3 Moon Valley Dwarf Hedges to Plant in Your Yard Now

3 Moon Valley Dwarf Hedges to Plant in Your Yard Now

By Jessica Downs on June, 17 2019

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Jessica Downs

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Find the best dwarf hedges for your yard

from our moon valley team in Arizona 

Every Moon Valley Nurseries professional can answer any, and all, question you have about our trees and other plant material, whether you call or come into the store. We are always ready to help you find the right tree for your yard.

Learn more about Yaupon Hollies, Japanese Boxwood, and Dwarf Myrtle shrubs from our VP of Operations for Arizona, Sal Bracale. Sal has been with Moon Valley Nurseries since it was founded in 1995 and knows everything there is to know about trees and plants for Arizona.  

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Video Transcription:

"Hi Guys. This is Sal with Moon Valley Nurseries. And today we’re talking about some dwarf hedges. So, we get a lot of customers that have similar requests. We’re going to discuss three really common options that we use for homes. If you’re looking for a nice hedge under a window, lining a walkway maybe even curve along a driveway, a  very formal hedge you can use in a beautiful landscape. These are three great choices. So, these are Dwarf Yaupon Hollies, real compact, no blooms, real nice small, dark green leaves to them. Beautiful plants take all the sun in the world. Right next door here we have what’s called Japanese Boxwood so a little bit more of a round leaf to them. Again, a very formal hedge. Great, easy to maintain and trim any shape if you want to keep it square or rounded that’s them. And right next door to those here are these Dwarf Myrtles. Dwarf Myrtles have an even more compact leaf yet kind of triangular in shape. They have a brief little white flower but most of the time your trimming these and shaping these where you really don’t see the flower. And these are the same plants you see used at Disneyland and places like that. So, in the Southwest of the United States, Arizona, Nevada and California climates, these are three great hedges you can use and put them anywhere in your property. You’ll really love them, they’re hardy and you’ll get great plants and of course they’re available right here at Moon Valley Nurseries. So come down and see us."

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