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Monthly Landscape & Garden Tips For California (June)

Posted by Garrett Cleverly on 6/7/2017
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While the majority of the country is starting to heat up in June us Southern Californians are enjoying these perfect 70 degree and partly cloudy days. SoCal residents aren't the only ones enjoying this fantastic weather as everything in our landscapes is benefiting from the yearly June Gloom. 

The June Gloom creates ideal conditions conducive to amazing plant growth. The cool nights and the overcast yet humid mornings that give way to sunny and warm afternoons are the near perfect conditions planting trees and shrubs of all varieties.So if you're thinking about planting, do it this month. Those newly planted trees and shrubs will have ample time to become established before it starts to heat up in July, August, and September.

As we do with every month, below are a  few tips and planting recommendations from our nursery pros. 

  • Watering: It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather as temperatures could start to climb up toward the end of the month.  Always remember to deep water. Small and short applications are ineffective. Long and slow applications are best as you want the water to penetrate deep into the soil. Not only does this help the tree right away, but it also helps in the long term development of the tree and it can make a tree less susceptible to drought.  For more information on deep watering practices download our water guide help you get a better idea on how to just take care of your landscape.
  • Deadhead Your Roses: If you're wanting to keep those roses looking all season long be sure to deadhead them, which is super easy. You want to prune just below the flower and above the next set of new growth (five-leaflet leaf). Always be sure to cut at an angle.
  • Fertilizer: Give the trees, palms, and shrubs a boost with a custom blended fertilizer from Moon Valley Nurseries. Our fertilizers are designed to trigger growth responses and supplement the essential micro and macro nutrients that plants need to thrive in Southern California.  We have fertilizers for everything on your landscape. From palms, to fruit and citrus, to flowering trees. In addition, we also have fertilizers that can assist in the material on your landscape that is still recovering from any stress. These can be purchased at all Moon Valley Nursery locations or online
  • Mulch: A super easy way to keep the soil moist all summer long is to apply mulch around the base of the tree. Adding a few inches of mulch can help keep your soil cool during the warmer summer months and warm during the cooler days. Mulch is available at any Moon Valley Nurseries location
  • Annuals For Instant Color: Give that dull spot in your landscape a splash of color with annuals from any of our Moon Valley nurseries locations. Map a location near you

Below are a few trees our experts recommend planting for this month

Everyone has been asking us what those stunning flowers are around town and we always know which ones they are talking about. It is the Crape Myrtle and they do look amazing. They bloom in red, pink, white, and purple, and our custom grown Crape Myrtle trees are mildew resistant. They are also drought tolerant and will bloom with large clusters all summer long. In the fall, the foliage turns a golden, orange, and red. It can handle full sun and it a great addition to any landscape seeking giant bursts of color.

One of the best shade trees available in Southern California, the Tipu is a great addition to any landscape not only because of its shade benefits but because it is fast growing, drought tolerant, and has beautiful golden blooms from late spring to early summer that contrasts beautifully with its feathery bright green foliage. The Tipu has low water requirements once established and is semi-evergreen. This is a great tree to plant in a play area for your children.

ash-3.pngMajestic Ash
The Majestic Ash trees we have at Moon Valley Nurseries are far superior to what you will find anywhere else. These are a grafted cultivar that is grown especially by Moon Valley Nurseries for decades, what makes these trees even more spectacular is they do not produce a seed thanks to the expert growing process. That means minimal clean-up throughout the year. The foliage is super shiny when in normal winters the foliage can stay. Once established, this is a great water wise tree and can be beneficial for erosion control if you have a hilly home in the Southern California area.

ficus-14.pngHollywood Hedges
Ficus Nitida | Japanese Privet | Carolina Cherry | Podocarpus | Italian Cypress | Japanese Blueberry | Bamboo
Our customers are always asking us about natural privacy and we always point them to our "Hollywood Style" hedges. They are called "Hollywood Style", because as the growers, we're able to grow the biggest hedge material you will find in Southern California. Our hedges are so big and so thick that you will be able to block out an unwanted view from a neighbor's house or even a light on the street in less than a day. Above are a few select varieties we offer for our "Hollywood Hedges". Be sure to click on them to learn more.

museum-1.pngDesert Museum Palo Verde
The Desert Museum Palo Verde is quickly becoming one of the most popular trees in Southern California for three reasons. It is one of the best water-wise trees on the market, it grows a great canopy of shade, and it has some of the most spectacular blooms throughout late spring and summer. These trees have been planted everywhere. We even saw some planted on the exit ramp on the 55 when heading into Costa Mesa. You are guaranteed to love this tree and it will for sure turn heads in your neighborhood.

Known for its exotic and vibrant purple blossoms, the Jacaranda loves the intense summer heat and is a great addition to any landscape seeking shade. When in bloom, purple blossoms cover the entire tree making it an ideal focal point for your landscape. The growth patterns of this tree vary from upright, single trunk trees to wider, spreading canopies when multiple trunk trees are planted.


king-1.pngKing Palm
King Palms are some of the best palms to plant around pools, tropical landscapes, or as focal points in front of a home. As the King Palm develops, it produces a great canopy of shade and when it comes to color, the King Palm is one of the best palm varieties for Southern California. The trunk is smooth with a lime-green crown shaft and a brown trunk that shows the growth rings. At the top, dark-green fronds rarely drop below the crown shaft adding a rich color that makes the lime-green crown shaft pop.

queen.pngPiru Queen Palm
The Moon Valley Piru Queen is specifically designed for our climate. They are custom grown at our farms to be extra hardy in heat and cold. These palms have distinctive appearances compared to other palms that you will see and their thicker trunks and fuller crowns make these stand out when compared to the rest. Plant the Piru Queen Palm wherever you want to add tropical flair. These palms are great planted in groups to help provide shade and are awesome in tight planting locations.

One of the most colorful plants around, the Lantana thrives in the hot summer months and blooms throughout the spring and fall in purple, white, pale yellow, red, gold, or pink colors. In the winter, the Lantana will drop its foliage and then re-leaf in the very early spring. The Lantana is one of the fastest growing ground covers and is drought tolerant.



Everyone should know what a Hibiscus flower is. These flowers can be seen everywhere in Southern California. However, if you're looking for a little something different, consider a Hibiscus flowers from Moon Valley Nurseries. We have them available in the classic red color, but also in yellow, white, and pink.



star.pngStar Jasmine
Sought out for it dark-green oval shaped leaves and large amounts of white star-shaped flowers, the Star Jasmine is a versatile shrub that has many landscape applications. Depending on the need for your landscape, the Star Jasmine can be a ground cover, raised planter, or wall cover. It blooms heavy amounts of flowers in late spring to early summer that give off a very fragrant smell.



yellow.pngYellow Bells & Bells of Fire
Commonly called Yellow Bells, this shrub can grow 8 feet tall and wide. Yellow Bells display many yellow, trumpet-shaped flower clusters starting mid-spring all the way to winter. This shrub is drought-tolerant and is very fast growing. Yellow Bells are great for focal points, fence or borderlines, and color accents in a desert and tropical landscape. To maximize blooming cycles, be sure to prune off dead blooms occasionally.



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