Moon Valley Nurseries Privacy Hedge Guide For Arizona

Moon Valley Nurseries Privacy Hedge Guide For Arizona

By Terra Penn on December, 27 2023
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Terra Penn

Selecting the perfect privacy hedge for your home can often feel overwhelming, given the array of tree and shrub varieties available. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we've streamlined this process with our exclusive Resort Style Hedges. These hedges, known for their exceptional density and height, are the premier choice in our region for creating a secluded oasis in your backyard and landscape. For more insights, our Ultimate Guide to Privacy Hedges is a valuable resource to help match the perfect hedge to your specific landscaping style.

But Resort Style Hedges offer more than just privacy. They're excellent for obscuring unwanted views, serving as a natural sound and wind barrier, or defining property boundaries. Additionally, many of our hedge varieties boast vibrant, large blooms in a show of colors. Below, you'll discover our carefully curated selection of Resort Style Hedges, each chosen for its ability to transform your yard into a stunning, private retreat.


58Ficus Nitida

Ficus Nitida trees at the top of the list for homeowners as the go-to choice for formal landscape hedging. These versatile hedges are a popular pick among our clients for creating natural barriers along property lines. They excel in blocking sunlight, reducing noise, shielding against wind, and obscuring unwanted views, all while adding remarkable year-round beauty to any property. The Ficus tree is known for its robust foliage, which is not only adaptable to topiary-like shaping but also resilient in the face of summer heat. Its dense leaf coverage makes it an ideal option for those seeking enhanced privacy in their outdoor spaces.



59Japanese Blueberry

The Japanese Blueberry stands out as an aesthetically captivating evergreen, prized for its dense and lush foliage that maintains its striking color all year round. This makes it an excellent backdrop for a variety of contrasting flowers and shrubs, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your garden. Adaptable and resilient, the Japanese Blueberry flourishes in full sunlight and demonstrates remarkable cold tolerance. Its versatility and robust nature have made it one of the most favored hedge varieties available. Whether as a standalone feature or part of a diverse landscape, the Japanese Blueberry hedge is an outstanding choice for any garden design, bringing both beauty and hardiness to your outdoor space.



60-1Wax Leaf Privet

The Wax Leaf Privet offers a perfect blend of evergreen beauty and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized spaces. Its compact size and tidy growth habit make it particularly well-suited for courtyards in smaller patio homes. One of the distinct advantages of the Wax Leaf Privet is its cleanliness, allowing it to be planted near pools without concern for excessive leaf drop. Whether used for creating private nooks or adding greenery to constrained spaces, the Wax Leaf Privet is a versatile and elegant choice for any landscape.



62-1Italian Cypress

The Italian Cypress is an iconic choice for formal entrances, borders, and backdrops, instantly recognizable by its lush green foliage and slender, upright form. Perfectly suited for creating narrow privacy hedges, these trees are a top selection for those seeking an elegant yet efficient screening solution. Adapting beautifully to sunny climates and requiring minimal water, the Italian Cypress is a favored choice for crafting slim privacy hedges and stately rows in a variety of landscapes. Its ability to grow tall without taking up much horizontal space makes it ideal for areas where ground space is at a premium. Whether used to line a driveway or define a property boundary, the Italian Cypress adds a touch of Mediterranean elegance to any setting. 


Our selection of Resort Style Hedges at Moon Valley Nurseries offers unparalleled density, height, and beauty, ensuring that your outdoor space becomes a private haven, harmonious with your aesthetic preferences. From the practical benefits of sound and wind reduction to the aesthetic appeal of lush foliage and vibrant blooms, our hedges are meticulously chosen to elevate your landscape to a resort-like setting. Visit your local nursery today and work with our landscape experts to reclaim your yard's privacy! 
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