Perfect Summer Trees

Perfect Summer Trees

By Paul Popoff on July, 8 2020

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Paul Popoff

Paul has been working with Moon Valley Nurseries nearly 20 years and is certified by the ALCA, SLM, ISA and more. His extensive knowledge and background in horticulture makes him an industry leader.

It’s never too hot to plant trees from Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow all of our trees locally right here to make sure they are all acclimated and ready to grow once they are planted at your home. Planting the right trees not only makes your landscape look great, it increase your home value as well as reduces cooling cost. With everything going on and vacations cancelled this year, there has never been a better time to create your own personal escape. While COVID-19 has us all spending more time at home then we may be used we’ve selected the perfect trees for you to plant now and get that staycation resort finished so you can enjoy your summer.


Japanese Blueberry

One of the best trees to plant right now, the Japanese Blueberry. These trees love the warm summer air and create shade anywhere they are planted. Accented by their light grey trunks and deep green thick foliage, these trees are as beautiful as they are useful. These can be planted as a tree form around the perimeter or used the column style to create the perfect Hollywood Hedge. These privacy hedges are prized for their ability to give shade and privacy all while adding beauty to your landscape. Once established these trees are lower water and easy to care for.


Fruitless Olive

Nothing screams Tuscan escape like the Olive tree. Their silver blue foliage and unique branching structure makes these trees not only a beautiful focal point but one that gives off great amounts of shade all year long. These evergreen trees are easy to establish and are low water making them perfect for planting in the Southwest. These Olive trees are low liter making them perfect to plant around sitting areas or pools.

Australian Bottle

Australian Bottle

The Australian Bottle tree is perfect for Las Vegas. Their narrow upright growth helps them withstand our high winds very well. These trees are grown right here and are perfectly acclimated to our hot summer months and cooler winter months. These trees make fantastic shade trees with their thick foliage and have a beautiful green trunk making them aesthetically appealing too. These are low water trees and can be planted in any landscape style where shade and privacy is needed.


Live Oak

The Live Oak is a dense shade tree with small serrated leaves similar to the classic oak you may be familiar with. The Live Oak is evergreen and very clean making it perfect in any landscape style. These trees are extremely drought tolerant and cold hardy. The trees work planted by themselves or in rows to create privacy along with great amounts of shade cooling down your entire landscape.

California Pepper

California Pepper

The wispy weeping branches of the California Pepper are easily recognizable. These trees have light green leaves and are contrasted by beautiful clusters of pepper corns in the late winter adding a bit of color during the cooler months. These trees are extremely hardy in both cold and heat making them perfect to be planted nearly anywhere in Las Vegas. They provide cooling filtered shade and privacy. These trees can be planted in nearly any landscape style.

There has never been a better time than now to get your backyard staycation complete. Stop by or call any of our Moon Valley Nursery locations and come see these beautiful trees and more. Our experts will help you design the perfect landscape that will keep your yard beautiful and help cool you down. For the best trees on earth, go straight to the moon!

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