Why Hedges are Perfect for Any Landscape

Why Hedges are Perfect for Any Landscape

By Felipe Benavides on June, 29 2018

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Felipe Benavides

Felipe has been working in the Nursery and Garden center for many years and bring extensive knowledge to trees, plants, and landscape design.

hedges-az-caThe perfect yard should always have privacy in mind. After all, if your goal is to spend lots of quality time outdoors with your friends and family, the last thing you want to worry about are nosy neighbors getting into your business. And, if you have children, private yards can provide some peace of mind when our kids are playing outside. We want to be able to let our kids play in a safe place, away from the eyes of strangers. Hedges are the perfect solution for creating a secure and private play area for everyone in your family!

  • Can block unwanted views
  • Can help reduce road noise
  • Can help create a private landscape
  • Can create shade
  • Can be used as a windbreak
  • Add value and beauty to yards


The Perfect Yard Always Starts Out with Privacy


We know that no two landscapes are the same. Some properties have huge backyards. Some yards are much tighter. There is a solution no matter what size yard we are working with. Hedges such as Indian Laurel Columns and Italian Cypress are perfect for planting in tighter spaces and creating privacy. Block that unsightly view with something beautiful – plant hedges!


Hedges Can Create Shade, Too


Planting hedges around a property line does more than create a private area. That’s right. Hedges can also create some of that cool and comfortable shade we need during our blistering hot sunny days of summer! And, guess what? When hedges are installed properly around your home, they can help lower the temperatures inside your home. Lower the heat in your house, reduce energy use and save money!

When it comes to hedges, shade and privacy are definitely high on the list of attributes.  That said, hedges are also highly effective windbreaks. Also, if your property is next to a busy road, our fully-grown hedge specimens can help reduce sound from the street, and may even block that bright street light that keeps you up at night.


Our Top Hedges for Arizona Yards!


To take full advantage of hedges, we recommend buying them as big as you can. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we are your privacy hedgequarters! We have the largest and nicest-looking hedge specimens that you will find anywhere, ready to create privacy, shade, beauty, and much more!

ficus-nitida-column-36-row-with-alIndian Laurel Columns (Ficus nitida columns): One of the best hedges you will find anywhere is our Indian Laurel Columns. We like to plant them to create a living wall of privacy. These evergreen beauties can create an instantly private landscape and are the ideal choice to create a perfect yard. They thrive in desert environments and are water-wise, so they are well-suited for Arizona landscapes. As a bonus, homeowners love them for the massive amount of shade that they can add! Go ahead and enjoy some time in your backyard. Relax, unwind, or have fun, and do it in the shade, without nosy neighbors getting into your business. Plant these Ficus nitida columns in your yard and take in the dense green foliage that adds a splash of color to our arid environment.


bottlebrush_2Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus): Plant this evergreen in your yard and create a colorful privacy screen! The Bottlebrush features showy blood-red bottlebrush-like flower spikes that can paint your yard in hues of red! The red blends in beautifully with the blue-green foliage. Line them up along a property line to create a living wall brimming with color. Hummingbirds are attracted to the fragrant flowers, so kick back and enjoy the spectacle of birds humming in your private yard.




Oleander_logoOleander (Nerium oleander): Arizona homeowners know that they can count on this colorful, fast-growing hedge to create privacy. Summertime yards are more exciting thanks to the blooms of white, red, and pink flowers that occur until fall. They are drought-tolerant, so they are ideal for any water-wise landscape. Beautiful flowers and dark-green, leathery leaves make this a top choice for use as a living privacy fence. We like to plant them so that they can block unwanted views in style!




golden_bamboo_slide_2Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea): Golden Bamboo is a must-have in any Zen garden. Also, in your personal Zen garden, you are going to want to eliminate any unsightly visual distractions to keep yourself at peace and one with nature. Bright yellow stalks and lush green leaves grow together to further enhance the feeling of a tropical Zen garden, complete with privacy. It's easy to create a living wall for privacy when planting Golden Bamboo. These plants grow fast in a clustered growth pattern that creates a barrier in no time at all. Function meets beauty!



hopseedHopseed (Dodonaea viscosa): This native desert shrub has a similar growth habit to Oleander and can be used as an attractive hedge or privacy screen. Unlike Oleander, there are no colorful flowers. However, Hopseed more than makes up for that thanks to their bright green evergreen foliage that is sure to add vibrant greenery to any yard. They look fantastic and can block unwanted views growing in their natural form or pruning them into a formal hedge. They are very drought tolerant, so they are perfect hedges for any yard in Arizona. Feel free to use this sun-loving shrub as a tall, narrow screen or hedge.



Hedges are a welcome part of any landscape all year long. A natural fencing solution can increase property value and is always going to be good for the environment. It’s summertime, enjoy your yard with shade and privacy! Moon Valley Nurseries has the hedges you need. We do all the work, too!

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