The Best Flowering Desert Trees for Nevada

The Best Flowering Desert Trees for Nevada

By Jessica Downs on July, 12 2019
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So, here's a scenario: You've just bought a lovely home in the middle of Summer in a beautiful brand-new development in the Las Vegas area, and while the house is gorgeous inside and has everything you ever wanted in your home, you look outside and all you have is an empty dirt lot and an uninspiring concrete block wall. Since you bought it in Las Vegas, you know that warm months are right around the corner and right now, your yard looks more like the Sahara Desert than the tropical oasis you had imagined.

What kind of trees can you plant now that will thrive in the summer heat while giving you plenty of shade AND a coat of pretty flowers to look at? Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have thousands of flowering trees that will your landscape goals! In this article, you'll find some of the best desert trees for shade, year-round color, and curb appeal. You are also always welcome to speak with one of our nursery pros on the phone or at any of our nursery locations for more advice on the best trees to plant. 




oleander tree for sale at moon valley nurseriesOleander Tree

The Oleander (Nerium oleander) is an evergreen desert tree. Normally found in shrub form, we've selectively pruned the species to turn them into single trunk and multi-trunk flowering ornamental trees!

Dating back to the Roman era, Oleanders were found on wall paintings in Pompeii, these trees are one of the hardiest plants grown here in the Nevada desert. They bloom in a variety of colors almost year-round. The flowers can be colors such as red, white, and pink, and can be used to make a great privacy hedge or used as a small patio tree.

Oleanders are extremely easy to care for. Many homeowners love how low maintenance and drought-tolerant these trees are. They thrive in the full sun and once established, they require little to no watering! These fast-growing trees feature dark, waxy, glossy leaves that will stay green for you year-round, and provide flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies! 


crape myrtle tree for sale at moon valley nurseries-4 pink flowering treeCrape Myrtle Tree

If you're looking for a more medium-sized tree with some color, the Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is the tree for you! This ornamental desert tree thrives in the Las Vegas summer heat and provides large, long-lasting blooms throughout the hot months. Since it is a deciduous tree, you will only have a onetime clean-up in the cold months and you'll be rewarded for it with an incredible array of orange-red fall colors. Even when the tree is bare, it has a beautiful spotted gray bark that can shed to reveal a light pink inner bark.

The Crape Myrtle is drought-tolerant, cold hardy, and low maintenance. Its displays of large clusters of delicate blooms will add softness and interest to your yard wherever they are planted. Moon Valley Nurseries has many varieties of Crape Myrtle in shades of red, white, purple and pink!


Museum_Palo_Verde tree for sale at moon valley nurseries_W_Erin_650x650Desert Museum Palo Verde

The Museum Palo Verde (Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid) is a great choice especially when it comes to shade due to their large growth pattern and wide-spreading canopy. This 'Desert Museum' variety is a hybrid of two older Palo Verde species and the result was the best of both worlds!

The Museum Palo Verde has a fuller, more vibrant yellow flower coat with a brighter green trunk. The best part of our hybrid variety is that it produces ZERO thorns. It's easy to see why they are fast becoming one of our most popular trees in Southern Nevada.

This Palo Verde hybrid is also on of the most waterwise trees you can plant, while still retaining excellent shade and the incredible golden blooms of this yellow flowering tree! 


Finance With Us - Online or in the Nursery!

In addition to being the largest specimen tree grower in the country, we offer ZERO interest financing for 12 months with our MVN EZ-Pay, and stand behind our products, including a 90-day shock transplant warranty on everything we plant, with the option to protect your plants from all weather stresses for a full year!

Whatever your style, Moon Valley Nurseries has the size, age, and price that fits every budget and all projects. We value engineer all our trees to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck with each and every one of our trees!

So, come on down and let one of our lead designers turn your blank canvas into the desert oasis you've been dreaming of! Ask our nursery professionals about our flexible financing and get your dream landscape started!


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