How to Prevent, Control, & Remove Aphids & Other Insects

How to Prevent, Control, & Remove Aphids & Other Insects

By Garrett Cleverly on March, 22 2017

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Garrett Cleverly

Garrett Cleverly is versed in all native and non native species of plants, trees, succulents, and cacti that grow throughout the southern region. Garrett has a love for gardening and all things outdoors.

Tips from our nursery pros for an aphid and insects free yard

How to Prevent, Control & Remove


The spring season is officially here and while you're out on your neighborhood walk enjoying the nice weather, the blooming flowers, the smell of citrus, and birds chirping you may notice the spring bugs on a neighbors landscape or even worse your landscape!

There is no need to stress as bugs are everywhere this time of year and there are ways to prevent, control and remove them. In this blog, we'll be taking a look at the Aphid, which is a sap-sucking insect that is a small and can be found in almost any climate, and other insects that are enjoying a free lunch every day on your landscape. 

How To Prevent Aphids & Insects

There are a few ways to prevent aphids and other insects and please remember that every landscape is different. Some practices may not work in your landscape or on the aphids you are trying to prevent. 

Ladybug.pngOne option is to attract ladybugs to your landscape. They will eat the aphids and insects that may cause damage to your landscape. Keep in mind that ladybugs are just like humans. They will go to where the food is. You may have some ladybugs one day next day and then the next day aphids and insects show up. There are a few plants that attract ladybugs like the Marigold, Alyssum, and Geranium to name a few. All of these are available at Moon Valley Nurseries locations.

Another way to prevent aphids and insects is companion planting. A few plants to consider at strong smelling herbs (basil, oregano, rosemary etc.) that can deter them and other plants like mustard and nasturtium, which aphids are especially attracted to. Remember, that each and every landscape is different. Some prevention methods may work and some may not work. Always best to do a trial-and-error and to record your results. 

How To Control & Remove Aphids & Insects

Let's pretend that you were gone for the weekend and aphids and insects have literally overtaken your landscape. What do you do? Well there are a few options our nursery professionals recommend.

Fertilome.pngSystemic insecticides
Systemic insecticides are tools usually used when a homeowner has a difficult time removing the aphids and insects from a particular tree or shrub. When applied, the plant will soak up the systemic insecticides in the soil and then it will be transported through the plant. Insects that feed on the plant will then digest the systemic insecticides. We wouldn't recommend using this on garden veggies or fruit and citrus trees. Download your Insecticide Coupon today!


Remove Ants Colonies
Ants are amazing insects and one of the amazing things they do is that they farm aphids. And no, were are not kidding. Some species of ants will carry the aphids into your trees. If you see this happening, a way to control the aphids is to remove ant colony. 

Physical Removal
If buys don't totally creep you out, just reach your hand into the problem area and remove the aphids and insects. Best to always be safe, so wear a pair of gardening gloves. 

waterhose.pngWater Pressure
This is pretty straight forward. Take the garden hose and spray the aphids and insects off. Now, we do not recommend you do this to young or tender shrubs and trees. This method can be quite effective.

Soap & Water
Put a few tablespoons of dish soap and hot water into a spray bottle. Simply just spray the mixture on the aphids. IT IS IMPORTANT to know that this removal will also harm and possibly kill beneficial insects. We recommend using caution when doing this as you do not want to take out the ladybugs in your landscape. 

Moon Valley Nurseries is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. Our experts have decades worth of experience and they will be able to assist you with any and all projects you may have. Click here to map a nursery near you.

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