The Succulent Plant: Creating Succulent Gardens

The Succulent Plant: Creating Succulent Gardens

By Felipe Benavides on April, 26 2018
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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

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Succulents (2)

We can use the coolest succulent plants to create succulent gardens. These gardens let us enjoy a colorful yard filled with a broad range of diverse plants. The bonus is that the succulent plant can thrive in our local climate! Best of all, succulent gardens do not require too much water, time, or effort to look good. These types of gardens are not just water-wise. Succulents are also an excellent choice for firescaping. Use them to create a buffer zone in SoCal landscapes and to add curb appeal!

You know what else is so great about succulents? We can plant them almost anywhere - in pots or the ground. These plants are like living works of art! One of the most strikingly beautiful succulents is the coral reef-like Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire.’ And if we want to create a sea of blue in our garden, we can plant Senecio serpens ‘Blue Chalk Sticks.’ All succulent plants look cool. Match the cool looks with water-wise, fuss-free, color, and sculptural features, and it is easy to see why succulent gardens are the new stars of the landscaping world.


Tips on Growing Beautiful Succulents

Once we have selected the succulent plants we want, we also need to be sure to give them the proper amount of light and water. Below are some tips on growing beautiful succulents.

How to Water Succulent Plants: Though succulents can store water and can go for long periods without water, they do need watering throughout the year. Be sure to deep water to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Succulents hate to have wet feet. In fact, too much water can kill them.

What Kind of Soil: It is essential that succulents be planted in good drainage soil. As stated earlier, they do not like wet feet! Adding compost, sharp sand or pumice is an excellent way to improve the soil. If you plan to keep them in a container, be sure there is a drainage hole.

How Much Light: Succulents are sun worshippers. Of course, too much sun and heat is not recommended, even for a succulent plant. Protecting succulents with afternoon shade in the warm, summer months is an excellent way to protect them.

Fertiilzer: Succulents are built to withstand extreme conditions. Of course, all plants could use a little help. Desert Juice is a Xeriscape specific formula made for succulents. Infused with Calcium and Furst Liquid, this exclusive formula can strengthen our cacti, agave, and succulents – maximizing performance to create a stronger plant structure and keep them looking healthy and green! Click here for more information on this beneficial fast acting liquid!


Create a Succulent Garden with these Types of Succulents

We can plant a wide range of unique species in our succulent garden. We can design a rock garden with succulents. In fact, these are some of the best plants for rock gardens. The planting possibilities are endless. So, what are some of the coolest succulents? Look for Agaves, Aloes, Euphorbias, Echeveria. Guess what? We can arrange them like artwork and take our landscape to the next level!

FIRE_STICKS_red_tipsSticks on Fire (Euphorbia tirucalli): Sticks on Fire transform a succulent garden with a look that is straight out of an underwater scene! The coral reef-like features make this a standout in any landscape. These are one of the best plants for rock gardens, too. Their shallow root system makes them easy to plant into tight spots between rocks and boulders. These are also one of the few plants that thrive in stressful situations. Most the year, these cool-looking plants are green and orange. However, when the stress of winter arrives, the tips of this Euphorbia turn to a fiery red color!



BLUE_FINGERS_Blue Fingers (Senecio serpens): Many people think that this succulent plant resembles chalk sticks, hence its other common name, Blue Chalk Sticks. Plant them next to other succulents in the garden and watch how they “pop” in the landscape. Yes, we can create a sea of blue by mass planting them in our yard! And during the intense summer heat, the tips of these plants can turn purple. Do you have bare spots in your landscape? Use them as a natural carpet to cover up that bare spot!




Blue-Glow-AgaveBlue Glow Agave (Agave ‘Blue Glow’): Get into the glow, the Blue Glow! These natural beauties feature dramatic blue-green foliage, and the foliage is edged in burgundy. Their architectural look and colors make a bold statement anywhere we plant them. Use them in any water-wise garden and enjoy the glow of Blue Glow Agave. These agave's are a suitable choice for any coastal garden, too. We can also use these succulents as part of a firewise landscape design and help create a buffer zone. A perfect choice for xeric, contemporary, or Mediterranean garden styles. 



mexican_firecracker_Firecracker Echeveria (Echeveria setosa): Are you looking for a succulent that can make your landscape “pop” with color? Look no further! This is one Firecracker that pops with color. You will want to celebrate when the spikes of red and yellow flowers appear in spring and early summer. This dramatic color rises above the fuzzy, gray-green foliage. Hummingbirds love the show, too! This is a durable and drought-tolerant succulent that is also suitable for adding to any firewise landscape design. A good choice for any rock garden, too. 



AEONIUM_PURPLE_QUEEN_Aeonium ‘Purple Queen’ (Aeonium manriqueorum): Purple haze in your yard! One of the best ways to add a splash of purple to your garden is to plant an Aeonium ‘Purple Queen.’ Unlike low-growing succulents, this plant grows upright and rises above the ground. This plant is sure to make passersby stop in their tracks. The large purple leaves with a light-green, tight rosette center are picture worthy.  And as these plants age, the purple leaves become darker and more beautiful. We can also plant them in rock gardens and as a suitable addition to a firewise landscape design.



Growing Succulents Outdoors

We have been growing succulents outdoors in our local climate for years. We have the coolest succulents on the planet! Don't forget to ask us about our succulent bowls!

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