Magnolias For Winter: A Fit for Every Yard

Magnolias For Winter: A Fit for Every Yard

By Jessica Downs on December, 6 2019
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Plant These Magnolia Varieties in Any-size Yard

Ready to add some classic beauty to your winter landscape? Magnolias can bring that look to your landscape instantly. Not only do they bring a vintage, evergreen look all year, Magnolias will also add some pops of color during the spring and early summer when white blooms start to appear throughout the canopy.

Moon Valley Grown Magnolias

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we carry the most varieties of the classic Magnolia tree across the state! Our Magnolias are custom grown in our farms with the best mother trees of previous growth. This means that every new growth is more improved than the last and that you can only find improved Magnolia varieties at our nurseries!

From large towering varieties to smaller trees for pots and containers, we can find something that will add curb appeal to your home instantly.

As amazing as all Magnolia varieties are, some homeowners might not want a massive tree in their yard or may not even have the room for one. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving up on your dreams of covering your yard in Magnolias or having that one perfect tree that completes your design.

Moon Valley Nurseries carries some varieties that stay small-to-medium in size, which allows for planting in smaller yards, courtyards, or patios. Smaller types can also be used for mass planting in larger yards. Learn more about two of our favorite Magnolias below!

Small-to-Medium Magnolias


Little Gem Magnolia

Glossy green leaves and large, fragrant white blossoms make the Little Gem a standout tree for any Nevada landscape. It can produce a wide-spreading canopy that provides plenty of shade so that you can relax outdoors in comfort.

The Little Gem variety is custom grown by Moon Valley Nurseries. It is grafted from larger Magnolias to produce a smaller tree with all the best qualities of the mother tree. As the name implies, it can stay small, so it is an excellent fit for tighter spaces such as patios and courtyards. 

Little Gems can also be planted in rows or groupings to add more shade and privacy to a larger area. Installing them in rows will also help create plenty of shade across your yard - and privacy. We can all appreciate a bit more privacy around our homes!

Watch a video here  of our nursery professional show you our amazing Little Gem Magnolia.


D.D. Blanchard Magnolia

D.D. Blanchard variety of Magnolias grow larger than the Little Gem variety. Like the Little Gem, it has similar glossy green leaves with an orange-brown hue to the underside of the foliage. The canopy grows into a pyramidal shape that creates year-round shade.

Tolerant to heat and cold, this waterwise variety produces white blooms through summer and fall, creating a display of giant flowers spread out across the foliage. This tree will surely bring hummingbirds and other pollinators to check out the flowers too!

Because of its larger size compared to the Little Gem, the D.D. Blanchard can be used as a focal point anywhere in your yard or placed in areas so that it can provide more shade for your home.

Watch a video here to learn more about the D.D. Blanchard Magnolia from one of our top nursery professionals.

Choose the Best Magnolias at the Moon

Start Designing Today!

Our nursery pros and designers never stop working to create the best yard for our customers. We make sure that your goals, wants, needs, concerns, and anything else are addressed so that we can complete your dream yard exactly how you envision.

Because we offer many varieties of Magnolia trees, we can easily include them in your design and complete your project. Schedule a consultation online or give us a call at your nearest nursery so we can get started on your dream yard today.

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