What to Expect the First 90 Days After Planting

What to Expect the First 90 Days After Planting

By Brad Howard on October, 1 2019

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Brad Howard


First, I'd like to say congratulations on your new trees and making your yard dreams come true! Now let's dive into what to expect and how to care for your trees within the first 90 days, which is the most critical time while your new tree has found its new home. 

Your new trees go through quite a bit in those first 90 days. During those 90 days, the roots will start taking to the ground and absorbing essential nutrients and water in the soil. The first week or so after new planting, the trees need to be watered every day. We recommend saturating your soil to depths of two to three feet and at least as wide as the tree. 

When we install trees, we create a tree well around it for additional help with proper watering so filling that up will be very important during this phase. Then after that initial watering, you're going to transition to the watering instructions that you received with your purchase, which is located on the back of the receipt. You can also click the button below to see our online watering guide for new trees.

Watering Basics for Your New Trees

The watering recommendations are just that; recommendations. Every yard has different soil conditions and sun exposure. It is a good idea to monitor your trees regularly to notice any issues as soon as they appear. 

soil and water conditionerThings to look out for between watering sessions is if your soil is still wet and damp when it comes time to the next watering schedule. If it is, your soil isn't draining properly, which means it is dense. You can continue to apply more Soil and Water Conditioner, which will loosen that soil. If your trees are having the opposite problem and your soil looks super dry, increase your watering time by a few more minutes or gallons. 

Another thing you should keep an eye out for is standard plant shock. This shouldn't last long at all and some trees won't even go through it, but in the event It does it will present itself typically in a few ways. 

You might notice the leaves start to brown at the tips, usually due to salt burn. This can happen if your soil has high salt levels. Do not be alarmed and continue to water and use Soil and Water Conditioner and the tree will fix itself.


Another common sign of transplant shock is slight wilting after planting. Continue to follow the first-week watering schedule, and you will see you tree perk up and go right back to normal. 

Lastly, yellowing of the leaves usually indicates an iron deficiency. This is common when it has left its old environment, and the tree is getting used to its new home and soil conditions. Applying the Moon Juice and Soil and Water Conditioner will speed up the recovery process and let the tree absorb the best amount of Iron for it.

Visit Brad in Surprise

My names Brad Howard, and I am currently the Yard Manager for our Surprise location. After serving 12 years in the United States Army, I found myself a new home with Moon Valley Nurseries. I take pride in serving our community and environment. I am overall responsible for over six acres of inventory and keeping all plant and tree life thriving and healthy until it finds a new home within our community. 

We hope you love your new yard and if you have any questions, reach out to me or any of our teams here in the valley. We will help you make any adjustments needed to keep your trees thriving and your yard beautiful.

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