Top 5 Trees of Winter [Updated]

Top 5 Trees of Winter [Updated]

By Jessica Downs on December, 20 2019

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We love planting trees all year long, no matter what time of the year it might be! It doesn't hurt that we live in an amazing part of the country that lets us plant and care for our landscapes, even in the winter months!

Our trees and palms are always at optimal health and ready to be planted even during the colder months in Las Vegas. Planting this time of year means that every tree and plant installed in winter focuses on root growth. Establishing a strong root system now will bring a pop of top growth in the spring.

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Below is a list of Moon Valley Nurseries experts consider the best cold-hardy trees and palms to plant during the winter season.

Top Trees for Winter Landscape Design


Mediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean Fan palm features blue-gray, fan-shaped fronds with unique multi-trunks– making it one of the best palms for landscape lighting! This palm is considered the hardiest of all palms. It is a low maintenance palm that requires minimal cleanup throughout the year.

We like to use Mediterranean Fan palms underneath larger palms to add texture and foliage around swimming pools, or as a tropical barrier hedge on landscape borders. These palms also do amazingly well in containers, which would add flare into a small yard or patio garden.

A Mediterranean Fan palm is a must-have for anyone with a tropical or Mediterranean-style yard!


Pindo Palm

The Pindo palm tree has attractive silver-green, arching fronds that grow down toward the ground. It is a cold-hardy, drought-tolerant palm that thrives in full to partial sun, which makes it perfect for the Valley. The Pindo palm goes well with the Mediterranean and tropical landscape styles.

Highlight the beautiful features of the Pindo Palm with landscape lighting to show the elegant arching fronds! The Pindo is an excellent choice for growing in containers and placed on a patio or in a small garden. Where ever you plant a Pindo will be transformed into a relaxing environment, especially near pools and hot tubs!


Fruitless Olive

Fruitless Olive trees are a popular option for customers at Moon Valley Nurseries because it has been approved and labeled as a "certified fruitless strain." This variety is unique to Moon Valley Nurseries and is considered the cleanest olive type in our region!

This drought-tolerant, medium-sized tree is perfectly suited for a Mediterranean or Southwest design. The Fruitless Olive creates a mesmerizing focal point in your landscape, with such an impressive multi-trunk structure. Nighttime landscape lighting in and around this tree will add even more curb appeal and dramatic shadows across your yard.

Did you know that fruit-bearing olive trees are illegal in many counties in Nevada? Get the same beautiful aesthetic without the worry of the mess with Moon Valley Fruitless Olive trees!

southern live oak2

Southern Live Oak Tree

The Southern Live Oak tree fits right at home in Las Vegas landscapes and makes an excellent option for a large statement tree. This oak is a clean evergreen shade tree with dense dark green foliage that can make plenty of shade in your yard.

The Live Oak features strong limbs that can easily support a tree house or tire swing. This hardy evergreen can handle windy conditions and help create a barrier to this, and other weather conditions. We recommend buying specimen sized Live Oaks from our nursery so they can enjoy the day they are planted!

Magnolia Tree Varieties

The Magnolia is an evergreen tree and a gorgeous ornamental that is sure to turn heads in any landscape setting. They grow great in many different conditions, which is why they can be found all over the southwest area. Another incredible feature of the Magnolia is how little maintenance is needed to care for it throughout the year.

Magnolias are easy to grow and thrive in our long summers. We love it for its year-round foliage and ability to look excellent in various landscape styles. Add classic beauty with tons of variety to your landscape now and watch the giant flowers bloom in the new year!


Little Gem

The Little Gem variety is custom grown by Moon Valley Nurseries. It is grafted from Magnolias to produce a smaller tree with all the same and popular qualities of the mother variety. The Little Gem can stay small, so it is an excellent fit for tighter spaces such as patios and courtyards.


D.D. Blanchard

The D.D. Blanchard Magnolia grows bigger than the Little Gem variety. Like the Little Gem, it has similar glossy green leaves with an orange-brown hue under the foliage. The D.D. Blanchard can be used as a focal point anywhere in your yard or be placed in areas to provide some extra shade around the house.

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