Can we grow more than one fruit on a single tree?

Can we grow more than one fruit on a single tree?

By Blog on June, 27 2022
Citrus and Fruit

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Are you considering growing fruit trees in your yard but can’t decide which one? Maybe you have limited space and are torn between types of fruit. What would you say to a fruit tree that bears several kinds of fruit at once? It may seem too good to be true, but you really can grow more than one kind of fruit on a single tree.

How is this possible? It’s done by grafting, a method of asexual plant propagation. With grafting, one or more new types of fruit can be grown on an existing fruit tree. The fruits must be in the same family for this to work; you can’t grow oranges and apples on the same tree. One of the beautiful things about these kinds of trees is that the fruit maintains its own flavor and other characteristics, including ripening time. This means that the different types of fruit on your tree can ripen at different times, so you’ve got a longer fruit harvest.

Of course, trees with multiple other branches grafted onto them can be a little bit high-maintenance. A fruit cocktail tree, for instance, has four types of fruit and requires frequent pruning to keep the different types of fruit in balance. Without pruning throughout both the dormant season and the summer, the tree may become out of balance, with one variety of fruit growing much more vigorously than the others. This dominant fruit can hog the nutrients and keep the other types of fruit from growing. These trees don’t need much fertilizer, and they should have deep, infrequent watering.

One easy to grow tree with different fruits on it is the Fruit Salad Tree. Boasting plums, apricots, and peaches, this sun-loving tree is perfect for warmer climates. The 3-in-1 Apple Tree is also a great option for the Southwest. It features three different varieties of apples and shows off in early spring with beautiful, fragrant blossoms. Self-fruiting and easy to grow, this medium sized tree is a fun addition to any garden.

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