Create Your Own Staycation in Your Backyard

Create Your Own Staycation in Your Backyard

By Jessica Downs on March, 16 2020
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Top Trees, Palms, and Shrubs to Create the Perfect Staycation Design

Right now is the best time to plant and design your custom landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries is always ready to help our customers complete any project like the perfect yard for staycations! Our designers can help turn your yard into a custom dream vacation.

We are available for phone orders at every nursery and online where you can chat with a live nursery professional. They can walk you through the type of style you want for your new vacation landscape, help you pick out the best trees for your staycation goals, and have them tagged and delivered to your home with free planting. It's as simple as that!

There are many landscape styles to bring the vacation to you every day. Many customers love the vibes of far-away places, like a tropical vacation in the Hawaiian Islands. Some customers might like the comfort of privacy, like camping in secluded woods. Wherever it is, imagine your favorite place in the world and bring it to you today!

Create a yard that you love spending time in with friends, playing games, swimming all day with your kids, reading a book on the patio, and even taking some well-deserved naps. Not only will you have the best yard, but you'll also dramatically increase your home value, as high as 28 percent with JUST this home improvement.

The pros at Moon Valley Nurseries can bring your staycation to reality in one day. Ready to start designing a private paradise, a colorful garden, or a tropical oasis? Find out what our pros recommend for our region.

Design a Private Paradise with Hedges and Shade Trees

The best part of designing your perfect staycation backyard is being able to get outside for some fresh air in your own private space. With added shade trees and hedges around your home, you won't have to worry about any nosy neighbors being able to bother you or your family.

Our nursery pros recommended the best shade trees and hedge material, so you can enjoy your time at home in the ultimate bliss. Keep reading to pick out the best trees for your new secluded paradise. 

Ficus Nitida

Ficus Nitida trees

Our Ficus Nitida trees are super green beauties that can instantly create privacy in your yard. These evergreen trees add a lush green background and provide plenty of shade to your yard and home. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have multiple variations of the Ficus Nitida, including single-trunk, multi-trunk, and column form for the perfect hedge.

ficus columns

Ficus Columns

These fast-growing privacy hedges can keep their lush greenery all year and bring a new level of privacy to your home. These columns are ideal for our local climate. Add a green splash to your landscape and plant these columns to create a living wall for privacy!

fruitless olive

Fruitless Olive

Fruitless Olive trees can produce plenty of shade to any area of your yard. They keep their leaves all year long, which makes them ideal for adding privacy and blocking unwanted views. They can also be planted as a focal point with landscape lighting that shows off their unique structure of Fruitless Olive trees.



These fast-growing shade trees bloom bright golden flowers that can cover the entire canopy. For the amount of shade provided, combined with moderate water use, Tipu trees are always a sure bet when seeking full shade coverage. Their canopy also helps block more views around your home thanks to their high reach.

Purple Plum

Purple Leaf Plum

Purple Leaf Plums are an excellent choice for adding a focal point to your landscape. These trees feature mesmerizing deep-purple leaves and blooms of puffy pink flowers in spring. They are tolerant of heat and cold and can be planted anywhere in your yard for a pop of unique color. 

Create a Tropical Resort in Your Yard with Luxurious Palm Trees

At Moon Valley Nurseries, you will find hundreds of varieties of palm trees that can transform your yard into a private resort for your family. Below are a few traditional palms you often see at stunning high-end resorts. These palms will give your staycation that "wow" factor that will amaze your family, friends, and neighbors.

Piru queen palm

Piru Queen Palm

Our Choice Select! Piru Queen Palms are specially grown at our farms across the Southwest. Our custom Piru Queens produce hardier trunks, greener fronds, and fuller crowns than other varieties. These palms have a narrow trunk that can squeeze into tight spaces around your pool or into other snug areas in your landscape.

Med Fan Palm

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Mediterranean Fan Palm trees are great palms for our hot summers and cool winters. These slow-growing palm trees grow in multi-trunk form, adding a unique look to the landscape. They can also be planted in containers to bring a tropical element to your patio or garden areas.

pineapple palm

Pineapple Palm

Pineapple Palm trees produce wide fronds to create more shade for your resort-style pool landscape. Pineapple Palms love the sun and are often planted around resorts and hotels. These palms will look amazing when planted alone or in a group planting with other palms to create a natural tropical look for your yard.

date palm

Date Palm

Date Palm trees are the ultimate pool palm tree thanks to how much shade they can bring to your yard. Their wide fronds create a fuller canopy that can cool down your pool or patio. These drought and heat-tolerant palms are often planted in rows or groupings around shopping centers, stadiums, and most resorts around the country!

Windmill palm

Windmill Palm

Windmill Palms are one of the most durable palms in the world and thrive in heat, drought, and cold weather. These tough palms are regularly used as a focal point around pools and patios. With their small-to-medium height, Windmill Palms can be planted near larger palms to create a fuller, natural look to the landscape.

Add Bright, New Colors to Your New Staycation Spot

Trees and Palms can instantly transform your yard into your custom staycation destination. To complete your new design, we recommend adding shrubs that will bring new color, depth, and texture to your landscape. Our nursery pros recommend some beautiful shrubs to add to your new favorite vacation spot.



Bougainvilleas love the heat and become very drought-tolerant, once established into the soil. These heavy bloomers produce flowers from spring through fall, which brings an entertaining show of color to your yard all year.



Hibiscus plant varieties produce flowers of various colors from red, white, pink, yellow, and orange! These tropical shrubs will stand out under a group of palms or planted in front of a hedge for a layered look.



Lantana shrubs are one of the most colorful plants for our area. You can also find them in different varieties like our trailing Lantana, mounding Lantana, and bush Lantana to give you the exact look you want to create. They bloom from spring to fall, renewing your yard with each new bloom cycle.

tropical bird of paradise up close

Tropical Birds of Paradise

Tropical Birds of Paradise are sun-loving tropical shrubs that are perfect for filling out a landscape around palms and bringing that vacation right to you. Their large banana-shaped leaves and orange flowers filled with blue accents bring your tropical staycation to life.



Plumbago is a remarkable shrub that produces sky blue flowers starting in spring through the fall season. This fast-growing shrub can be planted anywhere as ground cover, colorful filler, and even a low unique hedge!

Roses Close Up


Roses perform exceptionally well in our region and can grow great in full sun environments. There are hundreds of varieties of roses to choose from, so you won't have trouble finding the perfect roses to make your home the perfect vacation destination.

Fire sticks 2

Sticks on Fire

Sticks on Fire have an interesting coral-like structure that gets better looking in stressful situations. They often explode with color from winter to summer with bright fiery red/orange and green colors until they go back to a lighter green hue. Our pros recommend adding Sticks on Fire to add more color or a unique addition to your design.

In-Store and At-Home Landscape Design Consultations Available

Moon Valley Nurseries is open and ready to help you create a custom staycation landscape that you will never want to leave! Our experts have decades of experience and will be able to assist you with any and all projects. Click here to find a nursery near you today! 

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