helps to maintain a stable temperature around the plant.
Frost Cloth
Frost cloths work by trapping heat. When we cover our plants, the cloth creates a microclimate by trapping the heat radiated from the ground. This trapped heat helps to raise the temperature around the plant, preventing frost formation or reducing its severity. Additionally, frost cloths also provide insulation against cold winds, further shielding our plants from the harsh elements.
Another advantage of using frost cloths is their ability to allow air and moisture exchange. While the cloth prevents heat from escaping, it still allows for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, as well as moisture to reach the plant. This is crucial for the plant's metabolic processes and overall health.
At Moon Valley Nurseries, we carefully select frost cloths that are specifically designed for horticultural use. These cloths are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and repeated use. They are also lightweight and easy to handle, allowing us to quickly and efficiently cover our plant material when frost is expected.
Small Tree Covered With Frost Cloth
To ensure maximum protection, it is essential to properly install the frost cloths. At Moon Valley Nurseries, our team of professionals are well-trained in the correct installation techniques. We ensure that the cloth covers the entire plant, from ground level to the top, without causing damage or undue stress to the plants. Often people are caught unaware of the issues at hand and at the last minute they throw a tarp or something over their plants to help. While it is good to do anything to protect your plants, the right frost cloths do the best job for the task.  
The use of frost cloths on your plant material is crucial for their survival and overall health. These cloths provide a protective barrier against frost, maintaining a stable temperature and preventing damage to the plants. As a nursery, we want to ensure our plants look great for our customers, but we want this knowledge to be used by our customers as well, so their investment last as long as possible.  With proper installation and careful selection of high-quality cloths, we can ensure that your plants thrive even in the coldest winter conditions.

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