The Best Palms for Shade Around Your Pool

The Best Palms for Shade Around Your Pool

By Felipe Benavides on August, 20 2021
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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

The Best Palms for poolside shade

Summertime in California is pool time! Palms are some of the best trees for pool landscaping. They can turn any pool area into a lush, backyard tropical retreat. Besides helping to create a backyard tropical oasis, palm trees can create shade so that you can enjoy your pool no matter how hot and sunny it gets outside.

One of the best things to consider when planting around the pool is choosing a clean palm, one that does not drop fruit. Slower growing palms that are easy to maintain are a smart choice for the pool area, too.



We can plant palms in a group or clusters so that in addition to creating shade, they can also make an ideal privacy screen. Make a splash! Enjoy the sunset while it creates an awe-inspiring silhouette without blocking too much of your view! Read about our top picks to plant around your swimming pool!

_piru_queen_palms_Piru Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana

A favorite palm for homeowners in California, whether you have a pool or not! They have non-invasive roots, so feel free to plant Piru Queen Palms poolside. Besides being safe for the pool area, these majestic beauties feature dark green palm fronds that can create a comfortable space with plenty of shade. Their tropical appearance helps to create a resort-style vibe in your yard – perfect for cooling off from the heat in style. Speaking of the hot weather, these are some of the most durable palms you will ever see. They are very heat-tolerant palms and will require low to moderate water requirements once established.


Pindo-With-Gustavo-650x650-MVNPindo Palm

Butia capitata

These durable and hardy palms feature silvery/blue-gray leaves that arch and recurve towards the ground. The Pindo Palm's distinctive look is like no other palm! They thrive in a location with full sun exposure, and they look fantastic planted around the pool, where they create shade and a beautiful place to relax and cool off from the heat. 





Mex-Blue-Fan-24Box-650x650-MVNMexican Blue Fan Palm

Brahea armata

Plant a Mexican Blue Fan Palm and add texture and color accents that add interest to any landscape. These slow-growing palms feature dramatic silver/blue-colored fronds that can bring much-needed color to our arid environment. Plant them near the pool! They can create plenty of shade, so we recommend planting a few along a fence line where they can become a beautiful tropical hedge, too. 




_mediterranean_fan_palm_Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis

We love to plant this palm in the pool area! They have non-invasive roots and do not drop fruit! Mediterranean Fan Palms are beautiful resort-style miniature fan palms that can add plenty of interest no matter where you plant them. They are excellent for planting around the patio area so that you can kick back and relax after a dip in the pool and admire its bluish-gray fan-shaped fronds and unique multi-trunk vertical growth habit. Use this palm to fill in empty spots between large trees or install lighting to create a dramatic silhouette that is sure to attract all the right attention.




Sago Palm

Cycas revoluta

We can add lots of greenery to our environment by planting Sago Palms. These are very interesting-looking cone-bearing plants that are sure to get a conversation started when friends are hanging out poolside. We love to plant them near the pool because they are super clean with very little maintenance required. They are water-wise and work in all landscape styles – from tropical to xeriscape yards. Larger sized Sago’s can create shade thanks to their elegant, arching fronds that are unlike any other!



Quad-Trunk-Pygmys-In-Landscape-CA-650x650-MVNPygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii

One of the best palms you can plant around pools is the Pygmy Date Palm. There are one of our most popular selling dwarf palms! They are very clean and thrive where it is hot and sunny. There are plenty of landscape application possibilities. After all, their dwarf growth pattern and non-invasive roots allow them to be planted in tight spaces around patios, courtyards and of course, pools.




Allow Our Landscape Design Specialist to Help You Create a Tropical Paradise! 

Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location and see these incredible palms for yourself! Our nursery professionals will be glad to help you select the ideal palms to plant around the pool. We can do all the work – from design to delivery and installation. We value-engineer our products, so you get the best-quality trees at the best price! 


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